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18 Virtual Baby Shower Games To Try Out With Your Online Guests

18 Virtual Baby Shower Games for a Perfect Online Shower

A virtual baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the coming of your baby with your family and friends without being concerned about space, distance, and the stress of having a physical event. Doing this requires researching how to go about the baby shower, and much more. The best way to keep the excitement and make it enjoyable is by engaging your guests in virtual baby shower games.

Looking for the best virtual baby shower games? We know that it can be hard to decide on a game, so we have compiled this list of 18 best virtual baby shower games for you! These games offer everything from fun and excitement to educational entertainment, making them an ideal choice for your virtual baby shower. They will surely entertain your guests and give you the perfect baby shower.

Compiling this list was interesting for our team, but it also took a lot of time, as we wanted you to have a wide variety of fun and exciting games to pick from. Select your virtual baby shower game from our list below.

18 Best Virtual Baby Shower Games

There is no baby shower without baby shower games. Whether it is a virtual baby shower or on-location, we can not afford to miss the most exciting aspect of celebrating your baby’s arrival. Here is a list of the best virtual baby shower games you can take inspiration from.

1. Emoji Pictionary Game

The emoji Pictionary game puts the fun in guessing games. Everyone loves to express themselves with emojis, but how many can actually guess words from emojis?  Guess the names of the words described using emojis we all know and love.  All you have to do is look for a baby-themed emoji game, and you can download the answer sheet too.

Send the emoji game cards to friends and family by email and have them print the cards or fill in the answers electronically. it is better everyone uses a particular format, so if you want to go with print cards, then let everyone use print cards, and if it is virtually, then everyone should go with that.

2. Wishes for Baby

The new wishes game is a virtual experience in which guests get to write down their hopes and wishes for your baby. This is a fun way to create lasting memories with family and friends! Your baby will be taking its first step into this world soon, and it is time to celebrate all of it.

This virtual baby shower game requires guests to write special wishes for you, your partner, and your baby. They can pen or type the wishes down and send them back to you or show you through the screen. To prepare for the game, ask your guests to have their writing materials ready, and if you want it typed, you can use an online document editor to make it easier for you to have access to the wishes. Reading these wishes will strengthen you as you prepare for the big day of your child’s birth.

3. Baby Word Scramble

Word games are simple and fun! They do not have many rules, and anyone can engage in this game. This virtual baby shower game will be easy for wordsmiths, or maybe not, depending on the words you use. You can involve your partner in this game by researching a list of baby-themed words. Momtherly has a list of topics that can give you ideas on which words to use if you need inspiration. This game will make you have a nice time with your spouse while you discover the baby’s name.

Write down a list of the words you have researched, and scatter the letters in each word. Be careful not to follow the same format for each word so it will not be too simple for your guests. You can play the game in groups or individually, whichever way you choose to play it. This is going to be an interesting virtual baby shower game worth your time.

4. Parenting Advice Game

Parenting advice game is one of our favorite virtual baby shower games. The reason is that it is not just a fun game but also helps to prepare mom and dad to be on what to expect, and these are golden, especially when it comes from other parents. Ask your guests to write out their best (or worst) parenting advice and show you via their screens. You can also ask them to type them in the chatbox during the baby shower or read them out.

5. Cupcake Decorating Contest

If you love cakes or baking, then this game is for you! What else might you do to have more fun with these small cakes besides preparing them for a baby shower or simply for pleasure? Perhaps a cupcake decorating competition? We are confident that everyone will be drawn to this activity because it sounds interesting and will allow them to compete with their friends, especially children.

Organize a cupcake decorating contest by asking your guests to decorate a cupcake. You can ask them to bake one or get one at the store. Time them to decorate the cupcake. This makes your online baby shower fun and creative, and the best part is that you’ll be the judge!

6. Pregnant or Beer Belly

It is likely you have seen this game at a physical baby shower before, and you love it, but do you know you can also have the online version at your virtual baby shower?

Yes, you can!

Create a slideshow of the bellies, including pregnant belly and beer belly, and if you want, you can include yours too. The slideshow will be displayed on your screen, and your guests will have to guess which belly it belongs to. You can make the slideshow move at 15-second intervals to give them time to guess which it is.

7. Baby Trivia

Baby trivia tests the knowledge of your guest about babies and baby-related topics. There are different ways to play this game at your virtual baby shower. You can ask the questions and allow your guest to answer them while you score them points for each correct answer, or you could display the question on your screen and give them time to answer each question. An example of a baby trivia is – When do babies typically start walking?

