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18 Virtual Baby Shower Games To Try Out With Your Online Guests

18 Virtual Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

Thinking of an exciting virtual baby shower game for your next baby shower?

If so, you are a great parent-to-be, and this is the right plug for your mama!

A virtual baby shower is perfect for those who cannot make it to the real deal and also is the perfect option for making sure the mom-to-be doesn’t wear herself out before the big day.

In addition, the recent lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has given virtual baby shower games and events increased popularity.

While keeping social distance to prevent the virus spread, a virtual baby shower is one of the fun events to host and invite friends and family across the globe.

The internet outreaches the limits of face-to-face invitations and lets you communicate with those who cannot come in person.

The good thing with an online baby shower or other virtual events is that you won’t worry about logistics (transportation, heavy decoration, venue, etc.).

It will take planning and a little coordination or expenses, but the outcome should be tons of fun!

Virtual baby shower games will be exciting as long as they keep your guests entertained.

In this article, you will learn how to create and organize exciting virtual baby shower games with our guide via Zoom, Google, Skype and other online meeting platforms.

What Is A Virtual Baby Shower?

A virtual baby shower is another form of baby shower event occurring over the internet (online).

Instead of creating a physical event, like a traditional baby shower, participants create a virtual experience that includes video, images, and text.

You can host your virtual baby shower games and activities on popular hangout websites/apps like Zoom, commonly called Zoom baby showers.

Fortunately, you can also host your virtual baby shower games and activities on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Whereby, or Skype.

If you plan to host a small in-person social gathering, you can also include a virtual baby shower so that your friends and family who can’t make it in-person can participate.

Virtual baby showers have gained popularity in recent years because they can be even more intimate than traditional baby showers.

You and your guests can exchange gifts and share special moments.

A virtual baby shower can be exciting, safe, and come off successful and memorable like an in-person baby shower with careful planning.

How to Plan Virtual Baby Shower Games?

1. Pick the Perfect Date and Time

Virtual baby showers don’t require travel arrangements, so they may be easier to plan than traditional baby showers.

Find a date (or range of dates) that works well with your guest of honour (or guests of honour, if it’s for both parents).

Secondly, make sure the date does not clash with any major holidays or events. A weekend evening or Sunday brunch are often good choices.

2. Decide on a Theme

After choosing a time and date for your baby shower, you must decide on a theme. There is a wide range of baby shower themes to choose from.

You might also consider a nautical theme with rubber ducks or a sweet pastel rainbow theme.
Your guest of honour may have some suggestions.

Alternatively, you can plan around whatever they love most if planning a surprise celebration.

3. Create Your Guest List

You can’t throw a party without guests, so start building your online guest list ASAP.

Make a list of the mothers-to-be closest friends, family members, and anyone else she would love to celebrate with.

It is best to engage a small group, so you can all see and hear each other clearly on the computer screen. Otherwise, you might want to open it up a bit.

4. Send Out Your Invitations

Now is the time to share your plans with others by sending gorgeous baby shower invitations. Since the party will take place online, digital invitations make sense.

Find your favourite virtual baby shower invitation design and customize it to share all the crucial info about your online get-together.

Alternatively, you can also use Greenvelope’s party details panel to provide guests with a direct link to the “location” and any other needed information.

5. Plan Your Party Games and Activities

As soon as you pick a theme and have taken care of all the essentials, it’s time to plan some virtual baby shower games and activities.

Imagine how your online event will play out to have an overview.

What online platform will you use for your activities- Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet?

Do guests have to download printables for your event? Is it possible to send your guests a party package via mail that includes a few little extras for the virtual occasion ahead of time?

What games do you plan to play at a zoom baby shower?

In what ways are you giving prizes in a virtual baby shower?

What kind of prizes do you want to give to winners of the virtual games? Your choice of prize way may depend on your budget, convenience, and the winners’ locations.

You will shape your virtual event more effectively if you consider all these factors.

These online baby shower games will likely cost you around 10 percent of your average budget.

