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National Rainbow Baby Day 2021

National Rainbow Baby Day 2022: Celebrating National Rainbow Baby Day

National Rainbow Baby Day is a special day for parents who have experienced a loss of a baby. It is one of the most memorable events of the year, especially for those suffering from pregnancy or infant loss.

Rainbow babies symbolize love, hope, and the beginning of something new. Moreover, it’s also essential to speak about rainbow babies because it can help parents who have lost a child feel less alone.

In honor of babies born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or other neonatal deaths and their angel siblings, the United States celebrates National Rainbow Baby Day every August 22.

On this day, it is important to appreciate everything you have gone through and honor the precious gift that arrived after the storm.

National Rainbow Baby Day 2022

For 2022, the rainbow baby day will be celebrated on Monday, August 22, 2022. It is a day to celebrate the birth of rainbow babies and commemorate the pregnancy journey to have them.

When is National Rainbow Baby Week 2022?

Week 34 is the National Rainbow Baby week for 2022. This falls on Monday, August 22, 2022. 

While the National Rainbow Baby is Celebrated every August 22, the week varies annually. For 2022, it falls on the 34th week of the year.

The following table highlights the past weeks of the National Rainbow Day Celebration since its inception.

Year Week
2018 34
2019 34
2020 34
2021 33

What is a Rainbow Baby?

National Rainbow Baby Day

In a short term, a Rainbow Baby is a child born to a family after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. In the aftermath of a previous loss, the rainbow is a “symbol” of the hope a new child brings.

History of Rainbow Baby Day Celebration?

The National Rainbow Baby Day celebration started in 2018 by a website focused on navigating fertility struggles, “What the Fertility.”

Since then, National Rainbow Day has become a recurring annual celebration aimed at encouraging parents to celebrate life after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. 

As a result, the National Rainbow Baby Day has been a holiday for those dealing with infertility in the US since 2018. 

The historical significance of the National Rainbow Baby Day can be linked to the memorable celebration by parents and their children dressed in different rainbow colors.  

Annually, every August 22 marks a memorable day in the life of parents that suffered from different kinds of infertility, which rekindle the hope of life after struggles.

National Rainbow Baby Day Gift Ideas

Want to give a gift to someone celebrating their first National Rainbow Baby Day in 2021? How about giving you a special treat as a thank you to your rainbow baby?

It’s good news for you because you can choose from a wide selection of beautiful rainbow-themed baby gifts!

1. Rainbow Milestone Blanket

Rainbow milestone blanket

Image source:

The rainbow milestone blanket can be used as a photography backdrop or as a blanket for your little one because it is made of soft, premium fleece.

2. Rainbow Baby Jewellery

Image source:

In honor of a rainbow baby’s birth, many beautiful jewelry pieces have been designed. From necklaces to bracelets, any of these options would make a perfect gift when it comes to Rainbow Baby Week and National Rainbow Baby Day.

3. Rainbow Baby Outfit

National Rainbow Baby Day Outfit

You can get a colorful outfit for you and your rainbow baby or babies and take a beautiful photoshoot to make this August 22 celebration.

While wearing this outfit with your baby, you can share your struggle and success story on Social media.

2022 National Rainbow Baby Day Celebration Ideas?

Figuring out how you want to honor your rainbow baby journey is a personal experience. Therefore, it is vital to pick a choice you and your family are happy with. However, below are some of the common and creative ways to celebrate the national rainbow baby day for 2022.

1. Make a Donation

National Rainbow Baby Day Celebration Ideas- Make a Donation

When you experience infertility and the loss of a pregnancy, it can be hard to move on.

Our minds still wonder and worry about those in those difficult situations even when we are no longer in them ourselves. We want to help.

After my infertility struggle, I continually thought about all family members who are still trying to conceive. As a result, I looked for ways in which I could support individuals still in the process.

Additionally, I made a donation to a good infertility charity, along with joining support forums.

National Rainbow Baby Day could be an excellent opportunity for you to participate in this idea.

Providing monetary assistance to someone who is still unable to conceive can bring you peace and joy as you reflect on your infertility journey. To know you helped someone become a parent with your donation is genuinely uplifting.

Donate to organizations that support families suffering pregnancy loss, either by giving them financial assistance or offering financial grants for fertility treatment.

While you can research to find pregnancy loss charity homes around you, we have a few lists.

2. Support Businesses

National Rainbow Baby Day Celebration Ideas- Support Businesses

In addition to donating directly to one of these charities, you can shop at a store that partners with them. This way, you will also make a significant impact in the lives of affected families. Here are some companies that support pregnancy loss charity organizations. 

  • A Place to Remember supports materials and resources for those affected by a crisis in pregnancy or the death of a baby. These materials include Jewellery, gifts, ornaments, baby announcement cards, literature, music, etc.
  • The Lalo Company makes baby gear and playthings, and they have partnered with Baby Quest to fund a grant for fertility treatments.

3. Share your Story

Share your Story for National Rainbow Baby Day

One of the most positive ways to honour your little one during National Rainbow Baby Week is to share the story of their conception and birth.

Be mindful of your struggles with conceiving or the pain of losing a child. Did sharing experiences give you comfort? During the journey, did you browse blogs and social media posts from others who had survived?

Who knows? Maybe you can be that person for someone else too?

Your story can be shared online using #NationalRainbowBabyDay, so other hopeful parents can find comfort and inspiration in your success.

During National Rainbow Baby Day 2019, various participating parents also used their social media channels to share rainbow-related photos in the days prior to the holiday. Why not do this again this year?