8. Name That Tune

Music is life, and babies love music. What better way to celebrate your virtual baby shower than to include music in it! Create a playlist of nursery rhymes and lullabies, popular songs with “baby” in the title, or a combination of the two.

You can play 5 seconds of the song and ask guests to write down the song’s name. This is an easy-to-play online baby shower game and does not require a lot of effort from you or the guests.

9. Don’t Say, Baby

It will be like a contest among your guests not to say the word “baby” throughout the shower. Use this fun game to see who will last the longest and collect the highest number of pins by the end!

The rule of the game is simple – Don’t Say, Baby.

Ask your guests questions that will make them to say, BABY. When a person says BABY, write down the name of the guests and award points to the guest. The guest with the lowest point wins the game. You can call it another version of Pointless. 

10. Baby Face

This virtual baby shower game will give your guests a good laugh, but it may require some effort!

Before the virtual baby shower, you will need to ask your guests for their baby’s images (the more embarrassing, the better, lol). You can include this in your baby shower invite. The images can be sent to you via mail. Create a simple puzzle of the baby photos and ask everyone to guess which one belongs to which guest.

11. Five-Second Game

“In 5 seconds, name three diaper brands off the top of your head.”

That’s just one example of the 5-second game. Write down a list of questions you want to use for the game. It will not only increase the tension but also engage your guests. Select them randomly, so nobody knows who will be asked the next question.

You can include other commands like – Say five baby items, mention a baby food, name four breas pumps, etc. Ensure you keep the tension high and the game interesting.

12. Online Baby Shower Scavenger Hunt

This online baby shower scavenger hunt lets your guests have a little stretch. This online baby shower game has a simple concept. You may need to be sure your guests have some baby items in their homes.

You can say – The baby needs a toy! Anyone who can locate a toy and return it to the camera will move on to the second round. Other items like feeding bottles, spoons, etc., can be used. This will involve a lot of moving around, but you can be sure that it will engage your guests well.

13. Guessing Game

A guessing game would add fun to your party if you are yet to reveal the baby’s gender or name. Guests are asked to guess the baby’s gender or name by writing it on a piece of paper or sending a private message to you, depending on the platform you use for the virtual baby shower.

Using a zoom platform for your online baby shower can make it easier as it has a built-in poll feature. It does not have to be limited to the baby’s gender or name, you can also ask them to guess other things like dates, and so on.

14. The Price is Right Game

Everyone knows that babies are expensive…  not literally, though.

This virtual baby shower game will test your guests’ ability to estimate the cost of baby items. Guests are to guess prices that are so close to the actual price of the baby products. The baby registry of the parents can serve as a starting point, or you can look online for items that your parents may already have. It is better to be updated on the recent price of the baby items or allow your guests to provide the price range.

15. Kahoot

Create your personalized quiz game using Kahoot.

This allows you to select different exciting templates and create your preferred game. Participating guests will create an account with Kahoot. You can send them the link to play the game. A maximum of 10 players can use the free version at once, but if you want more people to play the game, you will have to pay $10 or more every month (billed annually).

The downside to this is that you have to set up the game yourself. Not to worry, their website is user-friendly to a large extent and doesn’t require a great deal of skill or knowledge to create the game.

16. Skribbl

Do you love art? If you do, then skribbl is one of the best artistic virtual baby shower games for your online baby shower. It is a free online site that allows guests to guess each other’s drawings in a limited amount of time, and the prompts are totally random.

One thing that makes this virtual game hysterical is that you don’t need to have any artistic skills. The private rooms can take a maximum of 12 players at a time. If you have more than 12 guests, then you may need to put your guests into categories.

17. Playing cards

Playingcards is similar to Skribbl. It is free!

This website has fundamental playing cards and tabletop favorites like checkers, crazy eights, backgammon, fish, and even a generic version of Cards Against Humanity. Moreover, you can produce your custom online card game, although you may need time and patience to figure out how it works.

18. Jackbox

This sums up the other virtual baby shower games, which is why it is considered the genre king.

It allows you to select six different party packs from the available options, ranging from quizzes to catchphrase competitions and drawing to guess-who-lied games. Jackbox activities are always energetic; they are sure to boost everyone’s mood.

Your guests can play from their smartphones. The Jackpot games can take up to 10 players. If more than ten baby shower guests, non-players can join as audience members.


A virtual baby shower can be fun, engaging, and as impressive as a physical baby shower. Create a memorable online baby shower with these virtual baby shower games. They will challenge the creativity of your guests and entertain them. You can record the event virtually and keep reliving the fun anytime.

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