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Baby Announcement Ideas

Baby Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Family and Friends

Baby Announcement Ideas for my friends and family… Oh mama, I see you, and I’m happy for you!

And yes, I am here to assist you in achieving your baby announcement ideas search.

Announcing your baby’s arrival is a joyous time—you can’t wait to share your big news with family and friends.

Baby announcement etiquette might be intimidating, especially since the stakes are high: it has to be creative, unique, special and memorable.

So, you want your friend or family member to know that your little one is on the way and is looking for cute baby announcement ideas.

You are in the right place, and I have your back, sis!

I have compiled 26 baby announcement ideas that might help you in announcing your newly discovered blessing.

But before we jump into the ideas, there are certain things I want you to think about before making the big move.

Trust me, exploring these baby announcement ideas and breaking the news to your friends and family is such a big deal!

When Should I Announce My Pregnancy?

Congratulations on your pregnancy news! Now when is the right time to break this good news, and who should you tell about it?

The feelings of excitement you get when you are pregnant are kind of similar to winning a Lotto—you will want the whole world to hear the good news.

However, you should apply caution in how you share your information.

Firstly, you should decide on when to announce your pregnancy. It all lies in your hands’ mama!

Deciding on when to announce your baby bump is based on who you want to share it with.

Your partner or husband is mostly the first to discover before close family and friends.

Most mothers usually wait till when they get to the end of their first trimester before breaking the news to others.

One reason for delaying is that you might want to make sure you won’t experience a miscarriage, especially in your first trimester.

Once you scale through that stage, the chances of getting a miscarriage in the second trimester are significantly slimmer.

Secondly, most women decide to wait till 20 weeks (or around 4 to 5 months) before announcing.

They probably want to make sure the ultrasound discovery are normal and determine the sex of their baby (you might not need to get to know your baby’s sex to announce your pregnancy).

The bottom line is that you should announce your pregnancy whenever you feel the time is right.

How Can I Announce My Pregnancy?

Are you planning to make your pregnancy announcement on Instagram or tell your BFF?

You should go through the proper order and make sure your personality shines through when making the pregnancy announcement.

Consider the following things so that you don’t hurt yourself or others in the process:

Your Partner Should Be the First to Know

It is possible that you both found out you are pregnant. But if this is not the case, you need to let your spouse know right away.

They deserve to know in a more personal way. You will soon find out the cute and creative ways you can break the news to your partner in this article.

Let Your Close Family Members Know

If your parent or parent-in-law discovers the news of becoming a grandparent soon on social media before you contact them, they are likely to feel disregarded or undervalued.

While you may not feel comfortable announcing your latest arrival to every member of your family, you can tell the ones closest to you, like your sister, mom, mother-in-law, etc.

Let them know before informing your distant friends or people on social media. And you don’t have to do it in person; a phone call or video call would do.

Wait Till When the Bump Shows

Many women usually wait till their pregnancy starts showing before announcing it to the world.

Without using words, people around you will notice that you are expecting a baby.

You can also share your bump on social media if you are comfortable doing so.

This way, you are sure that the risk of having a miscarriage is low at your second-trimester stage.

You could even decide to capture your pregnancy moments and not share them with the world until after you have delivered.

What’s important is what you’re comfortable with and want.

What are your elaborate baby announcement ideas?

Would you like to post a simple, clever photo?

Are you going to need unique props, a photographer, or a videographer to implement your pregnancy announcement ideas?

What do your baby announcement ideas say about you?

When you are serious or stodgy, you probably won’t want to announce your pregnancy in cute and fluffy ways.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

These include baby announcement ideas for your partner, family, close friends, and even the internet.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

After first discovering that you are pregnant through a homemade test or at the hospital, you will need to break the news to the latest dad-to-be.

We have some cute baby announcement ideas that you can adopt to make it memorable, creative and exciting.

Baby Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

You can order or customize this shirt and place it on his bed or hang it in the place where he can see it.

Or you can wear this shirt when he is around. The shirt content is controversial and funny; he will definitely want to know what is behind the captivating words.

Let him figure it out! And if he seems to get the answer, confirm the pregnancy news.

Coming Soon Shirt

If he sees this t-shirt on you or in a strategic area, he will be filled with mixed feelings.

In the process, announce your pregnancy to him and see how he jumps for joy.

This baby announcement idea is cute but straightforward in breaking the news to your husband.

If he is not the type that loves drama, then this idea will work perfectly. Upon seeing this, he will pause everything on his plate for you.

He is likely not going to understand this at first glance.

But trust me, he wouldn’t mind following you to the hospital right away to confirm the news, especially if he is a first-time dad.

Pregnancy announcement ideas

This shirt design is probably one of the cutest words I’ve come across.

It could steer up a conversation that will lead to the pregnancy revelation.

