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Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcements Ideas

20 Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas to Surprise Everyone

If you are searching for unique rainbow baby announcement ideas that will get your friends and extended family screaming, congratulations to you!

It is thrilling to learn that a new baby is about to enter the world, and it fills you with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Rainbow babies represent joy after a storm. And when you finally become pregnant again, you can’t wait to tell friends and family! Sharing this little blessing is important while also remembering the loss that preceded it.

Nevertheless, always remember that the best way to announce your rainbow baby to the world is your way! Don’t pressure yourself to do what you are not comfortable with.

Take inspiration from these 20 sweet rainbow baby announcement ideas as you prepare to announce your miracle baby.

1.  Letter Board Rainbow Baby Announcement

TrendArti Rainbow Letter Board

TrendArti Rainbow baby announcement Letter Board ideas

This cute rainbow letter board is an obvious yet simple way to announce your miracle baby.

It allows you to creatively use other words aside from “welcome to our home.” Yes, the board comes with 363 sturdy pieces of numbers, letters, script words, symbols, emojis, punctuation, and special characters.

Plus, you can buy and place the TrendArti Rainbow Letter Board on any flat platform or hang it on the wall.

2.  Rainbow Baby Announcement Card

Miracle Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Card for Parents

Miracle Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement Card for Parents

This sweet rainbow baby announcement idea will get your parents jumping for joy at the thought of being grandparents.

It also comes with an inner blank sheet that allows you to write a heart-warming personal message to your parents. They also have rainbow baby announcement cards for husbands and dads. You can check it out over here.

3.  Hand-Painted Rainbow Baby Bump

Painting your hands with rainbow colors and stamping them on your baby bump is a creative approach to announcing your miracle baby.

After playing around with colors, you can show it off on Facebook and Instagram or send it privately to your close family and friends.

4.  Balloon Rainbow Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Rainbow Pregnancy Announcement With Balloons Ideas

Although this rainbow baby announcement idea is common, you can bring your creativity to it.

Either you hold colorful balloons alone or do it with your partner.

5.  Close-Up Shot of Rainbow Baby Bump

I did this for my rainbow baby but sent the photos to my parents and in-laws.

Then, I wasn’t ready for the outside world to know about my pregnancy.

I love the fact that you’ll have a close connection with your partner. But you can have a close-up shot alone.

6.  Rainbow Baby Announcement in Chalk

Rainbow Baby Announcement idea in Chalk by KrysMo Photography

Get a chalkboard and creatively write your quote. You can also buy customized or already made ones.

Furthermore, it’s up to you to add other rainbow baby clues to the chalkboard.

7.  Umbrella Rainbow Baby Announcement


Visit a picturesque area with a touch of nature. Then take a beautiful shot with your rainbow umbrella. It’s a subtle way of announcing your new blessing.

8.  Rainbow Pregnancy Announcement with Colorful Toys

Rainbow Pregnancy Announcement with Colorful ToysThis is perfect for mothers expecting twin rainbow babies.

However, you can find other colorful toys to arrange, snap and post on social media.

9.  Rainbow Pregnancy Ribbon Photo

What a sweet way to tell people about your rainbow baby journey without forgetting your angel baby!

10.  Ultrasound Photos

You don’t need to explain further after posting this picture of you and your partner visualizing the growing baby.

If it’s something you are comfortable with, get on with it, Mama!

11.  Positive Pregnancy Tests

If you are comfortable with this, let out your joy by sharing it with family, friends, or your social media followers.

You can do it in a simple way or go dramatic about your pregnancy announcement.

12.  Rainbow Baby Onesies

LNGRY Hello Little Rainbow Romper Top + Rainbow Pants and Hat Set

Seeing the sentimental words “I’m the Rainbow After the Storm” on this rainbow onesie sends a quick message to the loved ones about your new blessing.

The short and cap set is an additional piece of clothing that will also grab attention.

13.  Rainbow Baby Shirts

Mommy and Baby Matching Outfits Rainbow

Rainbow mama and baby shirts are a great idea if you want to make your announcement more present than just onesie! Mommy and baby matching outfits are available in many options on Amazon.

