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Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts

The 32 Comforting Miscarriage Gifts for Grieving Couples

Losing a child can be one of the most disheartening events that can happen to a parent and when something like this happen, it is natural for you to look out for ways to offer support and encouragement to help them through this time. They need all the love they can get and one of the ways to be more practical about your support is by getting a thoughtful gift for them.

You may not know the right words to use to really express your feelings but a thoughtful gift can help to show them that you care about them. It is important to have it in mind that dealing with miscarriage is a sad period for couples and the healing process may take a long time. However, being surrounded by people who care can help them go through this process easily.

We understand how sensitive this period is, so we made this list of the best thoughtful miscarriage gifts for parents. In compiling this list of miscarriage gifts, we put into consideration our experience in providing support for friends and relatives that have gone through this and the life stories of parents that have had a miscarriage.

Miscarriage Gifts for Moms

We understand that knowing the right thing to say or do when someone you love has experienced a miscarriage is not easy. Getting a gift for a mom who went through this painful experience requires so much; you have to think of something thoughtful and supportive.

1. “Here for You” Blanket

Blanket Encouragement Gift for Infant Loss

The “Here for you” blanket is a thoughtful gift for someone who has just experienced a loss. It is extremely soft, and not only that, but it is also a large one. This super-soft and cozy blanket with the message “Here for you” is a high-quality faux fur blanket that comforts the soul, body, and heart. It comes with a beautiful message; the blanket has a loving and comforting verse on the faux leather patch made with the blanket for a long-lasting message. 

It has a gift tag containing a notecard where you can write your custom words of consolation, thoughts, and prayers for anyone going through hard times, especially during a miscarriage. A miscarriage is difficult to handle. Still, with a “Here for you” blanket, you would give them a beautiful gift that can comfort them during these hard times. From the research conducted, The product got good remarks from those who bought it for someone. They told us how the person appreciated the gifts. 

Check it out on Amazon

2. WiseOwell Miscarriage Memorial Gifts

WiseOwell Miscarriage Memorial Gifts

WiseOwell’s Miscarriage Memorial Gifts is the best way to support a friend who has suffered a miscarriage. This blanket represents a woman carrying her baby in a beautiful garden. It also comes with a beautiful message that says that the woman carries her baby every moment of her life and will love her baby. This blanket is soft and comforting as you mourn the loss of someone beautiful and emotional. 

When you get her this blanket, she will always feel the presence of her baby with her. Especially whenever she sleeps and wakes up, the memories of her baby will always stay with her.

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Miscarriage Gifts for Dads

When it comes to miscarriage, dads don’t often talk about how they feel; instead, they help support moms. This makes it challenging to get a miscarriage gift for dads. Based on quality research and interviews with other dads, we found the most comforting gifts for dads whose wives had a miscarriage.

3. Baixian Infant Child Loss Keychain Gifts

Baixian Infant Child Loss Keychain Gifts

This keychain is a thoughtful gift you can get a dad who had a miscarriage to keep close to his heart. The text inscribed on the chain is comforting for the grieving dad. A miscarriage is hard on the mother and the father, so you can get your friend this meaningful gift to help them handle this miscarriage.  

It is a skin-friendly keychain free of lead, nickel, and other potentially harmful chemicals. The baby memorial keychain set comes in a warm velvet bag for a better presentation.

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4. Empty Arms Journal by Pam Vredevelt

Empty Arms Journal by Pam Vredevelt

 This book will help your friend who had a stillbirth, miscarriage, or tubal pregnancy find hope and support. The reviews from this journal are just exceptional, many parents commended the way this journal helped them to heal. This journal carries the practical advice that parents who just experienced miscarriage need to overcome these hard times, making it an excellent gift to give your friend.  

The Empty Arms Journal is a one-of-a-kind experiential guide for anybody affected by the loss of a baby, including individuals, families, professional counselors, grieving groups, and others.

