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what to expect when you are expecting

What To Expect When You Are Expecting

Your wife just told you that you are expecting a baby and feeling so excited. While you feel thrilled about becoming a father, think of what to expect when you expect your bundle of joy and feel clueless about the whole process.

Expecting a child comes with great responsibility, which you should be prepared for. As you prepare to be a dad, we have compiled a list of what to expect when you are expecting at each stage of the pregnancy.

This list came from hours of research and would help you handle fatherhood easily while removing any form of surprise as you get ready to be a new dad

What to Expect When you are Expecting

When you discover that you’re expecting a baby, you might feel joy, excitement, shock, fear, and more or a mixture of feelings.

Becoming parents is a bit challenging for your wife and you. Knowing what to expect helps to reduce surprises or unexpected events. We have segmented the various expectancies for different stages till your baby comes. 

Early Stage of Pregnancy 

During the first trimester, there are certain things you should expect from your wife.

  1. She would be tired most of the time, so as a man, you must take up specific responsibilities at home and understand when she can’t do some stuff. The tiredness is just normal and a part of pregnancy. 
  2. Mood swings. You must have experienced this before she was on her period, but now it will be on a different level. Women experience mood swings very well during the early stage of pregnancy, so don’t be angry when it happens; you have to understand her better. It is about hormonal changes in her. 
  3. Nausea and vomiting. Vomiting too is to be expected, and also Nausea. This Sickness is really common but look out for morning sickness. So you must be ready to take care of her during this period. It’s about hormonal changes. 
  4. Pains in the breast. Her breast might become sore because her body is trying to prepare for breastfeeding later.
  5. Most things will irritate her. She may feel irritated by the smell of the slightest thing, it could be food or scent. 

Mid-stage of Pregnancy 

This is the second trimester; there are some things you should expect.

  1. Serious cravings: During this stage, it would be frustrating because she would be craving different things simultaneously, and this would stress you because imagine bringing nachos and she says she wants cookies. After getting cookies, she changes to steak. This would wear you out, but you must man up and be strong. 
  2. Snoring: Different hormones are stuffing up your wife’s nose, so you should expect snoring at night while snoozing might be one of the side effects, but it is temporary, so don’t be afraid. You can buy a humidifier for your room to clear out her nostrils or get the soft pillows she can use to raise her head. 
  3. Consistent Appetite: she might be eating five times a day, so you have to be prepared for that, so don’t be frustrated; get her what she wants. It is not easy you carry a living human inside of you. 
  4. Your partner will soon start feeling her first wiggles, kicks, and flutters that show there’s an actual little being in there. It’s about one of the best times of pregnancy. This moment is just too beautiful. There are some ways to make your baby kick; make your wife take something like cheese or crackers(increasing the blood sugar) and make your partner lie down; then, the baby will get active. 
  5. You might be scared of having sex at this stage because you don’t want to hurt your baby, but it is okay. The thing is, you have to explore different positions with your partner. Your baby is fine; the Womb protects them. Sometimes she might not be triggered to have sex, so you must entice and seduce her a little bit. 
  6. During this stage, your partner’s bump will get bigger; her skin will stretch and becomes dryer and itchier. Scratching might not give her any relief (and can make things worse). So you will take over and rub shea butter or moisturizer all over her belly. 

Final Stage of Pregnancy 

This is the last trimester. The final three months of pregnancy for you and your wife. Be ready, the baby is coming. 

  1.  Her belly is quite extensive, and the baby is moving in her. She would have some issues sleeping, and she would just be tossing and turning on the bed to find a perfect position for herself and the baby. Also, at this point, you would be thinking about the baby’s arrival; at this point, think about what you need to start preparing for and how you would accommodate the new family member. Your baby would change everything about your home, but that is the beauty of having a child. 
  2. Your baby’s size is increasing daily, so they would put more pressure on your partner’s body. To adapt to her growing belly, she has to shift her posture, which might make her more clumsy. During this period, you should roll up rugs, put them on the bathroom wall, and fix a handle on the bathroom wall so she can quickly go in and out of the shower.
  3. It will help if you begin to prepare your pregnancy bag for delivery as you enter the final weeks of pregnancy. Prepare all the things your baby will need and ensure everything in your baby registry has been bought to avoid surprises. 


You can’t be fully prepared and know everything to expect, but this is to provide you with the necessary information you will need and how to solve some of the problems that come with it. This is a significant time of your life. 


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