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Thank You Letter to Mother in Law: A Comprehensive Guide

A thank you letter to mother-in-law might be an old-fashioned way of saying thank you, but they are still appreciated. Fortunately, love and gratitude make perfect companions. We all want to feel noticed, loved and appreciated in a relationship, and that includes your mother-in-law.

Indeed, there are numerous excellent quotes, notes and thank you letters to appreciate your mother-in-law. If you’re a daughter-in-law who needs words of appreciation for the woman who has helped you bring up the man of your dreams- you’ve come to the right place!

You can use our thank you letter to Mother-in-law sample, edit it to suit your intentions or pick some sections that appeal to you the most and send it to your hubby’s mum.

You might choose to do this via email, DM, or the traditional way (through a post office). Irrespective of the communication means you use, what matters is that you make her know your intentions towards her are pure and that you appreciate her efforts towards raising the man of your dreams and for being a sweet mother-in-law.

Reasons for Sending a Thank You Letter to Mother-In-Law

Your Mother-In-Law Loses Her Son to You

Anyways, she is not losing her child forever, she will have to accept that her son’s priority has changed and things will never be like before again. It is usually not easy for them to step down for you. Perhaps, that could be the reason some mothers-in-law are mean to their daughters-in-law- because they think they will compete with their son’s wives. She deserves to know that she is still valued, appreciated and remains a part of your family.

She May Experience a Roller Coaster of Emotions

Now that your mother-in-law’s son is married to you, she is likely to experience uncomfortable and awkward situations.

Perhaps she wants to visit, but feels unwelcome or like she is encroaching your space. Your mother may want to include your family during holiday gatherings but is now forced to share these moments with your family. I can imagine mothers-in-law don’t have it easy. Despite the fact that some mothers-in-law overstep boundaries, many of them do so out of love. It sometimes makes me wonder how I will interact with my children’s partners. The golden rule to live by is to treat her as you would like to be treated.

Acknowledge All Your Mother-In-Law Does

Does she email, call, send text or letters? What about keeping in touch with your children on vacations or holidays? Is she kind to her grandchildren and makes them feel special? Even though your mother-in-law might not always meet your expectations, she makes a difference in little ways. Some mothers-in-law could help you babysit at intervals and help you do certain tasks when you seem busy. You may not easily realize all your mother-in-law does for the family, so it’s easy to take her for granted.

You Will Not Have Her Forever

Anything can happen at any time and one of them could be a terminal illness or natural death. You might think she is being too nosey, intruding or overstaying her welcome in your house and forget the positive contributions she makes.

It is easy to find and get rid of her temporary or avoid her. But trust me, when she finally leaves this world, you will realize her value, understand her philosophy, and miss her presence.

Therefore, make every moment count with your mother-in-law. Spoil her with gifts, treats, vacations, and praises while she is strong enough to receive them. Even when she seems hostile at times, don’t stop treating her well.

She Is Part of Your Family

It’s important not to forget that your husband is the son she raised, even if he’s your husband and you have your own family. Also, your kids are her grandchildren. They light up her eyes and make her want to brag about them to all her friends. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the relationship between your mother-in-law, her son, and grandchildren.

Thank You Letter to Mother in Law- Is She Worth It?

What if she is has been hostile towards me? Does she deserve such a heartfelt thank you letter from me?


I can understand how you feel because some mothers-in-law don’t seem to get on well with their daughters-in-law for some reasons best known to them. And even when the poor girl tries to win the heart of her future mother or already insensitive mother-in-law, her efforts hold no water.

However, your mother-in-law still deserves some level of appreciation- at least for raising such as amazing son to become a hardworking, responsible and sweet man.

Besides, you shouldn’t change your nice self because of the issues you are having with your mother-in-law. You never can tell; this single act of yours (sending a thank you letter to mother-in-law) or other kind gestures may turn things around in your favour.

So girl, give it a try because you have nothing to lose but everything to gain a strong bond with your mother-in-law and your husband.

Whether your mother-in-law is the best or you are trying to bond with and appreciate her, read this thank you letter pick or edit areas that are relevant to you.

Thank you notes to mother-in-law

Thank You Notes to Mother-In-Law for Accepting and Loving You

  1. Mothers should not be afraid of letting people know their value in this world. Honest men and women would not exist without mothers like you. I am grateful that you raised the man of my dreams and that you accepted me from the very beginning!
  2. From the first day you set your eyes on me and accepted me as your daughter-in-law, I knew I have come to the right place. You have never given me a reason to regret coming into your family as you also shower me with praises, love, and gifts. Thank you for accepting and loving me.
  3. With what I heard about the terrors most mothers-in-law unleash on their daughters-in-law, I was scared of getting married. Most especially, I was afraid of falling prey to a new family with a disturbing mother-in-law. But meeting you changed my perspective about mothers-in-law. It is such a blessing meeting you mom!
  4. While many women silently wish that their future mothers-in-law die before she marries her son, I have always longed to know what it is like to have another mother. I confess that It has been a wonderful experience. I am the luckiest of them all because I have two mothers who love me unconditionally.
  5. I’ve had the pleasure of learning a great deal from you about being a great parent. Despite your hard work and love, know that I appreciate you every single day for raising my husband!
  6. People say that when you marry a man you are also marrying his family. My joining your family is a source of great joy, and I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world. I am grateful for you raising the man of my dreams and for the warm welcome you gave me.
  7. Thank you mom for loving me at first sight. You couldn’t even wait to have me as your daughter officially. You checked on me, gossiped about your son with me lol, and prayed for me and our union. I and my husband (your son) owe the success of our marriage to you. Thanks for accepting me as a part of your family mom.