Miscarriage Gifts Necklaces

Necklaces are close to the chest, a gift that makes them feel their lost baby is still with them. We have necklaces with beautiful inscriptions for you to select from. While a necklace is a great choice, it may not be a good option if you want to buy it for a man.

5. Mama of an Angel Necklace

Mama of an Angel Necklace

This memorial pendant represents a sacred bond between a mother and baby angel, bringing a meaningful tribute to a baby’s loss. Mama of an Angel Necklace is 18 inches long and comes with a jewelry box, a blank greeting card, a care instruction, and a polishing cloth. It also has an outstanding presentation. 

You can give her this beautiful mama of an angel comforting necklace that she can always wear close to her heart. It is a beautiful and sweet gift for a mother that just had a miscarriage, 

Shop it on Amazon

6. Halo Remembrance Necklace

Halo Remembrance Necklace

You might not have all the words of encouragement you’d need to tell a friend who had a miscarriage. However, with Halo Remembrance Necklace around her neck, she’ll always remember your love and care as she mourns her baby. This will become a memorable gesture that can make a big difference in her heart and give her hope during this difficult period.

It comes with a heartwarming message on the package “ you are very loved. “ there is plenty of room in the box to store small items as a little memorial. The necklace is of good quality and meaningful.

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7. The grace of Pearl-Baby Angel

The grace of Pearl-Baby Angel

The grace of Pearl-Baby Angel will remind your friend, relatives, or child that lost her baby that her baby is safe in heaven. It’s a  meaningful and precious gift for someone who has just lost a baby. It is a  beautiful necklace with an endearing message included. It also has a nice gift bag and a blank card to leave a comforting message for the person that just had a miscarriage. 

It will also help them to overcome this trying time. The gift is in the form of an elegant box with a hand-tied ribbon bow that houses the necklace.


Shop it on Amazon

8. Too Beautiful for Earth

Too beautiful for Earth-Momtherly

Your friend who had a miscarriage will appreciate this gift. This necklace was so beautiful and very emotional. It’s a precious gift and a way of telling your friend you care. Neatly engraved with “too beautiful for earth,” the jewelry has another pendant where you have an option to grave the lost baby’s name (that is if he was given a name before the miscarriage).  This neckpiece allows her to keep the memory of her baby loss in her heart. 

This jewelry comes in three attractive colors – silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. The necklace is packed in a dainty-blue organza bag, making the gift presentable.

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9. Charmed Impression Jewelry

Charmed Impression Jewelry

You can give this gift to grieving people to let them know you are there for them and to remind them that their loved ones will always stay in their hearts. It will help her remember that her baby will always remain a part of her life. This kind gesture will show that you’re always there for her, even as she mourns her baby’s loss. It has a heartwarming message written on it to comfort her during these hard times.

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Miscarriage Gifts Bracelets

A bracelet is another perfect gift that can be worn by either the mom or dad of the angel. It is long-lasting and carries her message, reminding them daily about the baby they lost while giving them strength and hope for a better future. You must check the inscription to be sure it suits the parent you want to give it to.

10. Memorial Cuff Jewelry

Memorial Cuff Jewelry

Memorial Cuff Jewelry is suitable for your friend’s memory of her miscarriage. This gift will help them to remember and heal from their miscarried baby. It is really beautiful.  Parents will appreciate this pregnancy loss bangle which bears a secret message only they know. The message says that she carried the baby every second of its life and that she will love it for every second of her life.

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11. Remembrance Bracelet for Baby Loss

Remembrance Bracelet for Baby Loss

A miscarriage is a tragedy, and you might not have the best words to express your sympathy and support. A difficult and delicate task is expressing your sympathy and demonstrating your support. Offer the mourning parents a Remembrance Bracelet for Baby Loss to let them know how much you care.

This unique bracelet will warm her heart and elevate her soul during this difficult time. This baby loss reminder bracelet comes in a lovely embroidered cotton muslin pouch with a sympathy card and verse.

