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Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts

30 Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts That Shows You Care 2022

The thought of giving miscarriage gifts to someone who had a miscarriage or stillbirth can be somewhat overwhelming. You know you want to but don’t know what to give them.

I can perfectly understand. No one prays to experience losing a baby, whether it’s yours or a loved one.

Many people do not even know how to start to console a couple who just lost their child through a miscarriage or stillborn.

The loss of an unborn child is a tragedy that has no bounds. You can never really be prepared for the pain of losing a child, but some miscarriage gifts will help the parent cope with their loss.

A miscarriage or stillbirth can be one of the most difficult challenges a couple may face in life. I can say this with experience because I have lost my first pregnancy in the first trimester. I have also had some friends and relatives who suffered miscarriages.

While I was little, I experienced my mom go through severe pains and heartbreaks after losing two pregnancies in one year. Due to some complications after the second miscarriage, she could no longer get pregnant.

If only these miscarriage gifts were a thing in those days, compared to this present times, I would have bought a basket of various miscarriage gifts for her while consoling her.

Thankfully, we all now have the opportunity to show that heartbroken couple who recently lost their baby that we care about and are available to support them throughout their trying times.

All of these miscarriage gifts come in different forms and sizes. Some are more meaningful than others. So remember, it’s not just about what you buy but about the time and thought you put into your gift to them.

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What to Do When You Discover That Someone Has a Miscarriage?

So, one of the most challenging stages after miscarriage is when you found out that someone you know has had a miscarriage. They might have told you themselves, or it might have been a close family member or friend who has told you. Either way, you will have to decide what to say, how to say it, and what to do.

Acknowledge Their Loss

Contact the grieving mom or dad as soon as you can, either in person or over the phone if you are far away. Even though the heartbroken couple is still in shock and pain and may momentarily want to be away from the world, they would still appreciate the fact that people care about them. At least they will know that they are not alone.

Simply saying words like “I’m sorry for your loss of your baby. I’m here for you in case you need anything” can go a long way in consoling partners suffering from a miscarriage.

Please refrain from words like “You are still young and can always have another child,” “At least you have other children,” “It wasn’t meant to be,” “You look like you were never pregnant.”

Visit Them

The trauma of losing a child may leave the affected man and woman devastated and exhausted for a while. So you can offer to keep them company, assist them with errands, chores, and any other things they may need at a certain time.

Send Them Miscarriage Gifts

If you feel the need for a gift, give it a try. Such gifts as books, necklaces, and aromatherapy candles may go a long way in comforting them.

So now you know what to do or say around a grieving couple who just lost their baby, let’s proceed with why you are here- to discover a suitable miscarriage gift.

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Miscarriage Gifts for Parents – Our Top 7 Picks

ImageProductDescriptionCheck Price
Top Pick
Mama of an Angel Necklace
Mama of an Angel Necklace

Produced by At Hope Love Shine, this necklace is 18 inches long and has adjustable hooks.

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Top Pick
Too Beautiful For Earth
Too Beautiful For Earth

The necklace is packed in a dainty-blue organza bag. It comes in three attractive colours - silver, plated yellow gold or rose gold.

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Top Pick
Grace of Pearl-Baby Angel
Grace of Pearl-Baby Angel

An elegant box with a hand-tied ribbon bow houses the necklace, which is then placed inside a matching gift bag.

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Top Pick
Zuo Bao A Piece of My Heart Bracelet
Zuo Bao A Piece of My Heart Bracelet

This bracelet usually comes in a Zuo Bao jewelry gift box for a more presentable look and safe storage.

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Top Pick
Gie Blessings Frame Miscarriage Gifts
Gie Blessings Frame Miscarriage Gifts

This frame comes in a gift box, and you can customize a support message for the parents. It also comforts that dad whenever he sees the Gie Blessings frame.

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Top Pick
Dabihu Baby Loss Keychain Set
Dabihu Baby Loss Keychain Set

As a comforting reminder for grieving parents, this beautiful keychain set assures the mom and dad not to worry about the miscarriage, as he will be happy to grow up in heaven

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Top Pick
Willow Tree Remembrance Sculpted Angel Figure
Willow Tree Remembrance Sculpted Angel Figure

The Willow Tress Angel figure is a gift to express comfort, sympathy, remembrance and healing. It is easy to display this beautiful sculpture on the mantel.

