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UnboxMe Care Package Miscarriage Gift

Why Are Miscarriage Gifts important? 

One of the most challenging times in anyone’s life to experience loss is after a miscarriage. Miscarriages occur in about 10 to 15 percent of pregnancies, and the grief and anguish they cause the parents are unbearable. It makes sense that if someone you know has lost a baby, you may not know how to support them.

Encouraging words are great, but sometimes you may not know what to say to the parent during this period. This is why thoughtful miscarriage gifts can help you give them something that will show them that you support and care for them. The gifts do not have to be glamorous or expensive. It only has to be thoughtful. 

Speaking with parents that have experienced a miscarriage and close relations of those that have gone through this phase, we were able to curate this list of 6 Benefits of miscarriage gifts. 

6 Benefits of Miscarriage Gifts 

  • It shows your care and support for them. 

Anybody who knows someone grieving a miscarriage is encouraged to make a small gift if they feel moved to do so; no matter how much someone is suffering, it always helps to know that others are thinking of them.

It is nice and important for parents who just lost a loved one to know they have people who care for them. So it is essential to give a miscarriage gift to your friend or relatives that just experienced the loss of a baby. Gifts are one of the ways of helping a friend through a miscarriage.

  • It gives them comfort. 

A marriage gift will always be valued, even if you don’t have the right words. Giving a miscarriage gift enables your grieving friend or loved one to mend and provides them with the consolation they require as they struggle to grieve during this trying period. This miscarriage gift gives the comfort and beautiful messages they need to endure this challenging time. 

  • It helps them in the healing process. 

Miscarriage is a tough time for both parents and can affect the mother. As a friend, you can offer your good miscarriage gifts like helpful books, journals, or devotions that provide them with the right guidelines to help them heal and grieve the death of their baby. You can help your friend heal by getting them a miscarriage gift. 

The best feeling that would be helpful for their healing process is knowing that they are not alone, and getting them a beautiful gift will make them feel that they are not alone in this. 

  • It shows that you recognize their grief. 

Sincerely, take action. You can purchase a thoughtful and lovely gift. Families that just lost a baby are entitled to feel such intense anguish, so simply acknowledging their loss and validating their grief will go a long way.

Just take action if someone has confided in you enough to tell you they are having a miscarriage. No matter how big or small, the fact that you’re purchasing a present in honor of a miscarriage will be an excellent way to show you recognize they are grieving. 

  • It encourages them 

A miscarriage can affect the couple so much that they begin to feel so demotivated. Giving them a thoughtful miscarriage gift can encourage them and help them feel motivated. 

  • It eases the guilt 

For many, the loss of a pregnancy comes with guilt from either the mum or dad-to-be. This is part of the grieving process. A gift with thoughtful words can help to ease the guilt of miscarriage. 


Finding the right miscarriage gift might be difficult, but we can help. We have made a list of the best miscarriage gifts that are thoughtful and comforting.  The most crucial thing to remember is that every gesture is appreciated.


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