Thank You Notes to Mother-In-Law for Raising an Incredible Man

  1. A strong man’s mother stands behind him, and your son is no exception. A woman of your calibre can never be sufficiently praised. Thank you for teaching your son to be strong-willed and determined to achieve success.
  2. Thank you for raising such an incredible man and being his role model. The way he treats me, our kids and attends to other responsibilities, shows that you set the right examples for him. My father-in-law also did a great job in training my husband.
  3. If a man does not have his mother, he is nothing. Having come into contact with a man who has been raised by such a remarkable woman is truly a blessing. It was your hard work that raised my dream man!
  4. My first impression of your son was his manners and manner of behaviour. When I first met you, it became clear, and I came to understand what gave him the ability to be so kind and honest. My deepest gratitude to you for making my dream come true.
  5. I have always hoped to raise my boys, especially to be gentlemen, honest and hardworking. Since your son is such a unique individual and worthy of emulation, I know I will be successful in my goal.
  6. I cannot thank you enough for raising your son in such a manner that embodies your values. He is such a gentle and responsible man with so much self-control and humility. Men like him are rare and I consider myself fortunate for such as blessing. I owe it all to you and hope to learn a lot from you to train my sons better.
  7. You know your son well, so you know that he is someone people should admire and try to emulate. I appreciate your efforts to raise the man of my dreams and to instil the right values in him. As a young man, he was extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful role model.

Thank You Notes to Mother-In-Law for Being a Role Model

  1. Most people often take their mother’s love, support and patience for granted. A mother like you is rare and I will always remember to remind your child to be thankful for your presence and for your unconditional love.
  2. I do not need any special day to appreciate you because you deserve all the respect and love in this world for being one of the world’s best moms. You are my role model and I want to let you that I look up to you. I hope to train my kids to become incredible boys and girls the way you did with your son.
  3. My grandchildren always speak highly of you and cant wait to have you around. We all appreciate your efforts in our lives as our mother, guardian, friend, and grandmother. We bless God every day for your life and hope to have you around for a long time.
  4. I am truly blessed by the opportunity to learn what it takes to be a great parent from you. Know that your effort and love do not go unnoticed. Every day I thank you for always being there in our happy and sad moments.
  5. Our wedding day would not have been complete without your help. Since the first time I met you, you have taught me what it takes to be strong. You always inspire me with your actions, words and experience.
  6. I can’t appreciate you enough for standing by me through my difficult moments. Since my mom is far from me, you have stepped in as my mother. Throughout my pregnancy and postpartum crazy moments, you were there. You gave me firsthand tips, advice, and always prayed for and with me. What more can I ask for. Thank you, mommy!

My Thank You Letter to Mother in Law

A Heartfelt Thank You Letter to Mother in Law

I want to share with you a letter I sent to my mother-in-law some time ago. I consider myself lucky to be one of those women that have a caring and considerate mother-in-law.

In several other ways, I appreciate my mother-in-law and enjoy seeing her smile whenever I surprise her with treats, gifts, or assist her.

At some time, I felt the need to pour out my sincere gratitude and love to let her know I appreciate everything she does for me and my family. Most especially, for being the reason I enjoy my marriage because she raised an incredible man.

Without further ado, read through my thank you letter to a mother-in-law. You can use this letter as a sample, edit and send it to your mother-in-law if it resonates with you.


Thank You Letter to Mother in Law

Sweet mommy,

I feel like I haven’t told you enough things. I think those are the traits of superwomen. People assume that superwomen are already aware of how extraordinary their superpowers are and forget to mention them. But sometimes, I feel everyone in your life needs to know how important they are and how much you appreciate them. I cannot imagine a better moment to express my gratitude for the way you love than now. It is impossible to include everything in just one page or enough words, so here is just a start.

At a point, I looked back at where I was and how far I’ve come and realized how fortunate I am. My family, health, friendship, and love make me feel blessed. My family is important to me, and when it comes to my extended family by marriage, I’m deeply grateful.

I am thankful that my brother-in-law, our youth president in church, raved about me when I started dating his brother. Having been welcomed as if I had always had a home with a new family is a great feeling. Above all, I am grateful to have you as one of the kindest, most loving, and most supportive individuals I could call “my own.”

