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Time Management Tips for Working Mothers- Momtherly

15 Simple Time Management Tips for Working Mothers

Is 24-hours enough to cater for you and your baby, make meals, do house chores and laundry, and still give your best at work? Not enough, I guess? Well, you’re not alone. But you can take back control with these proven time management tips for working mothers for a balanced life.

Time management seems to be a challenge for modern-day moms, especially working mothers.

As a working mother, you want to give your best at work without forgetting to pick your children from school, cater for them, cook, wash, clean, create time for you and your partner. 

You may be so engrossed in getting things done at home that you lose yourself and the joy of motherhood. 

You could say, “I don’t care about me anymore. I am only happy if everything is in place in the house”. Guess what? Everything may still not be in order (even with all your dedication) if you don’t learn how to manage your time correctly.

To enjoy a less stressful life as a working mother by balancing your work life and family life, adopt these time management tips to your daily life.

Time Management Tips for Working Mothers in 2021

  • Create a Daily To-Do List

Time management tips: Create a to do list

As one of our key time management tips, every working mom should always create a schedule, also known as a to-do list, to add her daily tasks and other necessary things.

Writing out your daily tasks or creating a schedule helps you balance your work time, house chores, kid’s time, and time for you and your spouse. 

Identify tasks of high priority and those that can be done at any time. The compulsory activities should come first on the list, followed by less-urgent tasks.

If you are a work-from-home mom, fix your work time at hours that you are most productive. You should strictly stick to those work hours.

  • Time Management Tips: Create a Schedule for Your Kids

Time management tips: Create a schedule for your kids

While creating your to-dos, make sure to create a section for your kids. It helps you to control and adequately coordinate your children’s timing. Your kids will also understand over time what they are expected to do at certain times and they will get familiar with certain time management tips.

Whether the school is in operation or not, your kids will know when it’s time for breakfast/lunch/dinner, watching television, studies, play, and sleep.

Regarding house chores and meals, each of your children will know the task they are performing at a particular time.

It might seem like a hard-nut-to-crack initially, but you will achieve effective results if scheduled and handled well.

  • Use a Timer

Time management tips: Set a timer

While growing, children find understanding time very tasking and may not correctly figure out how important timing is to our daily lives.

Timers like wall clocks or alarms give your kids a visual representation of time and help them to stay on track when performing a duty.

When you use a visual timer or clock to help your kids stay on track during a task, like house chores, preparing for school, etc., you make them understand the concept of time. 

  • Time Management Tips: Stay Organized

If, as a working mother, you work randomly or in an unorganized way without a plan or schedule, you are likely to have a frustrating day.

You could feel like you haven’t even accomplished anything because you cannot track your progress and setbacks. You also might get lost at some point as to what task to do next. Trust me; you don’t have all the time in the world to be bothering your head and thinking of the next task at every given time.

However, if you can create a schedule early enough, set time for each task and strictly follow them in an organized way, then you will be more in control of your time and have some free moments to yourself.

  • Use Shortcuts

No one will crucify you for using shortcuts to achieve certain chores. Using shortcuts properly is an effective and efficient way to get any task done.

You shouldn’t waste 3 hours doing things that would have taken you 1 hour to accomplish. If you can, buy pre-cut vegetables, processed spices or canned stew to make your meal preparation faster. You can even invest in a good dishwasher or washing machine to lessen your work.  

We recommend this time management tip so that you can discover and use any possible fast route to get things done at work and home.

  • Time Management Tips: Avoiding Multitasking

Before, multitasking used to be appreciated as one of the top time management tips as you get to do different things simultaneously to beat time. But over time, everyone realized that multitasking is not the best solution to managing time as rush works tend not to come out perfectly or accurately.

Another reason multitasking might not be great for you is that you will have so much on your plate that you either end up doing them haphazardly or not doing anything at all. This means that you would have been busy all day doing nothing. Instead, prioritize your tasks and focus on accomplishing one work at a time to achieve the best results.

If your situation calls for multitasking, ensure to pair focus-dependent tasks with mindless ones. For instance, you can question your children about school while doing the dishes.

  • Do the Toughest Work First

You must make it a habit to start your day with your most challenging tasks. In the morning, when you are up with a lot of energy, if you focus your time on easier tasks, you could burn out before starting the hardest ones. No one would want to do any serious tasks when they are weak or exhausted.

  • Share Responsibilities With Your Spouse

Gone are the days when only the dad looks for daily bread while the mom stays at home to cater for the children and do house chores. Although it still exists in our modern world.

Since you both are shouldering the family’s financial needs, you should also share household responsibilities in a way that doesn’t weigh you down. Suppose your children are old enough to run errands, delegate duties to them. Accept that you cannot do everything alone. So to reduce stress, share your daily task with others.

  • Stay Healthy and Fit

 Stay Healthy

The statement “health is wealth” shouldn’t be a new thing to you. For you to have a productive day, you should always endeavour to stay healthy.

Even in this COVID-19 era, doctors advise that you eat foods rich in nutrients, take dietary supplements, and exercise daily to build the body’s immunity, giving you a higher chance of fighting infections and diseases. Thus, it is vital to take care of yourself and stay healthy as a working mother. You need to be strong to cater to the family and stay productive at work.

Create a workout routine within your free time, go jogging, practice yoga, and keep a healthy diet.

  • Avoid the Internet

Using your phone or the internet is not bad at all. But when it begins to distract and prevent you from accomplishing your daily tasks, then you should place it on hold, at least till you finish your tasks or during your free time.

Once you hold your phone, you could be tempted to see the latest celebrity update on social media or Google news. And what is supposed to be a one-minute peep could take your whole day. Critical time management tips like this will help you to stay in control of your day.  

  • Don’t Mix Work and Family Together

Dont mix work and family together

As a working mom, try not to mix work and family matters together as it can complicate things for you. When you are at work, your family responsibilities should not affect your productivity and vice-versa. Leave any leftover work at the office to provide you enough time with your family.

  • Learn to Say No

As a working mother, learning to say NO to extra tasks that affect your work is one of the critical time management tips. If accepting the work will not affect your workload and your close time, you might want to offer help. In as much as saying NO is hard, rejecting some tasks can help you free up time.

  • Fix your “Me” Time

Combining work, house chores, and your family can often weigh you down, that you forget about your existence. You want to make sure that everyone is happy, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your happiness. Create some “Me” time and do the things you love, like cooking, watching TV, chatting, etc. 

  • Time Management Tips: Get Enough Sleep

As one of the top time management tips, get enough sleep. Sleeping within the recommended hours refuels your body and prepares you for another day. Skipping sleep or sleeping for a short time could affect your whole day negatively as you might experience mood swings and fatigue.

  • Have Fun

Get a laid-back time by yourself with your family to escape from work and house stress. You could go on vacation, see a movie or attend a show to have fun. Remember that even though motherhood is stressful, you can make the best of every moment you experience. 

We hope you can adopt any of our time management tips to your daily routine as a working mother in 2021.

If you have more tips on managing time as a working mom, please share them with us below. 

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