The game supplies and prizes can cost approximately $30 to $50 on average.

But the good thing is that you can reduce or eliminate this cost by printing off your trivia, using games you already own in your home or including console games/phone/PC.

You will find many free printables for in-person and virtual baby shower games.

Another advantage is that all entertainment at a virtual baby shower takes place online.

The only thing guests and hosts may have to spend money on is printing game pieces out to play.

Why is Virtual Baby Shower Games Necessary?

As part of baby shower activities, virtual baby shower games will make the celebration exciting and successful.

The whole essence of a virtual baby shower is to celebrate the expecting parents or mother-to-be and be excited about their new blessing, including online baby shower games.

While you play most shower games in person, newly invented or modified virtual baby shower games make it possible to interact with your guests in a fun way.

What Are Some Virtual Baby Shower Games?

The internet is full of fun baby shower games available for virtual baby showers.

You can even send out printable PDFs of baby shower games in advance and have guests play simultaneously.

This list of virtual baby shower games specifically runs for online play through meeting platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

You can play other games on a screen; these online games can accommodate multiple players.

You will find helpful information in this post about virtual baby shower games.

Everyone should get something here to keep them busy, from brain teasers to scrumptious treat challenges.

How to Play Virtual Baby Shower Games?

The vast majority of games I found came with detailed instructions through YouTube videos, and others came with PowerPoint presentations and photo guides.

This way, whoever is hosting the shower can show guests how to play in advance and then instruct guests during the event.

The idea of hosting a virtual baby shower with games may seem daunting at first, but all the games on this list received very positive reviews, and people praised their easy setup and ease of use.

18 Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

The most common type of baby shower game, especially in America, is printable games.

The standard way to play the game is the host will share the sheets and pencils, and every guest will fill out the game sheet before they reveal the answer and give prizes.

The virtual for requires a similar process with a twist.

You have to send the printables to your guests before D-day. Here are some printable game ideas.

1. Emoji Pictionary Game

Perhaps you’ve played the popular Emoji Pictionary game where you have to figure out the children’s book or nursery rhyme.

Its online version is the 21st-century baby shower game and has various pregnancy and baby-related emojis.

You can either produce this Emoji game yourself or download the PDF printables online.

In some cases, you might choose to show your guests a series of these emojis and have them make their best guesses.

2. Wishes for Baby

Virtual Baby Shower Games

This game section requires guests can write down special wishes and hopes for their new baby, so you (and your baby) can cherish them forever.

They will pen or type the wishes down and send them back to you or show you through the screen.

3. Baby Word Scramble

Virtual Baby Shower Games

In this virtual baby shower game, you need to write out a list of various baby products, mainly the ones on your registry and mix up the words.

Your guests will have to figure the baby items themselves at a given time.

You can decide to split the participants into groups or have each of them fight to win.

The screen will display various baby words that mix up, and guests will need to figure them out. The fastest to get the most words wins!

4. Parenting Advice Game

Parenting Advice Virtual baby shower games

Apart from being fun, this game will prepare the mom-to-be (new mother) for what is coming after birth.

Parents will especially enjoy this activity, but all shower guests can participate.

You can ask your guests to write down their best (or worst) parenting advice and show you via their screens or have them an email or share them in a Google Doc.

When it comes to the traditional pen-and-paper baby shower games, you can always add a more hands-on, creative activity to keep your guests entertained.

Make sure your guests are aware of these activities in advance to take part as they will need some basic supplies.

5. Cupcake Decorating Contest

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Image source: Town of Wake Forest

Guests can bake their own cupcakes at home, or you can drop off a single cupcake at each guest’s house.

They can then decorate their cupcakes either before or during the shower.

After everyone has finished, have them show their artistry in front of everyone.

The best part is that you’ll be the judge! You can get more virtual ideas from the Town of Wake Forest website.

6. Pregnant or Beer Belly

The online version of this game is amusing, just like the in-person one.

Here, a belly will appear on your guests’ screen, and they will have to guess if the belly belongs to a pregnant woman or it’s only a beer belly.

