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10 Things Every First Time Dad Should Know

The 10 Top Things Every First Time Dad Should Know

Congratulations, Dad or soon-to-be dad. Becoming a dad is a huge step that requires a lot from you, so we have compiled the top things every first time dad should know.

We understand that you may have mixed feelings of joy, anxiety, confusion, and fear of what the fatherhood phase will bring.

Well, you need not worry as we have taken our time to speak to dads about their first time, and we will be helping you get ready to be a dad by taking you on the journey of what to expect as a first-time dad.

10 Things Every First Time Dad Should Know

1. There is no perfect manual

If you are looking for a manual that will tell you every step and everything that has to do with preparing for fatherhood, then you will be in search forever, as there is no perfect manual for fatherhood. However, your instincts will help you, and you should learn to trust them. Sometimes you would need to make decisions in the spur of the moment.

2. Your baby is not the first, and neither will your baby be the last

It is easy to get caught up feeling and thinking the issues you are facing with your baby are peculiar to your baby, or you are the only one facing that issue. Still, some parents have gone through something similar to that. As a first-time dad, you should leverage the resources available to help you.

3. Poop is inevitable

Oooooh! Yes, poop is inevitable. You will see and touch poop no matter how hard you try. By the end of their first day of life, babies should have at least one wet diaper, and by the end of their first week, they should have five to six.

4. Fatherhood is for life

This is not to make you feel terrified. Still, you should remember that fatherhood is a lifetime responsibility. It is going to be amazing, fantastic, and sometimes frustrating, but one thing that will keep you going is the beautiful memories.

5. Helping and supporting your partner is a full-time job

As a first-time dad, you should know that your partner needs your full-time support. You are not a backup parent, so you should not just wait around and allow your partner to do it all. Give your full support in helping with chores, feeding the baby, and relieving your partner of any extra work.

6. Pain-relief measures for the mother-to-be are essential

The mom-to-be will experience pain and be stressed out, especially during labour. It is a good thing to be familiar with the different measures to take to help relieve her.

7. Have a financial plan

Having a baby comes with many expenses, which anyone can understand. Take some time to sit down and carefully consider how the baby will impact your budget if you’re considering how to best support your family with this new arrival. If money is tight, you might be able to make some budgetary adjustments to account for the costs of a new baby.

8. There will be sleep-deprivation

For many first-time dads, sleep is a crucial problem. You won’t get as much sleep at first because newborns don’t have a regular sleep routine. You and your partner can split up the duty of caring for the baby during the night.

9. New friendships

Though you won’t lose all of your previous friends, the dad phase will take you to meet new friends, most of which will be dads like you, and you will get to discuss and laugh about being a dad.

10. Mistakes are bound to happen.

Despite your best efforts, you will still experience unexpected situations as a first-time dad for which nothing can adequately prepare you. Just keep in mind that mistakes can and will occur. You will already be better prepared than others if you are aware of that. Just focus on the solution instead of the guilt.


Being a dad is a lot, and while you can’t have all the information you need, the information provided above will help you to be a great dad. Just enjoy the process!

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