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12. A Piece of My Heart Memorial Bracelet

A Piece of My Heart Memorial Bracelet

Get this memorial bracelet to help comfort your friend who had a miscarriage. “A Piece of My Heart Lives in Heaven” is featured on the bracelet. It is a jewelry meant for someone who has lost a loved one.

Whenever the parent wears this bracelet, it would remind her of her unborn child, the dreams, and the connection that existed while it was in the womb. This gift’s material is high quality, durable, and free from common chemicals that can cause reactions.

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Miscarriage Gifts Keychains

You should get a keychain if you want a handy gift that can work for moms and dads. This gift carries special messages and saves you the time of getting different gifts for the mom and dad.

13. Baby Loss Memorial Keychain

Baby Loss Memorial Keychain

This gift helps parents accept that their child can soar to heaven in peace until she’s no longer grieving. You can get this key chain for parents who lost their baby to encourage them through this difficult time. You can get this fantastic gift for a grieving dad or mom to help them heal from their baby’s loss..

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14. Baby Loss Keychain Set

Baby Loss Keychain Set

This keychain set is a token you can get a parent who had a miscarriage to keep close to the heart. Getting this gift for someone is an excellent way to show someone you care. With this beautiful keychain made to remember their child, mommy and dad will always hold their unique child close to them.

It is a skin-friendly keychain free of lead, nickel, and other potentially harmful chemicals. The baby memorial keychain set comes in a warm velvet bag for a better presentation.

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Miscarriage Gifts Figurines

This is a thoughtful gift that gives a real representation. It shows that you acknowledge their loss and care for them. You do not have to get more than one as this can be a gift for both parents. Check out our list of figurines and make a selection. You can’t go wrong with any.

15. Guardian Angel Figurine

Guardian Angel Figurine

This figurine will help serve as a memorial for the little angel the parent lost. This figurine comes in various colors and sizes. The figurine looks surreal, and it gives more closure to parents.If you do not want to get separate gifts then a figurine can be a great gift choice.

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16. Forget-me-not Figurine

Forget-me-not Figurine

This figurine stands in a white gown and holds a large bouquet of blue forget-me-not flowers to her chin. You can get this gift as a memorial for the baby and as a comforting relief. 

This perfectly represents love and care for parents dealing with miscarriage. It is sympathy, comfort, and healing gift you can give as a present, packaged in an appropriate box.

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17. Angel Figurine Baby Loss Gift

Angel Figurine Baby Loss Gift

This willow tree angel figure is a gift to express comfort, sympathy, remembrance, and healing. It is easy to display this beautiful sculpture on the mantel, table, and shelf. Although this gift item is sculpted, it is easy to dust and clean with a cloth or soft brush. Parents who received this gift appreciated them and expressed how it helped them to heal and overcome those challenging moments. 

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18. Sleeping Baby Wrapped in Angel Wings Figurine

Sleeping Baby Wrapped in Angel Wings Figurine

You can get this figurine of a sleeping baby in an angel’s wings for a mom who has lost her baby. This figurine will always remind her that her baby is safe with angels in heaven. It is beautiful, and its emotional message gives a grieving mother comfort and memories of her unborn baby. This is a perfect gift to give to parents that experienced a miscarriage.   

Resin and stone are significant components of this piece, with an approximate height of 4.25 inches (11m). It includes the original manufacturer’s box and packaging.

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19. When God Calls Little Children Angel Figurine

When God Calls Little Children Angel Figurine

Getting a friend this angel figurine is a way you can express your sympathy for her baby’s loss. This gift offers hope, heaven, and comfort to those who have just lost a loved one. You know you have a lot of feelings yet to process, but it will help you define those words you can’t say to a loved one who had a miscarriage. It Comes in a beautiful gift box with satin lining.

This piece is beautiful and uplifting, and it will help her remember and honor the memories of her sweet baby that is called to heaven too soon.