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30 Best Miscarriage Gifts for Moms & Dads

What miscarriage gifts do you give someone who just experienced a miscarriage or stillbirth? What thoughtful gifts are there out there that people on your shopping list would appreciate? Here are some miscarriage gifts to give that show you care.

1. Mama of an Angel Necklace

Mama of an Angel Necklace- Momtherly

An eternity circle memorial pendant represents a sacred bond between a mother and baby angel, a meaningful tribute to a lost angel.

Mama of an Angel Necklace comes with a jewelry box that contains a blank greeting card, a care instruction and a polishing cloth. Produced by At Hope Love Shine, this necklace is 18 inches long and has adjustable hooks.

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2. Too Beautiful For Earth

Too beautiful for Earth-Momtherly

Someone who had a miscarriage will appreciate this gift as it provides her with the chance to keep the memory of the lost baby in her heart.

Neatly engraved with “too beautiful for earth,” the jewelry has another pendant where you have an option to grave the lost baby’s name (that is if he was given a name before the miscarriage).

This jewelry comes in three attractive colours – silver plated yellow gold or rose gold. The necklace is packed in a dainty-blue organza bag, which makes the gift presentable.

Shop it on Amazon

3. Grace of Pearl-Baby Angel

Grace of Pearl-Baby Angel-Momtherly

You get a blank notecard, a beautiful quote message card, and a polishing cloth for every jewelry present. This gift may remind the mother that her baby is safe in heaven and encourage her to overcome her trying time. An elegant box with a hand-tied ribbon bow houses the necklace, which is then placed inside a matching gift bag.

Shop it on Amazon

4. Zuo Bao A Piece of My Heart Bracelet

Zuo Bao A Piece of My Heart

A Piece of My Heart Lives In Heaven is a memorial bracelet that helps comfort someone who had a miscarriage. The material is of high quality, durable, and free from common chemicals that can cause reactions. You don’t have to worry about the grieving woman’s wrist size as this bracelet has an adjustable chain.

Whenever your friend or a family member wears this bracelet, it should remind them of their little one or unborn child and the connection that existed while they are in the womb. This bracelet usually comes in a Zuo Bao jewelry gift box for a more presentable look and safe storage.

Shop it on Amazon

5. Gie Blessings Frame Miscarriage Gifts

Gie Blessings Frame-Miscarriage gifts

Another gift to give someone who has had a miscarriage is the Gie Blessing Frame. Beautiful frames are gifts people often appreciate as they spark memories.

The parents can honour their grief on this sign with baby footprints, unique, beautiful, and memorable. This frame comes in a gift box, and you can customize a support message for the parents.

It also comforts that dad whenever he sees the Gie Blessings frame. So you can hang this frame on the wall or place it on a smooth surface.

Shop it on Amazon

6. Dabihu Baby Loss Keychain Set

Dabihu Baby Loss Keychain Set-Miscarriage gifts

This keychain set is a perfect token to keep close to your heart or comfort someone who has lost a baby. As a comforting reminder for grieving parents, this beautiful keychain set assures the mom and dad not to worry about the miscarriage, as he will be happy to grow up in heaven. The skin-friendly keychain is free of lead and nickel, and other potentially harmful chemicals. The baby memorial keychain set comes in a warm velvet bag for a better presentation.

Shop it on Amazon

7. Willow Tree Remembrance Sculpted Angel Figure


The Willow Tress Angel figure is a gift to express comfort, sympathy, remembrance and healing. It is easy to display this beautiful sculpture on the mantel, table, and shelf. Although this gift item is sculpted, it is easy to dust, clean with a cloth or soft brush.

Shop it on Amazon

8. Pavilion Gift Company Angel Figurine

Pavilion Gift Company Angel Figurine- Miscarriage gifts

This angel figurine is another thoughtful gift for a mom and dad who just suffered a miscarriage. The polyresin angel figurine comes packaged in a printed box and is easy to clean with a dry cloth.