There aren’t many women who feel completely confident in their relationship with their mother-in-law, and I’m favoured to be one of the lucky ones to have two mothers who love me unconditionally, flaws and all.

I remember a few years ago, when your son and I arrived at your compound, then I saw you with your other two children waiting eagerly and patiently to welcome me. It was as if the ground should swallow me at that spot or that moment should skip in seconds. I have never experienced this situation before. I knew it’s either I’m accepted or rejected, but I hoped that I’d make a good impression and earn your love. More especially, I prayed that you wouldn’t have the thought that I was coming to steal your son’s attention from you- I can’t compete.

As every caring mother would do, you were observing me and trying to figure out if I would be the best fit for your son. However, you accepted me and made me feel comfortable. Although, through our dating period, your son said nice things about you, hearing and knowing are two different things. From the first day we met mom, I felt lucky regarding our relationship, and that feeling has never ended. Thank you for considering me to be the best fit for your child.

Thank you, my mother-in-law, for training and raising your son, my husband, as an incredible, independent, organized, thoughtful, and responsible man. If you hadn’t had thought him to be his best self, our paths would have probably not crossed.

The old maxim says that we can tell how a man regards his mother by how he treats her, and I know your son highly regards and values you. I am grateful to you for loving, believing in, and laying a solid foundation for your son.

I’ve learned a few things from him about productivity and focus during our time together. In the first moments of seeing his “bachelor pad” apartment, I was amazed at how neat it was. The respect with which he treated his apartment said a lot about how he had been raised.

My marriage to my dream man has been one of the most significant gifts life, and you have given me. He is a homily, a gentleman, caring, loving, and kind. In short, your son is such an amazing man- all thanks to you, mom!

My sweetest thanks go to you, mommy, for supporting our marriage through thick and thin and believing in us. Whenever we are at log ahead, and you eventually get to find out, you always remind us of how you and my late father-in-law crossed through several hurdles but never allowed it to conquer the love you both had for each other. I always hold on to those real-life stories as a source of inspiration.

I’m sincerely grateful for your willingness to listen to me and give guidance whenever I need it. I love the way you laugh at the things I tell you, and you don’t judge me harshly when I say something that others may find offensive. As a result, I can be honest with you about issues, and concerns, because I never worry if you think I’m not doing enough. You will laugh with me instead of getting defensive when I make a snarky remark about something silly my husband does because you know him best. You also know neither of us is an angel and that I made my statements with love!

Thank you, my sweet mother-in-law, for being with me throughout my pregnancy journey. You always drop by to check on us, give me motherly tips from your experience to make my 9-months journey easier. You were there for me till when I delivered my first and second child, your grandchildren.

Most importantly, thank you for training a son who was ready to become a husband and a responsible dad. He plunged headlong into pregnancy and parenting with me and didn’t look back. I’m thankful to you for providing me with a husband who came to labour with me, created space for me, and assisted me in bringing our children into this world. He comes through for me when I need him the most with his unwavering strength.

Thank you for being the best mother and grandmother. The fact that you always let me do my thing as a mother and wife is amazing. Even though you come in to advise my husband and me, you don’t force your motherly and parenting opinions on us because you believe that we are adults. I should consider myself among the lucky women who ended up with the best mothers-in-law.

Seeing my children excited whenever they see their Nana, and knowing that you are always nearby throughout all the stages of their life, truly means the world to me. It’s a great comfort to you to know our family is happy. You encourage that happiness without ever picking apart little details others want to criticize or attempting to fix something that hasn’t broken.

Thank you, my lovely mother-in-law, for treating me like one of your daughters. I look forward to enjoying the upcoming holidays together with you. Also, I would love to attend all of my children’s future school presentations with you, celebrate their birthdays, watch them graduate from high school, and hopefully find a family also as welcoming as yours- ours.

The virtue of never taking anything for granted in this life is why I’d like to thank you and show you how much you are appreciated.

I’ll keep saying this till eternity; I’m so fortunate I got the best mother-in-law. What more could I ask for! As luck would have it, I fell in love with someone who came from a caring and welcoming family- a family I am now fortunate to call my own.

Thank you for responding to every frantic call, being present through family milestones, reminding me how lucky your child is to have me, and for your constant support as a friend, confidant, mother-in-law, mother, and grandmother. My hubby and I are proud to be a part of your mom’s tribe. Thank you for being a source of inspiration and staying true to yourself!

My heartfelt thanks go out to you, mommy, and I promise I will do my part to take care of your baby boy. I will support him just as he does for me. Believe in him as he does in me. And be the best mom for his little boy.

From your ever grateful daughter-in-law,


In a Nutshell

Sending a thank you letter to mother-in-law like this, not only on important days (mother’s day, Easter, Christmas, Birthday, etc.) but also on every other day, when she least expects, will make her feel special and loved.

She will know that you appreciate her effort as a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, and guardian. So don’t assume she already thinks you appreciate her. Go out of your way to do little things like this to assure or remind her you haven’t forgotten her impacts and contributions.  This thank you letter can help to foster your bond in the long run.

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