7. Baby Trivia

The virtual baby trivia game is a multiple choice quiz that tests your knowledge about babies and baby-related topics.

You can either send these questions on your preferred meeting platform and record the first correct answer or download free printables and send them to your guests to fill in and send back.

You are completely in charge of setting the rules. Here is an example of a trivia quiz.

In the 1900s, what colour was used for baby boys?

  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Pink

We also have adrenaline-rushing games that could excite you to the point that you lose track of time.

These games are majorly based on the fastest, smartest, and how well you can memorize things.

8. Name That Tune

In this online baby shower game, you get the chance to create your ideal baby playlist.

You can play nursery rhymes and lullabies, popular songs with “baby” in the title, or a combination of the two.

It’s easy to do by playing a brief clip (about 5 to 10 seconds) of each song, one after the other, and inviting guests to write down their guesses.

Tell the participants the answers once you have gone through the complete playlist (we recommend around 10 to 12 songs).

The guest having correct answers wins this virtual game.

9. Don’t Say Baby

Baby shower games like this are probably the most popular ones since it is so easy but hard at the same time.

And it is also perfect as one of the online baby showers.

Its rules are direct: DON’T SAY, BABY! If you say the word “baby,” you’ll lose. To track participants saying the word, keep a sheet of paper with everyone’s name on it.

Whoever is the last person to have their name written down for saying “baby” is the winner.

10. Baby Face

Getting ready for this game will require some work from your end and your guests.

While creating your virtual baby shower invite, ask your guests to email you one of their baby photos (the more embarrassing, the better, lol) before baby shower day.

After submitting all the photos, you can create a puzzle of the baby photos and ask everyone to guess which one belongs to which guest.

11. Five-Second Game

“In 5 seconds, name three diaper brands off the top of your head.”

That’s just one example of the rapid-fire questions you’ll get in this five-second game from Quizzology that puts your baby knowledge to the test.

The task at hand will require you to think on your feet to come out on top of this one.

12. Online Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

The virtual scavenger hunt is an excellent way to involve your guests fully.

It is a simple game in its concept. In addition to a list of baby items parents will need, guests will have to find items in their homes to complete the task.

Yes! This game will require guests to move around. This will make for an exciting, interactive, and competitive game.

The baby will need a bottle, for example. Five of those who can locate a bottle and return it to the camera will move on to the second round.

A new item enters into play for each round, and the eliminations continue until only one winner remains.

Toys, lotions, shampoos, baby clothes, bottles, blankets, etc., are some examples of items you can look for.

The concept is to have products associated with babies, and your guests should also have them.

Have a great time and encourage creativity in your guests!

13. Guessing Game

If you are yet to reveal the baby’s gender or name, a guessing game would add some fun to your party.

Participants can submit their vote for your baby’s gender and attempt to guess the infant” name.

This is easier when you use Zoom to host your baby shower since it has a built-in poll feature.

Another variation of this game involves having the mom answer a list of baby-related questions beforehand, and the guests have to guess the answers.

Here are a few examples of questions:

  • What was your favourite craving?
  • What do you expect the baby to weigh?
  • Do you expect the baby to be born on or before its due date?
  • What do you imagine the baby will look like?

The winner of the game is the one who correctly guesses the most answers

For the same reason, all guests should write down their answers and show them on camera at the same time to avoid any cheating.

14. The Price is Right Game

Everyone knows that babies are expensive. This virtual game will test your guests’ ability to estimate the cost of baby items.

“The Price is Right” virtual baby shower game requires guests to guess prices that are so close to the actual price of the baby products.

The baby registry of the parents can serve as a starting point, or you can look online for items that your parents may already have.

For consistency’s sake, make sure to get the most recent price (without sales) from the same retailer.

The guest must know what they are pricing for when calling out items to price.

For instance, you shouldn’t just mention diapers. Incorporate the brand and package count.

To play this game, each guest may need a pen and a piece of paper.

All players will get about one minute to guess and display their guesses simultaneously before the time runs out.