A miscarriage icon and the text “I carried you for all your life & I will love you for all of mine” are both debossed onto the front of the angel in conjunction with an intricate silver design.

Shop it on Amazon

9. Grieving the Child I Never Knew

Grieving the Child I Never Knew- Miscarriage gifts

When you experience miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death, there are no words to soothe your grief. This book is also beneficial to draw strength and encouragement from those who have been there and can attest to God’s comfort.

“Grieving the Child I Never Knew” provides comfort, encouragement, and true help to anyone who has experienced the loss of a child. Produced by Kathe Wunnenberg – president and founder of Hopelifters Unlimited- the Grieving the Child book is available in hardcover.

Shop it on Amazon

10. The Miscarriage Map Book- What to Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting

The Miscarriage Map Book-Momtherly

Sunita Osborn discusses the often unspoken subjects following a miscarriage, such as miscarriage impacting relationships, hating pregnant women and all things baby after a miscarriage, as well as your relationship with your body (not just the past).

Using clinical expertise and her own experience, Miscarriage Map explains the nitty-gritty realities of a miscarriage, how to deal with the accompanying emotions, and what women can do to help them deal with this loss.

Informed by her clinical expertise and her personal experience with miscarriage, the Miscarriage Map offers women, partners, and loved ones the nitty-gritty realities of a miscarriage. It is the accompanying emotional roller coaster and specific steps to take to help them get through this loss.

Shop it on Amazon

11. Healing Hearts Baby Loss Miscarriage Gift Set

Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort Gift Set-Miscarriage gifts

The Healing Hearts gift set is created to help comfort the aching hearts of grieving moms after an infant loss.

The gift box contains a few things to help bring you love and healing during grief, namely a calming aromatherapy mist, an attractive candle, and some seeds to plant.

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12. I Love You Still- A Memorial Baby Book

I Love You Still- A Memorial Baby Book-Miscarriage gifts

Your baby deserves a beautiful place to cherish every memory you make with him or her. “I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby” Book helps to hold memories and love for infants taken too soon because of miscarriage, stillbirth, or in their first days of life.

“I Love You Still” combines aspects of traditional baby books with areas for memorialization, with lots of extra journaling space for grieving moms to complete whenever it feels right for them.

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13. Trost LICHT Candle Little Star Miscarriage Gifts

Trost LICHT Candle Little Star-Momtherly

This baby memorial candle can become a healing ritual for grieving parents. It is a durable and thoughtful alternative to sending flowers or a baby sympathy card. Buy the Trost LICHT as a gift full of compassion and support, or get it as a little comforter for yourself.

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Other affordable gifts for miscarriage you can get for grieving parents include but are not limited to:

14. Chamomile Tea

Organic Chamomile Tea Bags Miscarriage gifts

Chamomile tea has soothing and calming properties, making it an excellent choice for people suffering from stress or pain. This tea comes in a beautiful box that says “quality gift”.

Shop it on Amazon

15. Memgift Memorial Wind Chimes

Memgift Memorial Wind Chimes

Wind chimes made with durable anodized black aluminum tubes provide a beautiful memorial gift. Furthermore, it is made of durable nylon braided cords that are so hard to break, and waterproof materials capable of withstanding bad weather.

Also, the wind chimes are environmentally friendly.

The sympathy wind chime is a beautiful decorative addition to your parlour, patio, garden or yard. You can hang it at the window, plant, tree, or other places as it is a symbol of good luck. When the wind chimes blow, it brings happiness and pleasure.

Shop it on Amazon

16. Handcraft Lavender Essential Oil

You can use lavender essential oil such as this one in a bath, diffuser, or directly on the skin with a carrier oil. Not only does it smell nice, but it also has calming properties and promotes sleep.

Relaxation is one of the things that these grieving moms and dads sneed and will appreciate this gift.

Shop it on Amazon

17. Spa Treatment

If getting a product is overwhelming, you could opt for a service- one of which is the spa treatment. Many sufferers of pregnancy loss find that they want to escape for a few days, and a better way to do that is a spa session?

A gift certificate to a local spa will allow your friend or relative to get a relaxing massage, facial, or another spa service.

