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Willow Breast Pump Review

Willow Breast Pump Review 2022

For busy and multitasking moms, the Willow Pump is the holy grail for a good reason. This wireless, hands-free pump stays hidden in your nursing bra while you work, walk, or do the laundry. Despite the great features of the Willow Pump, it is essential to know all about this pump which is what we have provided in this article on Willow Pump Review.  

We spent hours researching and speaking to other moms on the internet to come up with this detailed review on the willow breast pump. 

Willow Breast Pump Overview

The Willow Breast Pump is a hands-free, base-free, cord-free breast pump that fits in your bra and follows you wherever you go. It is more like a clingy object, except that you may not feel its clinginess.

The Willow breast pump offers a different pumping experience and gives you hands-free pumping. It consists of two pumps for each breast that you place inside your bra, position to “latch,” and turn on.

 One of the moms we spoke to mentioned that she could use it while attending to anything else without feeling it was there. The willow breast pump makes it easy to do anything you want while pumping. In this Willow breast pump review, we will be providing detailed information on this breast pump. 

How The Willow Pump Works

Willow Pump How it works

This is a step-by-step working principle for the Willow breast pump. The willow breast pump comes with: 

  •  Two (2) Willow Pumps
  • Two (2) 24mm or 27mm flanges
  • Two (2) Flex Tubes
  • 24 4 oz. milk bags, and
  •  Two (2) cleaning brushes and chargers. 

Each of these parts has a specific thing they are doing, from the willow pump to the charger. So let’s talk about the step-by-step process. 

Assembling Your Willow Pump

The first step is to assemble each part of the Willow. Assembling your Willow is simple.

  1. Before assembling any parts, you must first charge the Willow pump with the charger. Just Plug your charger into a socket and then into the pump.  Wait until the pump lights up. When it lights up, Unplug the charger from your pump.
  2. With your Willow fully charged, assembling it can start. 
  3. First, you would Connect the Flextube to the flange. Insert the Flextube tip down onto the flange spout. Then, slide the Flextube collar into the top of the flange.
  4. Next, Attach the milk bag. Slide the flange door by pushing the blue thumb pad in and sliding up. 
  5. Close the flange door. Click the center of your milk bag into the inner part of the flange and tuck the edges under the tabs.
  6.  Connect the flange to the pump: level the bottom tab into the slot on your Willow. Push the two parts from the bottom and close at the top. 
  7. Now your pump is ready to be used. 

Connecting Your Willow pump To The App

After you have finished the assembly, you would have to connect your app to the willow pump. The Willow app allows you to track your milk output, customize your settings, and more.

First, download the Willow app and check the Quick Start Guide for any necessary information to connect it. You can download the app for both iOS and Android devices (ensure you download the right app  that aligns with the generation of the pump you are using)

Willow Core Features

The features of the Willow Breast Pump have been outlined below:

  • It is a quiet and compact in-bra breast pump. 
  • The pump has no cords, tubes, or dangling bottles, so you can pump wherever you are.
  • Willow breast pumps allow you to move in any direction and achieve 360 degrees of freedom. 
  • The Willow breast pump offers seven suction levels. 
  • It has a sensitivity setting for comfort.
  • Willow breast pumps give you the opportunity and flexibility to pump while attending to other things.
  • It includes hygienic storage bags/pumps that are spill-proof, reusable and self-sealing. 
  • The Willow breast pump parts are easy to assemble and clean, having only a few dishwasher-safe parts.
  • The Willow app allows you to track milk volume, view history, and receive personalized tips. 
  • The breast pump’s innovative suction technology automatically converts from Stimulation to Expression mode.
  • Using an A/V charger, the Willow pump’s rechargeable battery can last up to 5 pumping sessions which gets you through the day.

What we love about the Willow Breast Pump

  1. You can pump anywhere.
  2. You may breastfeed or pump longer, saving money on formula. Another significant advantage is having more mobility when pumping allows you to continue nursing or pumping for longer.
  3. Willow lets you pump while lying down or sleeping.
  4. Willow offers reusable containers to save money.
  5. The Willow breast pump app helps track your pumping history and provides personalized tips for moms.
  6. Easy assembly of the pumps.
  7. Some parts of the willow breast pumps are machine washable.

What we do not love about the Willow Breast Pump

  1. The Price Tag: Willow’s most significant flaw is the high cost of the pump and accessories. However, they conduct periodic specials to aid with the cost of the pump or accessories like containers, milk bags, or chargers.
  2. Learning Curve To Align The Pump Properly: Another disadvantage is that aligning yourself properly in the Willow can be a bit of a learning curve. The cups are opaque, so you may latch the pump but not see how it operates.
  3. Need to Recharge the Pump Daily: Its other flaw is that you have to remember to recharge the pump. Because there is only one charger in the box, they may charge only one pump at a time.

Is Willow Breat Pu,p Worth The Cost?

I know you would have wondered if the Willow Pump is worth the $500 price tag. It is a high price, but the function outweighs its cost.  The willow pump is made with quality materials to give you the best pumping experience. 

With the willow pump, you can pump anywhere and anytime, you must have been used to the traditional pumping that is difficult and stressful, but Willow has made pumping much easier and faster. From the reviews we received concerning this product, Many moms commended how this pump helped them cope with their breastfeeding period. 

Willow makes it possible to Pump Anywhere, and Willow was made with a convenient cordless design. You can easily slip the pump into your bra and pump almost anywhere.  You can also breastfeed and pump longer. Another benefit of willow is that you can pump while going about your daily activities. You will need a few short breaks to latch the pumps and un-latch and store the milk.