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Miscarriage Gifts Books

Books provide knowledge that will help them to go through the process seamlessly. Giving them a gift that will help them through the grief shows how thoughtful and caring you are. Our collection of books for gifts is not ordinary; they contain experiences from others and helpful tips for parents going through the process.

20. Saying Goodbye by Zoe Clark Coates

Saying Goodbye by Zoe Clark Coates

The loss of a baby, be it through miscarriage or stillbirth, leaves a lot of women in silent anguish, grief, pain, and a ton of unanswered questions. It serves as a companion, walking with you as your heart starts to heal.

You, as a friend, may know that your friend is sad. However, if you have never had a miscarriage or experienced the loss of a child, you may not fully understand the extent of the hurt and disappointment the parents are going through. From the reviews we received, this gift has received good feedback from people that bought it for their friends. 

This book contains 90 days of daily affirmations for grieving parents, offering support and providing help during these difficult times. Get her this book today to support her recovery process.

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21. How to Carry What Can’t be Fixed by Megan Devine

How to Carry What Can't be Fixed by Megan Devine

This is one of the most valuable materials you can get your friend who had a miscarriage. Your sorrow, like your love, is yours to keep. No one has the power to tell you what you can and cannot do with your life. This journal is filled with creative ways to handle grief after a miscarriage. This book will help your friend know how to carry what she can’t fix and how to talk about her loss.

Besides that, the book will help her find her truth and live the life she didn’t ask for, but that is still here. This gift will help your friend heal quickly and help couples handle these hard times. 

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22. The Miscarriage Map by Dr. Sunita Osborn

The Miscarriage Map by Dr. Sunita Osborn

This book uses clinical expertise and personal experiences to explain the nitty-gritty realities of a miscarriage.

The Miscarriage Map by Dr. Sunita Osborn will also show your friend how to deal with the accompanying emotions and what she can do to help her deal with this baby loss.

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23. Grieving the Child, I Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg

Grieving the Child, I Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg

You can give her this book when you do not have words to soothe the grief of your friend who had a miscarriage. This book will help her draw strength and encouragement from those who have been there and can attest to God’s comfort.  It helps put your feelings into words. The journey through pain, acceptance, and strength to move forward. From the reviews my team received, some mothers recommended these as a gift to give grieving mothers. 

“Grieving the Child, I Never Knew” provides comfort, encouragement, and real help to anyone who has experienced the loss of a child.

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24. I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book

I Love You Still - A Memorial Baby Book

I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book is a one-of-a-kind, outstanding, and heartfeltly recommended present for parents who are hurting from  the loss of a new baby. It will help your friend who had a miscarriage hold memories and love for her miscarriage. 

This book combines aspects of traditional baby books with areas for memorialization. It also has lots of extra writing space to put down her thoughts whenever it feels right.

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25. Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child by Gary Roe

Shattered - Surviving the Loss of a Child by Gary Roe

No book can fully express how we feel, but Shattered is, without a doubt, the closest to what baby loss means to a woman. This is a perfect gift for a couple seeking comfort for their hurting heart after losing their baby. Using the stories and travails of many bereaved parents, this book will help your friend and guide her from shock to hope.

The writer of this book uses his unique sensitivity and understanding from working with the bereaved for a lifetime to write a wonderfully therapeutic book. Many mothers recommended this book to grieve parents to help them heal and survive this period. 

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26. Held by Abbey Wedgeworth

Held by Abbey Wedgeworth

Your friend who had a miscarriage would need this book to walk through her grief. This powerful and consoling book contains 31 biblical insights that remind your grieving friend that God sees, knows, loves, and actively cares for her.

This book offers individuals who have experienced the devastation of miscarriage such loving fellowship because it is informative, Scripture-rich, honest, and useful. These lovely verses will show her that God can provide consolation, assurance, protection, and purpose even amid her grief. It’s a great book to share with your other female friends going through a miscarriage, stillbirth, and different bad experiences.