Alternatively, the grieving couple can have a relaxing spa moment at home, especially if they are not ready to face the world. Thankfully, HAS Stretch iSheet has you covered!

These under-eye gel masks are large in size, easy to use, ease dark circles, and treat puffy eyes. The pads are stretchy and fit well under the eyes.

Shop it on Amazon

18. BodyRestore Shower Steamers

BodyRestore Shower Steamers Miscarriage Gifts

Spa days are sometimes necessary for dads and moms. It’s okay to include lotions, body washes, and other items they won’t usually purchase. Like going to a spa session, they could use these products at home to relax.

You can now enjoy unmatched aromatherapy in the comfort of your home with Body Restore Spa Shower Tablets!

Shop it on Amazon

19. “Here for You” Blanket

If someone you love is going through a challenging time in life such as a miscarriage, then this super-soft, cozy blanket is just what you need to express your support.

This super-soft blanket comes in a beautiful package with a gray grosgrain ribbon tied around it, as well as a gift tag, containing a note card for your personal message.

Shop it on Amazon

20. YOUNTASY Sympathy Wind Chimes

Giving the YOUNTASY’s Sympathy Wind Chimes or Memorial Wind Chimes to a grieving couple is one of the simple ways to ease the pain of loss and provide some peace and relaxation.

In addition to providing a tranquil environment for mind and spirit, wind chimes have calming effects on the mind and reduce tension.

They also make a beautiful addition to any memorial garden or back patio.

Shop it on Amazon

21. Lizush Spa Gift Set

Lizush Spa Gift Set Miscarriage gifts

The ultimate spa gift box is here for your best friend, sister or anyone special! This Spa gift set offers full relaxation with its natural and high-quality products and scents.

Shop it on Amazon

22. Weathered Raindrop Memorial Wind Chime

We can never have enough of memorial wind chimes! It can help to create a soothing atmosphere, calming your mind and spirit. Like the other wind chime brands on our list, you can put it anyway within your home..

Shop it on Amazon

23. CDE Angel Wing Love Heart Necklaces and Earrings

The beautiful, reflective crystal heart-shaped with a floating angel wing enclosing it in platinum plate, glitters and sparkles.

This dazzling jewelry piece symbolizes forever love and the Guardian’s faith.

Don’t hesitate to wear it and bask in the compliments that will shower on you

Shop it on Amazon

24. ANLUNOB Flower

ANLUNOB Flower Miscarriage gifts

This charming flower comes in the form of an angel figurine.

With its unique preservation process, preserved flowers are made from natural Japanese roses, maintaining their colour, shape, and fragrance for as long as possible.

Besides being made from high-quality borosilicate glass, which is heat-resistant and eco-friendly, the art-ware gift will bring you endless love and beauty. It is full of infinite hope and beauty like a rainbow.

Shop it on Amazon

25. ALOV Sterling Silver Jewelry

If your grieving loved one was able to determine the sex of her miscarried baby, and it was a girl, this gift is appropriate. It comes with a short powerful message of “mother-daughter.” It will stand as a symbol that connects the mother to her angel daughter.

Shop it on Amazon

26. Pandora Hearts Dangle Jewelry

Pandora Hearts Dangle Jewelry

A double dangle charm is a lovely way to commemorate the special relationship between mothers and daughters.

The mom can always wear the heart close to her heart and keep the other one for her Angel baby or even both.

Shop it on Amazon

27. A Charmed Impression Memorial Gift Jewellery

As a means of showing someone you are there for them during their time of grief, and to reassure them that their loved one will always remain a part of their lives, give this gift to someone who is grieving.

Shop it on Amazon

28. Naughty Puppy Memorial Canvas

Naughty Puppy Memorial Canvas Miscarriage gifts

Create a loving memorial to a loved one who has passed on with this Customized Photo Name Canvas. This canvas is the perfect way to honour the memory of someone who has passed away. It can brighten up your room with its delicate design, delivering a loving message or words to the deceased.