To make things much more exciting, you can award prizes to a winner for each item. In the event of a tie, use another item as the tie-breaker.

Although conventional baby shower games are super exciting, even virtually, some less conventional online game options are available.

So, if you are searching for online games, we recommend these games below to you. The good thing is everyone gets to play at the same time.

15. Kahoot

Kahoot allows you to establish your own quiz games from the beginning to test your friends’ knowledge on literally any subject you want.

This game is popular among teachers, school children, and families.

However, you should ensure that participating guests create an account with Kahoot.

A maximum of 10 players can use the free version at once, but if you want more people to play the game, you will have to pay $10 or more every month (also billed per year).

In addition, these online games are not pre-made. Therefore if you want to use Kahoot, you will have to build the whole game yourself.

Not to worry, their website is user-friendly to a large extent and doesn’t require a great deal of skill or knowledge to create the game. You only need to be patient!

16. requires you to use virtual crayons. It is a free online site that allows guests to guess each other’s drawings under a limited amount of time, and the prompts totally randomize.

One thing that makes this virtual game hysterical is that you don’t need to have any artistic skills.

Bear in mind that private rooms can take a maximum of 12 players at a time. You are also free to customize your drawing time and words.

17. is similar to and entirely free.

This website has some fundamental playing cards and tabletop favourites like checkers, crazy eights, backgammon, fish, and even a generic version of Cards Against Humanity (it’s Remote Insensitivity).

Moreover, you can produce your custom online card game, although you may need some time and patience to figure out how it works.

18. How to Play Jackbox

This virtual party game is the king of the genre.

You can select from six different party packs from the available wide options, ranging from quizzes to catchphrase competitions and drawing to guess-who-lied games.

Jackbox activities are always energetic; Plus, they are sure to boost everyone’s mood.

Here is a point to note- The Party Packs will cost you around $12 to $20, and you will need a current-gen gaming console, iPad, or smart TV to host the games.

However, your guests or participants can play from their smartphones.

The Jackpot games can take up to 10 players. If more than ten baby shower guests, non-players can join as audience members.

Finally, Jackbox games are perfect for adults.

Therefore, if you are looking for online baby shower games that are decent or polite enough, these Jackpot games may not be your ideal choice.

Prizes Ideas for Virtual Baby Shower Games

A game isn’t complete without prizes. The trick will be to think outside the box, as you did in creating the virtual game.

Instead of sending gifts by mail, you may want to consider these alternatives.

1. Gift Basket

You may still consider a gift basket that gets to the recipients’ (winner) home via delivery if you wish to give them a physical gift.

The online retailer Amazon offers a wide selection of spa gift baskets, among others, at affordable prices.

Then, make sure you collect the winners’ information so that you can have the gift baskets delivered to the correct addresses.

You can change your ship-to address on Amazon during checkout once you have their addresses.

If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you can sign up right before the shower for a free trial.

This will enable the winners to receive their prizes within one or two days.

2. Cash Prizes

You can simplify things by giving cash prizes.

If a winner wins, ask them to private message the host their Zelle, Cashapp, PayPal, or Venmo information, and they will get their money as soon as possible.

Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate its simplicity and quickness.

You are the one to decide how much you would like to contribute! Personally, I have won $20 for a virtual game, but I advise you do what you can afford.

3. E-Gift Cards

You can also give virtual baby shower prizes in the form of gift cards.

When you get the winners, ask them to send you a private message with their email addresses so you can immediately email the gift card to them.

I think Amazon gift cards are the best gift to give since they provide them with a great deal more options.

You may, however, purchase electronic gift cards or e-gift cards wherever they are available.


It can be somewhat painful for expecting new mothers to be unable to experience their dream of having an in-person baby shower.

But I hope you will have a lot of fun with your friends and family, celebrating your new arrival with these virtual baby shower games.

The virtual baby shower games segment is just one of several elements of your online baby shower that help you and your co-planners decide which online games to use.

Now you have all the necessary information to plan successful virtual baby shower games.

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