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27. Loved Baby by Sarah Philpott, PhD

Loved Baby by Sarah Philpott, PhD

Nearly one in every four American women suffers from the silent anguish of miscarriage. You can help a couple who had a miscarriage through this book, as it provides much-needed information about emotional and physical care. You’ll have the resources you need to get through each day and rediscover joy with this book; You can also record your own story in a dedicated space.

This book is relatable to mothers who have experienced the loss of an unborn child due to stillbirth, miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy. This book compassionately helps mothers as they face the misdirected humiliation, isolation, and crushing sadness that come with baby loss. Many women shared how this book helped them to survive the loss of a baby. 

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Miscarriage Gifts Candles

A candle makes a thoughtful sympathy gift. It can be lit at special times or moments of quiet reflection. This gift helps them find closure; you should get one from our list. It works as a perfect gift for mom and dad.

28. Loved One Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

Loved One Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

This candle has “There Is A Little Bit Of Heaven In Our Home” text on the front of the candle holder. This gift is a great memorial for her baby’s loss. It is a great gift for parents dealing with the loss of a baby. 

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29. Miscarriage Natural Soy Candle

Miscarriage Natural Soy Candle

Miscarriage is one of the most terrible things anyone can encounter. This Miscarriage natural soy candle is a gift that will enliven the  environment with refreshing scents as the couple mourns their baby’s loss.

It comes with high-quality glass jars, which you can reuse to house flowers, crafts, and toiletries long after the candle is gone.

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Miscarriage Gifts – Frames

Hanging the frame with a supportive and beautiful message spreads a sense of support and shows how much you love and care for them. You can also customize the message in the frame to fit what you want on it.

30. Gie Blessings Frame

Gie Blessings Frame-Miscarriage gifts

Another gift to give your friend who had a miscarriage is the Gie Blessing Frame. It has a beautiful frame that will help her keep the memories of her little angel. This frame comes in a gift box, and you can customize a support message for your grieving friend. It also comforts the dad whenever he sees the Gie Blessings frame.

31. LukieJac Ceramic Tile

LukieJac Ceramic Tile

It is kind and caring to give this memorial tile to someone who lost a baby. Instead of the conventional “I’m sorry for your loss,” It’s a more considerate method of expressing your feelings and sentiments. It is kind and considerate to give or send this memorial tile to someone who has lost someone. Instead of the standard “sad for your loss,” It’s a more considerate method to convey your emotions and sentiment. It helps them remember their lost baby with the text on the tile, which says that the people we care about never leave us; they walk alongside us even today. Unseen and unheard, yet always present. Still adored, missed, and cherished.

They’ll adore this gift, I’m sure. It serves as a reminder that they are always in your thoughts, prayers, and hearts, demonstrating your love for living family members and those who have passed away.

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Miscarriage Gifts – Boxes

32. Tile Artwork Miscarriage Gift

Tile Artwork Miscarriage Gift

This is a one-of-a-kind condolence gift for a friend who has recently lost a baby. Send the tile artwork to a friend who is dealing with a miscarriage. With this memorial gift, you can create an enduring relationship with your friend.

This might look too simple, but it will surely mean a lot to your friend who needs to find solace in this trying time. Allow the paint to fade into a pleasant recollection, instilling calm and gratitude in the space. With this gift, send your sympathy to the person in your life who is mourning the loss of a baby

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How We Reviewed The Miscarriage Gifts Ideas

We understand how important it is for you to get the best and most thoughtful gift for your friends who are going through such a period; we looked at the following before coming up with the list above:

  1. User review: We curated this list based on the various customer reviews and their ratings for each product. Each product has been carefully studied and observed through the eyes of the reviews before concluding that it is the best miscarriage gift.
  2. Affordability: Gifts do not have to be expensive before they pass the message. We ensure that every product listed here is budget-friendly, and you do not have to break the bank to get anyone of them.
  3. Value for Money: Your money is not going to waste with any of the products above, as they will help convey your intentions correctly. We grouped each product into categories for better navigation because we want you to give a gift that is worth it.
  4. Craftsmanship: The type of craft carved on each product speaks excellence. Every product has durability and the best quality, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  5. Giftable: Every gift on this list is well packaged, making anyone who gets it happy and feels loved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miscarriage Gifts

When to send a miscarriage gift?

