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Stillborn memory box

What is a stillborn memory box?

A memory box is provided in the event of stillbirth, miscarriage, or other complications during or after childbirth. The stillborn memory box includes items that belonged to or symbolized the departed child to help the family’s grieving process. 

Local charities and groups frequently provide memory boxes as stillborn or miscarriage gifts. A stillborn memory box helps to support expectant parents to forge a new and different bond with their child that they are unable to bring home.

What Do You Put in a Stillborn Memory Box?

We would want to express our deepest sorrow for your tragic loss if you recently lost a child. Here are some things you might want to collect for this extremely special memory box for stillbirths or miscarriages:


  • Baby Names 

Like every pregnant parent, you undoubtedly created a list of baby names. Looking at the names may bring back pleasant memories of your discussions with your partner to choose the best one. You can add your baby names to the Stillborn memory box for remembrance purposes. The name that you ultimately chose might even be circled on the list. 

  • Sonogram photo

Typically, your first photo of your child is a sonogram photo. Looking at this first image, regardless of how developed your child was at the time, can help you recall how ecstatic you were to witness evidence of the possibility of new life. You can put this photo inside your stillborn memory as a great way to remember your baby.

  • Journals

Some pregnant women document their pregnancy experiences in writing. You might find some comfort in writing about the death of your baby if you find this process enjoyable. One strategy for coping with a lost pregnancy is to write about your emotions.  You can place this in your memory box as a reminder to give you an overview of how the pregnancy was and help you remember your baby. 

  • Footprints or Handprints

Some parents ask for their stillborn child’s handprint or footprint. You might not even need to ask for these things; they might just come to give them to you. The prints can be displayed next to a picture of your child or used to make custom fingerprint jewelry. The footprint, or handprint, is an excellent way to remember your baby. This would be good going into your memory box.

  • Baby’s hat 

Sometimes, hospitals may give newborns a hospital cap to wear. Keeping the object and putting it in your memory box will be a good way to remember your baby as you create your memory box. It will be an essential thing to put in your memory box. 

  • Socks, shoes, or booties

Another thing you can put inside the memory box is the socks, shoes, or booties of your baby. Keep a pair of booties or socks to remind you of the size of your stillborn baby.

  • Baby cloth 

Your newborn may have been given a unique outfit to wear to the house. Put a little diaper and the tiny cloth you wanted to give your baby in your memory box. This would be an excellent way to act as a remembrance for your baby. 

  • Picture of the Nursery

Even though you might have demolished the room after the infant passed away, you might wish to save pictures of the nursery you designed for your child. The photos will make you remember that your baby existed, and putting them in your memory box will be good. 

  • Sympathy Cards 

You might want to put any sympathy cards in your memory box after losing your kid. These cards might remind you of the people you have available to you in times of need. It’s a good way to draw attention to the fact that people thought highly enough of you to send a sympathy card.

  • Funeral program and child’s obituary

If your baby had a funeral ceremony, you might want to put the prayer cards or the funeral program in your memory box. Don’t forget to add a copy of your child’s obituary. Even if your formal obituary wasn’t published in the newspaper or online by the funeral home, you could think about composing one yourself as a grieving writing exercise.


When the baby passes away, there may not be many outward signs of a baby’s time spent with parents, relatives, and other loved ones. Stillborn memory boxes are a unique location for families to store sentimental objects gathered throughout their baby’s pregnancy and delivery. In the following years, they played a vital role in many bereaved parents’ journeys. The support that a Stillborn Memory box offers to grieving parents is crucial. They enable the parents to gather and save priceless mementos. 

The items inside the memory box create tangible proof of their babies’ lives and form a parental bond that will endure after saying goodbye; a stillborn memory box helps families establish a positive connection with their babies and help them heal. 


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