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Two African-American Women Taking a Pose Together - Breast Sagging

6 Simple Ways to Prevent Breast Sagging (With Natural Remedies)

How can you prevent breast sagging? 

If it were up to you, you’d wish to have and maintain confident killer boobs till death do you part. Unfortunately, this can only happen in the world of fairies or your mind. Sagging breast is a regular change occurrence in women over their lifespan.

However, the premature sagging of breasts in ladies is a cause of concern to many young women. In her teenage years or early twenties, a young lady noticing her breast sagging will tend to get worried than a woman in her late forties.

Understandably, the breast’s sagging also occurs naturally with post-pregnancy and breastfeeding phases, yet, some women do not want their breast to sag at all.


Breast comes in various sizes, shapes, or colours and varies from one woman to another, and genes often decide these traits. Irrespective, a woman’s breast undergoes constant change and development all through her life.

Medically called mammary glands, the woman’s breast is the tissue overlying the chest muscle. They comprise the granular tissues that produce milk, fat cells and ligaments expanding from the collarbones to the armpit region and around the middle of the chest.

Shaping the breast is the function of the ligaments and connective tissues which support it. The fat amount often determines the breasts’ size, while the lobes are the breast’s milk-producing part.

About 15 to 20 lobes in a woman’s breast contain smaller structures, called lobules (milk production site). The breast also has ducts (tiny tubes) that carry the milk to the nipple through the larger ducts. Surrounding the nipples, are dark skins called the areola.

The mammary gland has several nerve endings that provide sensation.

Volumes and sizes of breasts fluctuate due to hormonal changes relating to thelarche (breast growth), menstruation, pregnancy (reproduction), lactation (baby feeding), and menopause.

Saggy Breasts

Naturally, saggy breasts occur with age. The breast tissues lose elasticity over time. The original shape of the breast is lost, and then it begins to droop. Although this situation is perfectly normal, it is a cause of concern for some women.

The medical term for saggy breasts is breast ptosis. Despite its natural occurrence, you’ll find a plethora of information about the causes of saggy breasts. While some information is valid, others are simply misconceptions.

Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent a sagging breast. 

7 Common Causes of breast sagging

Cooper’s ligaments in your breasts support and lift them, giving a firm shape. As you age, these ligaments stretch out, and the tissues wear out, resulting in a sagging breast. The breast also loses its skin’s elasticity, leading to droopy and deflated boobs.

Many things influence the time these changes happen or the degree of drooping that you experience. Discover some of the causes of saggy breasts.

  • Age

Age is the primary cause of a sagging breast as every woman will grow old under normal circumstances. Sadly, sagging is a natural phenomenon that accompanies ageing, mainly after menopause when hormonal changes influence breast tissue volume and structure. 

Over time, cells and tissues get tired- this affects their efficiency and leads to the drooping breast.

Multiple pregnancies

Increased number of pregnancies fastens the saggy breast process. The repeated secretion of milk by the breast for breastfeeding weighs down the breast and causes a drooping breast.

  • Breast shape and size

The shape of smaller or rounder breasts tends to stay intact more than bigger or narrower ones. Gravity is likely to affect bigger breasts faster than smaller ones- the heavier your breast, the higher its chance of early sagging.

  • Smoking

Smoking is bad for health in all aspects and disintegrates collagen, according to some studies. Asides from promoting saggy breasts, smoking also makes the skin look old and pale. Smoking dramatically accelerates the rate at which the breast sags. It can cause early breast sagging, even in young adults.

  • Genetics

Genes affect the shape and size of your boobs as they transfer from your family to you. Similarly, genetics influence your Cooper’s ligaments strength and the weight of your body.

  • Rapid weight gain or loss

When you lose or gain weight faster than usual, your breast shapes and surrounding skin quickly shrinks or stretches.

  • Gravity

It is natural for gravity to always work against us. While pulling down the breasts, gravity stretches and strains its ligaments.   

Does breastfeeding truly cause breast sagging?

