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Miscarriage memory box

Miscarriage Memory Box

A miscarriage memory box is a box that parents keep to remind them of their lost baby. It helps with the healing process and gives them something to hold on to. A miscarriage memory box is one of the best miscarriage gifts you can give a couple to help them with their grief. 

Having a miscarriage memory box is not enough; knowing what to put in there so that you can fully express yourself in the box can help you remember your angel.  In this article, we will be sharing with you ideas on what to put in a miscarriage memory box. These ideas were curated from thoughtful and careful research as we understand how devastating and saddening a miscarriage can be. 

What Do You Put in a Miscarriage Memory Box?

Pregnancy Pictures

Put one of your pregnancy photos—and your partner’s—in the memory box. Even though the images may hurt you right now, you can’t predict how you’ll feel in the future. This is not meant to imply that you will get “over” your grief for your lost child, but rather that you might change your mind about the situation if you see the photos in the future.

The name of the baby 

Giving the baby a name or even holding a naming ceremony has been found to help many women find closure by allowing them to mourn the loss of a person rather than a concept. Choose a name that accurately describes how you envision the child if you were too early in your pregnancy to know whether you had a girl or a boy, or pick a gender-neutral name and put it in the memory box. 

Footprints & handprint 

Parents could request to take beautiful hands and footprints in ink of their baby. They should then put it in the memory box. This will only apply to stillbirth situations. 

Write everything you know about the baby. 

Even though it can be challenging, writing down your emotions can be a therapeutic and healing experience; put it in the memory box. This will help you see the baby the way you want to see it. You can decide to add behaviors you expected the baby to exhibit. It will be like an essay about the baby. 

Funeral program 

If your kid had a funeral ceremony, you might want to put the prayer cards or the funeral program in your memory box. Don’t forget to tuck a copy of your child’s death notice inside. Even if the formal obituary wasn’t published in the newspaper or online by the funeral home, you could think about composing one yourself as a grieving writing exercise.

Infant Clothing

Your newborn may have been given a unique outfit to wear to the house. Put a little diaper and the tiny garments in your memory box. 

Your Announcement of Pregnancy Loss

How did you inform others of your child’s passing? Maybe you posted about it on social media to your friends and relatives. Printing out your carefully worded message and the replies you got might be a good idea.

Stuffed toy Animal

You might have bought a stuffed animal in advance of your child’s birth or received a plush animal or figurine as a comfort after a loss. Place the plush companion in your memory box.

Poetry or Proverbs

A lot of poetry and statements have been written by people who have experienced losses comparable to your own. The ones that resonate with you should be printed and placed in your memory box.


If you recently lost a child, we are deeply sorry for your tragic loss. We hope this article has been helpful on what to put in your memory box. While these are great ideas, you should include other items that you feel are important to you and your grieving process. . 


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