4. Pay Tribute to the Lost Little Ones.

When celebrating a rainbow baby, it would be difficult not to also think about those precious babies you lost along the way.

You can either create a miscarriage memorial or spend some quiet time of reflection. It can be therapeutic to honour your sweet angel babies during National Rainbow Baby Week 2021.

5. Balloon Release

Balloon Release

You can also practice collecting balloons of different colours of the rainbow and releasing them into the air to celebrate National Rainbow Baby Day. 

6. Buy Flowers

Buy Flowers or decorate a tree

You can decorate the tree with ornaments just like the way you do with Christmas trees. But use ornaments that have your little one and even your angel baby engraved in it or basically anything that feels right by you.

7. Write a Note

Sometimes we feel better after expressing ourselves. One of the ways you to can pour out those mixed emotions bottled up inside you is to write a letter or journal about the little one you lost, while appreciating your rainbow baby.

8. Educate About Miscarriage

Educate About Miscarriage

One of the ways to celebrate National Rainbow Baby Day is to enlighten people about miscarriage, the struggles for parents, and the best way to show support to the bereaved. You can create an offline support group, Facebook community, or a social media page to reach out to people of similar interest.

In a Nutshell

During a storm, there is an unsettling sense of uncertainty. Our surroundings make us feel uneasy, and we pray that it will end soon.

It will be time for a refreshing sigh of relief when the clouds start clearing, and the sunlight begins to shine.

Taking the time to appreciate the challenges you’ve overcome and the results that await you on the other side – is what National Rainbow Baby Day is all about.

Whether you choose to buy a cute baby onesie, matching rainbow outfits, or share your story on social media, take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

It is a fantastic sight to see your miraculous rainbow baby. Set aside the time to honour them and the journey you’ve gone through together.

What did you do to celebrate National Rainbow Baby Day 2019 and 2020? Are you planning on doing something different on the 22nd of this month (August)?


What Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Feels Like?

Over nine months (and beyond), a rainbow baby parent may experience a range of emotions, sometimes conflicting, during your pregnancy with a rainbow baby. One moment, you may feel hope, joy, and excitement, and the next, anxiety, nervousness, and fear.

Some parents feel guilty during their rainbow pregnancy, particularly if they experience positive emotions such as excitement or joy. They fear that being happy will not honour their lost child.

Many people have intense worry and anxiety because they’re continually afraid of miscarriage or stillbirth. It’s difficult for them to stop thinking that something is wrong with their baby, even when there are no obvious signs.

In these cases, the most important thing is to be grateful for the gift of the new child and all the blessedness that comes with childbirth.

7 Creative Ways to Announce a Rainbow Baby?

  1. Balloon Bouquet
  2. Lovely Letterboard
  3. Colourful Clothing
  4. Festive Ornament
  5. Bible Verse Rainbow Baby Announcement
  6. Umbrella Rainbow Baby Announcement
  7. Nursery Decor Rainbow Baby Announcement
  8. Calendar Rainbow Baby Announcement
  9. Smoke Rainbow Baby Announcement

National Rainbow Baby Day FAQs

Why do they call it a rainbow baby?

“Rainbow baby” stems from the concept of a rainbow showing up in the sky after a storm or a dark and turbulent period. 

In addition, it symbolizes hope and joy following a period of sadness.

Is every baby after a miscarriage a rainbow baby?

Yes. Every child born after a miscarriage is called a rainbow baby. 

Because parents believe rainbow babies are beautiful creatures that bring joy after a dark and scary experience.

Why are rainbow babies so special?

Parents often describe rainbow babies as ‘miracle’ babies because of their powerful ability to help them heal after a loss.

What is a double rainbow baby?

“Double Rainbow Baby” refers to a child born following the loss of two babies in the womb, or two miscarriages, stillbirths, or deaths.

When did the term rainbow baby come about?

In 2008, survivors of infant loss coined the term rainbow baby to explain the appearance of a beautiful rainbow following a storm.

In other words, rainbow babies are precious gifts for the parents who have suffered through a devastating loss during the last pregnancy. The loss can be a miscarriage, stillbirth, or any loss of an infant.

What is a rainbow mommy?

A Rainbow mommy is someone who has lost an infant or pregnancy but then has a subsequent child.

What is a rainbow baby shower?

A rainbow baby shower celebrates the concept of a rainbow after a traumatic experience such as pregnancy or infant loss.

How to plan a rainbow baby shower?

When planning a rainbow baby shower, make sure to ask if the parents wish to dedicate a table or area to honor a past loss.

Rainbow baby shower invitations

If you’re organizing a baby shower, your first step is to choose the right invitations. Ensure that the baby shower invitation is rainbow-themed. 

Rainbow baby shower decorations

Whatever baby shower invitations you select will set the tone for the overall event decor appearance. 

Rainbow baby shower cake 

Cake, foods, and drinks are among the most festive aspects of any baby shower.

Rainbow centrepieces

Invitations, decor, cake, food, and drinks, all checked! So, what’s left? Rainbow Centrepieces!!!

People often choose to have tables for guests to sit, chat and eat during the shower. If you want to decorate them, a rainbow centrepiece is a good choice.

The rainbow outfits for mom

The rainbow baby shower won’t be complete without the rainbow mommy dressed in a beautiful rainbow-theme outfit.

Rainbow baby shower games and activities

Asides from cakes, food, and drinks, the games and fun activities are another exciting highlight of rainbow baby shower games. 

Research rainbow-themed games for you, your family, and your friends

Rainbow baby gifts

Your guests will love going home with some thank you gifts. Plan to get affordable and cute rainbow baby gifts for your invitees. 

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