It also offers Reusable Containers that would help you save money. With the third-generation pump, you can pump with reusable containers. Willow was made with different features, making it worth every penny. You should read our article on the Elvie vs Willow breast pump to help you make the right choice.

Is Willow Covered by Insurance?

As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation in 2010, it is noted that your health insurance plan must cover the cost of a breast pump. It is essential to note the details of your plan if the pump is manual or Electric and if it is rental or personal so that you will not have any issues. 

You should also know the time the breast pump will be available. All this information is vital to avoid any confusion when you need it.  Another essential thing is, Each insurance plan is known to run differently. Concerning the pump they will cover, we advise contacting your insurance company directly to learn more about your options. 

Lastly, concerning insurance based on your plan, you may be eligible before the baby is born and up to 12 months after delivery.  From our survey, 12 months is the average time it would take. 

What to Consider Before Purchasing

Before you buy the Willow Breast pump, these are factors to consider:

  1. Cost: The electric pump cost is higher than manual pumps but better than formula milk. With the electric pump, you will be able to pump enough milk faster and with less effort, but the manual pump is cheaper and can be used without battery or electricity but takes more time and effort. A manual pump is stressful and time-taking. You should choose the one that works with your budget.
  2. Warranty: Before buying a breast Pump, you should check the warranty; High-quality pumps often come with a year’s warranty. Make sure you check the warranty period covered for the pump. Buy an original breast pump to ensure durability and good quality.
  3. Comfort: It is essential to ensure that the flanges fit very well to your breast and nipples to prevent discomfort and pain. You need to check if the flanges can fit you well and if it is adjustable as possible.
  4. Ease of Use: When trying to buy a breast pump, you should choose a breast pump that is portable and can be easy to assemble. If the assembling process is very complex, it would be frustrating to figure it out. There should be an explanatory manual, which you can use in assembly.
  5. Efficiency: The Quantity of milk the breast pump can pump quickly tells you the pump’s efficiency. The pump’s efficiency can be determined by the speed and suction strength of the breast pump. You can seek the help of other women to know which pump is more effective.

Why Buy the Willow Pump?

I would buy the willow breast pump because:

  1. Mobility and Multitasking: The pump gives you the superhero ability to multitask while pumping. You do not have to stay beside a wall; you can move around and do other things. That is also time-saving.
  2. No spilling: The willow pump allows you to pump without the worry of spilling because it is self-contained.
  3. Dishwashing machine safe: The willow pump is dishwasher safe. You do not have to wash them in the traditional way, which saves stress.
  4. Five pumping sessions: The rechargeable battery can last as long as five pumping sessions, meaning you’ll have enough for your baby.
  5. Simple storage: Willow Pump comes with milk bags, making storage easy and saving as it allows for increased space in the refrigerator.
  6. Discreet: The willow breast pump has made milk production with no noise, making it possible for you to use anywhere with no one knowing.
  7. Measuring made easy: The mobile app measures the outputs per breast as long as the correct pump is on the right side. The app may give a measurement that is not precisely accurate, and the difference might be because of the air in the bag.

How We Reviewed The Willowed Breast Pump

Our team did some heavy research on this product. We went to different sites and spoke with moms who have used this product to gather information about this product. So here is how we reviewed this breast pump:

  1. Ratings: After the research carried out by our team, we noticed that this product has an average rating of 4.5 across different online stores. Nursing mothers also gave good reviews on this product, so the ratings were one of the factors we looked into.
  2. Portability: many women commended this. A Willow pump is usually straightforward, whether at work or home. It can easily be moved from one place, and with the setup, it can be made as discreetly as possible.  It provides you with the privacy you need. It gives you the freedom to pump anywhere.
  3. Effectiveness of the pump: our research and testing showed us that this breast pump is very effective in pumping milk. A pump’s effectiveness is determined by the amount of milk the breast pump can pump in a short time. In terms of pumping ability, this pump is very efficient and effective. So we used this as another factor to review this product.
  4. Comfortable: This pump is convenient because it is hand free and cordless. You don’t have to stress yourself. The pump will do the work. From our survey, many nursing mothers appreciated the level of comfortability of this pump. You can relax, and the pump will do the work. It also has an app that updates whether it is complete and helps you track your milk production. We looked into this factor while reviewing this particular electric breast pump.
  5. Price: we looked into the price too, and we noticed the cost placed on it is high but for something that gives a high-quality experience. The price is worth it. Some mothers complained about the pricing, but most said the product was worth every penny. 

Willow Breast Pump Review FAQ

Where can I buy a Willow Pump?

You can get started by downloading the free willow app for step-by-step onboarding and simple, fast pairing. The Willow Pump is available on the company’s website, and you can learn more about the pump and HSA/FSA account use. You can also read about the insurance coverage for Willow Pump here.

Is the Willow good for small or big breasts?
The willow pump is not based on the breast size but the nipple size, so it can work with either.

Is a special bra required to use the Willow pump?
As a matter of fact, No! You can use any stretchy nursing bra that will work.

The Verdict

The Willow Breast pump can significantly affect your pumping time if you can afford it. You can do nearly anything with the Willow while also providing milk for your child at a later time.

The Willow is, however, just one option among many. There are various cordless, hands-free choices on the market, some of which are less expensive and others comparable in price, but with this Willow Pump review, you can make an informed choice. 

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