Shop it on Amazon

29. WiseOwell Miscarriage Memorial Gifts

WiseOwell Miscarriage Memorial Gifts

A comforting blanket is the best way to express your love to a mother who has suffered a miscarriage. She will feel your love when she wraps herself in it, and she will remember that you love and care for her and that her baby matters to you.

Shop it on Amazon

30. Barefoot Dreams COZYCHIC HEATHERED Women’s Socks

Grieving mom can use these cozy chick socks to warm her feet while lying on the bed or couch.

Shop it on Amazon

In a Nutshell

Some of the products above are also perfect for dads that lost their babies. Remember that even though moms are the pregnancy carriers, dads are also emotionally and mentally affected by the sudden loss of their children.

If you are buying gifts for a family member or friend who was recently affected by a miscarriage or stillbirth, these gifts can offer healing and comfort.

It is not enough to assume these people are fine even though they might act it. They are going through pains and heartbreak and quietly need every comfort and support they can get to see them through this baby loss phase.

Miscarriage Gifts FAQs

What to do for someone who miscarried?

First, acknowledge their loss. Then, let the grieving person know that what he or she is feeling and how they react is normal and necessary.

You can send in your condolences, visit them and offer help in any way. In addition, show sympathy by offering a thoughtful gift like a personal card or note, flowers, jewellery, etc.

How do you honour a miscarriage?

Only you truly know what you are experiencing, therefore, you alone can determine what helps you recover in a healthy manner.

Most grieving mothers feel better and begin to heal faster when they find a way to honour a miscarriage.

You can honour your lost pregnancy by doing things like wearing memorial jewelry, updating a journal, displaying an angel statuette, or creating a persona for the baby. Some financially stable families even donate to charity organizations.

What do you put in a miscarriage memory box?

What you keep in a memory box is totally up to you. The intention is to put an item(s) that reminds you of your angel baby.

These items may include hair locks/strands, sonogram pictures, maternity photos, baby shower cards, or your angel baby’s personalized items.

What is an appropriate gift for a miscarriage?

There is no appropriate miscarriage gift. If you feel compelled to send a gift to a grieving couple, get any thoughtful miscarriage gifts, irrespective of the price. What matters is the intention and support. It is always comforting at times like this to know that you are not alone in this struggle- your loved ones care.

If you don’t have a miscarriage gift item in mind, you can buy things like cards, flowers, jewelry, angel sculptures, spa products or any sentimental gifts of remembrance.

What’s a sunshine baby?

A sunshine baby is a child you give birth to before experiencing a loss. This loss may either be a miscarriage (pregnancy loss, mostly in the first 20 to 24 weeks) or a stillbirth (a baby delivered dead during or after 24 weeks of pregnancy).

What do you not say when someone has a miscarriage?

Please refrain from words like “You are still young and can always have another child,” “At least you have other children,” “It wasn’t meant to be,” “You look like you were never pregnant,” “God gives and takes,” “Everything happens for a reason.”

Your presence in silence alone might be all the grieving couple needs.

How do I support a woman after a miscarriage?

Allow her to express her grief as it’s part of the healing process. Listen to the woman and offer practical support. Most importantly, refrain from cliche comments like those I mentioned above. In addition, throw away the blame game and unsolicited advice.

You can also encourage her to communicate with other women who have encountered a miscarriage..

How do you make a good care package?

Care packages come in many shapes and sizes, and there are no rules for exactly what they need to resemble.

They don’t need to be big or expensive. They are simply a quick reminder that you’re there for the other person, that you’re thinking of them, and that they’ve got a friend.

In addition, you can prepare a special meal, buy or create a handmade bracelet, order takeouts, or offer a gift of your presence.

What is a unicorn baby?

A unicorn baby does not behave like your regular baby. They can leave their parents feeling a mixture of fear and happiness. A unicorn baby never or hardly ever fusses, sleeps soundly all through the night at two weeks old or earlier. They make nursing easy from day one which is not a typical phenomenon with babies.

What is a golden baby?

A golden baby is a child born after a rainbow baby.

The arrival of this baby symbolizes the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the good fortune parents feel at having two healthy children in a row.

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    Although I did not receive gifts after a miscarriage last year, but I got all the support I needed from my husband, friends and loved ones.
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