Many underlying misconceptions about the effect of breastfeeding on the breast exist. People believe that breastfeeding your baby can cause slack in the tissues, thereby hastening the sagging process.

But there are no known studies that back up these claims and myths. Breast sags may occur due to breastfeeding-related events like multiple pregnancies and milk production.

Many plastic surgeons attempted to find the connection between breastfeeding and saggy breast but found no link. So, you need not be scared that breastfeeding your baby will leave your breast saggy and undesirable.

Other unproven facts associated with sagging breasts are wearing and no wearing of bras. But these lifestyles do not promote a saggy breast.

6 Easy Ways to prevent breast sagging?

Can you stop your breast from sagging?

While you cannot cheat nature regarding falling breasts, you can enjoy firm boobs for a long time, even after pregnancy, and feel good about your body.

  • Avoid smoking

Carcinogens in cigarettes stretch and weaken the tissues, which contributes to your breast getting all saggy. Smoking breaks down elastin, a skin protein, which supports youthful skin and promotes firm breasts. When you avoid or quit smoking, you will enjoy healthy skin and slow the process of a sagging breast.   

  • Gradual weaning

As a breastfeeding mother, slowly weaning your baby allows breast fats to break down your milk production while helping you return to your pre-pregnancy look. However, sudden child weaning leaves your breasts with large milk deposits, which increase breast weight and the sagging process.  

  • Avoid rapid weight loss and gain.

Drastic weight changes increase sagging breasts. When you lose or gain a great deal of weight within a short time, it affects the body, including the breast. So, opt out for a gradual weight loss or gain procedure to promote breast firmness. 

  • Carefully consider pregnancy

Indiscriminately getting pregnant would cause your breast to sag faster. Studies have shown that the more pregnancy a woman has, the higher her chances of having saggy breasts. Carefully consider each pregnancy and allow your body to adjust back to its standard shape each time.

  • Find a fitting bra

During workouts, studies have shown that movement of the breast stretches the tissues. Wearing a firm and fitting bra prevents these stretches and preserves your firm boobs. For sports, use a bra with enough support (cups) to prevent the breast’s excessive motion. A fitting bra can also support women with big breasts.

  • Don’t expose your breasts to the sun.

Generally, the sun damages the skin, exposes your breasts to harsh sun rays, or harmful UV rays burn the breasts’ underside, leading to droopy boobs. Boobs burn destroys its skin cells and elasticity, causing wrinkles, sagging breasts.

4 Natural remedies for saggy breast

You cannot restore a sagging breast to its firm days, but you can take specific measures to improve its strength and lift.

  • Exercises

Exercises improve the chest’s shape but cannot directly help the breast since boobs have no muscles. Workouts will strengthen the powers of the lower chest region to boost your overall chest look. The exercises should target not only muscle strength improvement but also posture. Examples of these exercises are push-ups, swimming, bench press, arm curls, among others.

  • Have a healthy weight

Keeping a consistent weight at a healthy level helps maintain the breast tissues’ firmness. It does this while helping you prevent breast sagging.

  • Posture

Bad body posture like bent backs can put more pressure on the breast, aggravating sagging. When you intentionally teach your body to maintain good postures, you help the body distribute evenly. The best posture to correct sagging breast is walking with your head held high, back straight and shoulders back. Also, while breastfeeding, keeping your back straight instead of hunching over relieves pressure in the breast tissues’.

  • Get a good bra

Comfortable bras keep helps prevent breast sagging and keep your breast in shape. Using a too small or too large bra is worse than not wearing a bra. Get a bra for your size and shape to relieve the gravity pressure on your breasts.

Seeing that there is little or nothing you can do to stop ageing can be annoying, but you must accept and appreciate your body and breast changes.

Instead of sliding in and out of depression because you wish you had Kim Kardashian or Nicky Minaj’s firm boobs and banging bodies, adopt a healthy lifestyle.

However, if you are looking for quick means to prevent a sagging breast and achieve a fuller look, consider using enhancers like pills, injections, cream, or machines. Talk to your physician to help you make the right choice.

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