Pregnancy announcement puzzle

This shirt puzzle is a fun and creative way to announce your pregnancy to your partner.

You can wear the shirt with mom-to-be and have him wear his. Now let him solve the easy puzzle before confirming that you are pregnant.

Is your partner a drink or wine fan? Buy a bottle of wine and order pregnancy announcement stickers like this.

Wrap one of it around the bottle, then send it to your husband in his office.

You can make a special dinner and have him open the drink, and he will be amazed to find out the brand of wine he wants to drink. Isn’t that cute?

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Family

Like I earlier stated, some people in your family deserve to know about your recent blessing, especially since fully involved.

Find out the cute ways you can inform future grandparents, children, and maybe siblings.

Baby Announcement ideas

This is an exciting and cute way to announce the arrival of a baby to either your parents or your husband.

You can get a customized card with any creative writing of your choice and attached a copy of your scan result to it.

Even without explaining anything, you’ll get the message across to them.

What a creative way of informing you or your partner’s siblings of your new addition! You can order and send them a shirt as a gift.

Taking a glance at the shirt design will clear them on what is going on with you.

Rather than informing them the traditional way (call or SMS), you can adopt this idea.

Baby Announcement Ideas

This pregnancy announcement idea is a hilarious way to pass a message, especially if the man has a potbelly, in this case, “beer belly,” lol. Wear it with your spouse and take photos.

Taking a photo with these twin shirts may seem typical on the internet but are still a cute way of announcing your pregnancy.

You can buy plain shirts and creatively customize them.

Pregnancy announcement ideas

These dogs will have to train for nine months to defending this tiny human upon delivery and growth. This is a cute idea for first-time parents.

Baby announcement Ideas

Take outdoor photography and send to your family member and also post to the internet.

This baby announcement idea is great when you already know the sex of the unborn child.

If you are a pet lover, you can involve your pet in this new journey.

Wear a bib around its neck with some customized words passing a message about your pregnancy.

What a jealous dog! This pregnancy announcement idea is another brilliant way of involving your pet.

Instead of spending on a bid or customized printables, you can write on a mini-board with chalk and take a photoshoot with emphasis on the board.

Quarantine Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Wearing a shirt with this message is a subtle but cute way of announcing your pregnancy.

Since the quarantine restricted our movements, you can slay with your husband at home while announcing the big news.

Create an excellent concept like this in your second trimester and post or send it to friends and family.

Suppose you both discover that you are pregnant in the quarantine.

You can choose to share the news dramatically or post without showing your face.

The important thing is the joyful announcements you shared.

Baby 2 Announcement Ideas

Baby Announcement Ideas

I bet your child’s grandparents will be more than happy to welcome another grandchild through you.

Send a printed copy or email this news to them.


Go out of the norm and let your child make the announcement.

This baby announcement idea is suitable for mothers who already have a child.

Get the customized board online stores/craft shops or use cardboard paper and write a similar message.

Baby Announcement Ideas

If you can’t use your child to break the news, creating something like what is in the picture above is still cute.

You can still use Photoshop or Canva to make this image and share it online.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Step out with hubby and your first child and snap some outdoor family pictures while announcing the presence of another baby.

You can also choose to do something similar indoor.

This is one of the cutest and funniest baby announcement ideas.

Knowing that your first kid will no longer be treated as an only child may leave them in a rollercoaster of emotions.

You can celebrate their graduation from an only child level to a big sister or brother while stylishly announcing your pregnancy.

Baby Number 3 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

As simple as this image is, it passes a direct message.

If you are not ready to show or post yourself, you can use related objects like the above image to announce that you are expecting your third child.

As a soon-to-be mom of three, celebrate your parenting milestone with your children.

Passing a pregnancy alert message with this concept may not be obvious, especially when there is no bump yet.

But it is a calmer way of announcing your baby number three.

Mummy is indeed due, and these children can’t wait to have an addition to their family, in this case, a boy!

If you are expecting your third child, this is something to celebrate with your children and let them express their thoughts and happiness.

Most online and offline craft stores are selling this customized board.

You have to personalize the words and then buy the board. It is cheaper or cost-effective than making your own.

Baby Announcement Ideas Shopping Guide

How elaborate or simple do you plan on announcing your pregnancy?

Would you want to do a photoshoot, create a professional video, or capture your daily new life on camera?

Irrespective of your personality and how you plan on breaking the news to your loved ones and the public, you might not need to spend so much money to achieve your aim.

You can create the announcement crafts.

But if you plan to do something more than just a simple craft (like cakes, shirts, mugs prints, etc.), you might want to visit pregnancy craft stores or online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

Consider your budget, those you wish to tell, and how you want to announce when planning your baby announcement ideas.


Now you have a list of baby announcement ideas to choose from. Go ahead and choose the one that will work for you.

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