14.  Rainbow Mobiles

MMH Rainbow Crib Mobile

Do you want to wait until you’ve started your nursery before you announce?

This gorgeous rainbow baby mobile is the perfect way to make a stunning announcement that doubles as a nursery decoration! Check out other design variations and make a choice.

15.  Rainbow Baby Booties

Rainbow Newborn Baby Booties

Most pregnancy announcements often feature booties. How about turning it into something special for your rainbow baby?

This sweet little rainbow baby booties work as a perfect rainbow baby announcement idea.

16.  Rainbow Colored Flowers

Using rainbow-colored flowers to announce your rainbow baby is a subtle or quiet approach.

It may even take a while for your people to get the message. But, you can make it faster by keeping a sonogram image in the flowers.

I like that it’s a lovely and unique idea to announce your rainbow baby.

17.  Rainbow Treat

Rainbow Treat

Using a rainbow treat to share the news is a sweet announcement idea.

For family and friends with a sweet tooth, treats like chocolate bars, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies with rainbow toppings are ideal.

They will eventually scream when you tell them the reason behind the rainbow treat.

18.  Rainbow Baby Announcement Blanket Ideas

Unisex Neutral Organic Rainbow Baby Monthly Blanket

Unisex Neutral Organic Rainbow Baby Monthly Blanket

I like that this blanket is simple, colorful, and skin-friendly.

Several users on Amazon commended Unisex Organic Rainbow Baby Monthly Blanket for its 100 percent cotton material.

I also like that a sensitive baby can sleep peacefully on it.

19.  Amazing Rainbow Baby Smoke Announcement

Amazing Rainbow Baby Smoke Announcement Ideas
Pinterest by dKin Photography

The rainbow baby smoke announcement idea is a creative and breath-taking option for a pregnancy shoot.

You can give it a magical look by doing it in a forest of different tree species.

In addition, you and your partner can pull the string creatively or involve some of your family members and have others watch.

Moreover, you can enlarge the photo and hang it on your baby’s nursery wall or share it with your social media followers.

20.  Calendar Rainbow Baby Announcement

Calendar Rainbow Baby Announcement

Get a cute calendar for a rainbow baby announcement and mark or circle the proposed delivery date.

This perfectly works when you are a few months due for delivery.

In addition, you can add colorful sneakers or a sonogram beside the calendar and snap.

Is a Rainbow Baby Announcement is Right for You?

Making a rainbow baby announcement is not for everyone. And so, if you are not sure it’s what you want to do, especially at the early pregnancy stage, you may want to chill longer.

If you don’t feel the need to educate the public about miscarriage and rainbow babies or share your experience, the rainbow baby announcement may not be a good idea.

In contrast, if you are ready to share your struggles, listen to others, and educate the public, then you may do so on National Rainbow Baby Day 2022 or any other comfortable day.

In the end, it’s your feelings that matter.

Read more on these Rainbow Baby Quotes to uplift your spirit when grieving your baby loss.

When to Announce Your Rainbow Baby Pregnancy

Sincerely, it’s totally up to you to determine the best time to announce your rainbow baby’s arrival.

However, I’d advise you to wait a bit longer before considering rainbow baby announcement ideas to make.

While what it’s like to have a rainbow baby varies with women, anxiety, and grief are common feelings. You might be too upset or sad to announce your rainbow baby, especially in your first trimester.

Secondly, you should be sure that your rainbow baby will stay before announcing it. This will save you the embarrassment in case of a second miscarriage.

I waited till week 25 of my pregnancy before informing my extended family and friends.

Where to Announce a Rainbow Pregnancy

It is totally up to you to find a location to announce your rainbow pregnancy. So let your instinct and personality guide you.


Indeed, “after every storm, comes a rainbow”! We should celebrate rainbow babies as they bring joy and hope amidst pain and grief.

I hope that our rainbow baby announcement ideas will inspire you to announce to your friends and family in the best way.

Never forget that you are under no obligation to announce your rainbow baby or do so in a certain way. Just do you, Mama!

Congratulations once again!







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