The best time to send a miscarriage gift is a week after you have been informed, or you can even go in person to see how they are doing. Sending it early shows you have them in mind. 

 How to deliver a gift for miscarriage?

When you want to deliver your gift to someone who has just experienced a miscarriage, send it in a beautiful box. You can also wrap it well and add a personal, heartfelt message to comfort them during these hard times. 

What to do for someone who has a miscarriage?

This is a question that many people ask themselves, but thanks to this article, our team provided the best list of things that you can get for a friend who just lost her baby to a miscarriage. You don’t have to overthink; choose from our list.

What is a miscarriage care package?

This present has been specifically chosen to comfort a bereaved mother that just lost a baby to miscarriage. This care package is a heartfelt approach to providing comfort and hope while addressing a practical need, like some much-needed self-care.  

Why should I send a miscarriage care package? 

The miscarriage care package is a beautiful way to show parents who have lost a pregnancy that you care for them and love them. Let these parents know you’re thinking of them because they’re going through a difficult moment. This package will also help them heal and give them comfort. 

How do you care for someone after a miscarriage?

The best way to show you care for a friend who just lost a baby is to buy a beautiful gift. Gifts are the perfect way to show you care. You can also show you care by supporting them with a visit, listening to their pain, and asking how they feel. Let her know you are there for her. 

What not to say to someone who had a miscarriage?

There are certain things you should not say to a grieving mother. We will highlight some of them for you:  It’s for the Best, Did You Do Something You Weren’t Supposed To?, Have You Ever Thought of Not Having Children?, Be Grateful for the Children You Have. Some of these questions or things can make them angry or sad, so you don’t say them. Just comfort and grieve with them. 

How long does a miscarriage last?

A miscarriage can endure for hours or even weeks. One woman can experience minor bleeding and discomfort, while another might bleed profusely over several days. The physical process of a miscarriage often unfolds gradually and ends in two weeks. That is the physical part, but the emotional part can take longer to heal. 

Is it appropriate to send flowers for a miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, flowers make a good present since they may help create a positive mood in a home that may now serve as a reminder of the loved one’s loss, but if you want something more lasting, you can go for figurines, a book, necklace, or keychain. It also serves as a gentle reminder that beauty and light still exist in the world.

How do I help someone who had a miscarriage?

Be  there for them; you can also offer them beautiful gifts. We have provided you with the correct list to pick from. You can also listen to them and give them words of comfort. 

In a Nutshell

There are many gifts on the market, but not all are appropriate in this situation. Suppose you buy gifts for a family member or friend recently affected by a miscarriage or stillbirth. In that case, these gifts can offer healing and comfort.

It is not enough to assume that they are fine even though they might act like it. They are going through pain and heartbreak and quietly need every comfort and support they can get to see them through this baby loss phase.

You can support and show your care for them by getting any of the above gifts.

Miscarriages are nothing anyone prays for. It is one of the most difficult periods anyone can go through in life, whether it is the miscarriage of the first pregnancy or repeat miscarriages.

Many people do not even know how to start to console a couple who just lost their child through a miscarriage or stillborn. However, sending miscarriage gifts to parents can be very comforting, showing them that you care about them.

In this piece, I have curated a list of the 45 thoughtful miscarriage gifts for someone who just lost a baby.

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    Although I did not receive gifts after a miscarriage last year, but I got all the support I needed from my husband, friends and loved ones.
    I wouldn’t ask for more.

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