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Pregnancy Tips, Guides, Videos, and Products.
Enjoy Pregnancy Journey

We provide a Holistic Guide through your Pregnancy Journey.

From first to third Trimesters. How little or much do your body change during pregnancy?

We all react differently to pregnancy which involves emotional ups and downs, mental stress, and massive weight gain.

Some women glow up and make pregnancy seem like a piece of cake, while others experience an endless stressful 9-month journey.

A recent study explains how the sex of a baby also determines the different reactions in the body of pregnant women.

Regardless of how you react, we can all reach a consensus that pregnancies are beautiful. Right?

Pregnancy can be wonderful but you may not always get that wonderful experience due to the physical and mental challenges that come with it. 

These include an unexpected diagnosis; complications; pregnancy after a miscarriage; mood swings usually experienced in the first trimester.

We understand that the nine-month pregnancy journey can be a hassle, which can interfere with your physical looks, mental or emotional state.

Fortunately, Momtherly is here to guide you through everything from your first, second and third trimester to your delivery process. And let’s not forget the postpartum care- fourth trimester.

We will stick with you at every step of your unusual irritations and cravings, morning sickness in the afternoons, and antipathy of your spouse’s smell.

Irrespective of what you are experiencing right now, we’ll be here to ensure that you don’t lose yourself and always remember that you are beautiful.

Together with health and financial experts, will help you navigate through the preparation and budgeting for your newest arrival.

Through this platform, we’ll respond to your questions in a fun and easy way. Or don’t you agree that this whole weirdness that accompanies pregnancy is funny?

So, let’s highlight what you can anticipate from Momtherly while we help you journey through pregnancy.

Like we stated earlier, every pregnant woman’s journey differs. But we have compiled some helpful guides to get you through every week before your baby arrives.

You need not worry about the process of breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, even self-feeding.
Yes, Self-feeding!

Researchers explain the need for pregnant women and lactating mothers to take around 500 calorie energy increase per day. You will also need to refuel the body with nutrients like proteins, vitamins A, D, E, K, C, vitamin B-complex, zinc, and iron, among others.

We also understand that you can get overwhelmed with picking the right crib, décor colour, stroller, toys, and other necessary products. And this is where we step in to help you make a good decision through honest product reviews and brand recommendations.

Along with preparing for your baby’s arrival, we want to remind you of self-care and treat. Have fun!

Because pregnancy is not a “one shoe fits all” journey, we’ll deliver regular updates. This informs and guides you on various care and safety measures for you and your baby.

Momtherly will help you enjoy an easier pregnancy journey. However, before making any dietary or health changes, ask your doctor.

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