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20 Brilliant Lifehacks for Single Moms

20 Brilliant Lifehacks for Single Moms to Make Life Easier

One of the biggest brilliant lifehacks for single moms is learning how to survive. It is no news that life as a single mom is hard work.

Single moms are stressed out, overwhelmed and tend to feel like they’re not doing an excellent job. There’s a huge emotional cost to pay for being a single mom and trying to raise children. This emotional stress can make life overwhelming at times.

You are the driver, housekeeper, cook, and cleaner all rolled up into one. Trying to keep everyone happy – but yourself most of all – can be a challenge.

Single moms have enough on their hands without having to stress over finances, too. More than ever before, around 7.6 million children live with their mothers only in 1968 and 15.3 million in 2020.

Therefore, it is increasingly difficult for single mothers to find enough time to do everything they need while balancing children’s needs – with no backup support from another adult in the house.

Feeling guilty about your life isn’t productive. Something has to change.

This post lists several brilliant lifehacks for single moms that can encourage you to make positive changes and feel more empowered about your life.

20 Brilliant Lifehacks for Single Moms

1.   Put the Past Behind You

Getting over your past is the first step to moving forward. Don’t let it define you or rule your life. No matter how you became a single mother- after death, a divorce, or you never knew the father. You must put behind the feelings of abandonment or betrayal you may still be suffering from.

Despite all the pain you’ve experienced in the past and the obstacles you’ve overcome, you can use the strength you gained to achieve the best possible life for yourself and your child.

Learn from your past, embrace the present, and keep an eye on the future.

2.   Plans and Set SMART Goals

Brilliant Lifehacks for Single Moms- Plans and Set SMART Goals

Daily efforts to balance work and home life can leave you feeling like you’re in autopilot mode. Nevertheless, it is essential to set personal SMART goals and constantly work toward improving yourself.

Depending on your personal goals, you can choose from fitness  (lose 50 pounds) to reading goals (read 30 books in a year) or travel goals (take a vacation to Africa). Professionally, your career goals can include taking a leadership role, getting promoted, and earning a degree or certificate.

Another brilliant lifehack for single moms is establishing a realistic plan on how to implement these goals. You will not only become more successful and well-rounded if you work towards these goals, but you will also find fulfilment and purpose in your life.

3.   Find Role Models

Finding a role model or mentor who has more life or career experience can help you jumpstart your plans for the future. The person you choose to work with can provide you with valuable guidance for setting goals for yourself and achieving them.

In difficult times it’s also helpful to have someone to lean on for encouragement. When faced with tough times, it is best to seek the advice of someone who has been there before so they can provide genuine reassurance that you will get through them.

4.   Surround Your Kid with Strong Male Role Models

Your child doesn’t have to miss out on having strong male role models because dad isn’t around.

Give your child an opportunity to bond and build a relationship with a male family member or friend who has a strong connection to you. Someone close to you might be your father, brother, uncle, or friend.

You may have to put extra time and effort to make this work, but it’ll pay off. In the end, it helps create a healthy view of men even if your child does not have a father in their life.

5.   Organize Yourself

One of the most critical brilliant lifehacks for single moms is to stay organized. In order to keep things moving smoothly, excellent organizational skills are a necessity. Organize your shopping lists, appointments, and after-school activities with the Cozi app. Similarly, Evernote can work, from work to personal planning and scheduling. Also, Mint works for finances and Mealime for meal planning.

If you share custody, keep constant communication so that it is clear who will be responsible for what. Create morning and nighttime routines for your children, so they know what to expect.

6.   Be Flexible with Your Plans

While planning and staying organized is essential, things do not always go according to plan.

You should prepare a contingency plan for childcare in the event that your child is sick and can’t go to school or your babysitter cancels at the last minute.

For instance, create a list of people you can turn to when you need last-minute childcare or discuss working from home with your boss whenever emergencies arise.

The most important thing to remember is not to let unexpected changes ruin your day.

7.   Stay Calm, Positive and Patient

Brilliant Lifehacks for Single Moms- Stay Calm, Positive and Patient

In the first stages of parenting, it can be challenging to serve as the sole caregiver. You need to manage your expectations while your child is young. It is essential to give them responsibilities and tasks suited to their age.

The task of keeping your temper can be challenging, especially if there’s nobody else to step in if you hit your limit. Because of this, it’s essential to identify your triggers and develop strategies for staying calm.

In almost all cases, yelling does not work – it usually leaves you and your child feeling bad. Therefore, a brilliant lifehack for a single mom is to take a deep breath and count to 10 before you start yelling.

8.   Communicate Limits to Implement Rules

Your child learns self-control and responsibility when you set clear rules and enforce them consistently. Even two-year-olds are capable of understanding and following simple rules. Allow your kid to know what you expect of him while explaining your house rules.

Setting rules also requires consistency. Check that everyone in the family understands what’s happening.

As your child grows up and becomes more responsible, your rules will naturally evolve. Whenever you feel that it’s time for your rules to change, discuss this with your child.

9.   Enjoy Quality Time with Your Children

In studies, teens raised by single parents are more likely to suffer from depression and low self-esteem. For this reason, your child’s mental health greatly depends on your affection and attention.

As a single mother, the time you spend with your children is more precious and limited. One of the brilliant lifehacks for single moms is to make every moment with your children count.

When your little ones ask you to play with them or take them out, see it as an opportunity and a privilege to bond with them, rather than a distraction or waste of time. Find budget-friendly places (like a museum or amusement park) to have fun with your kids.

Furthermore, mealtimes are a perfect opportunity to ask them about their schoolwork and their friends.

You can make a child feel important when you intentionally spend time with them. And please, as a brilliant lifehack for single moms, avoid multitasking or working- be there with your children in body and mind.

10.   Learn to Say No without Guilt

A family with two parents wouldn’t understand the limitations of a single mother in terms of time, energy, and resources. Given these circumstances, you must let go of guilt and give up trying to be everywhere and doing everything.

Your child doesn’t have to attend every birthday party they’re invited to. Also, you do not have to schedule sports and extracurricular activities for your children every night of the week.

Another brilliant lifehack for single moms is that you and your family should only take part in enjoyable and meaningful activities. If you do more things, you will only become an exhausted mother.

11.   Sync Your Work Schedule to Reduce Stress

Finding a balance between your family and work responsibilities is one of the most common challenges facing single parents. A logistical problem like scheduling, for instance, can cause a lot of stress. Oftentimes, working single moms have to adjust their work schedules to accommodate drop-offs and pick-ups.

Seek a job that can allow you to be flexible so that you can provide for your children. Several single mothers choose to work from home or for a family-friendly company that offers flexible hours.

Depending on your current job, you might want to discuss your needs as a single parent with your boss. Even though giving personal details may seem complicated, your boss may be open to it.

12.   Put Your Mind at Ease with a Qualified Babysitter

The average person who needs regular childcare is usually better off spending a little extra on a qualified babysitter than getting by on friends and family.

If possible, do not let older children watch the younger ones all the time. Having an adult around is always safer.

One of the brilliant lifehacks for single moms is finding and hiring a professional babysitter who can give your child a stimulating and safe environment. You won’t have to worry about your child while away if you make sure someone trustworthy and experienced is watching over him.

13.   Create Some “Me Time”

Although it may seem challenging, it is crucial to devote time to yourself for your mental and physical health.

If you don’t have an accompanying partner to take care of the kids, you must plan to spend time away from them.

In the case of shared custody, do not just use the time away from your kids for productive activities but also take care of yourself. In my opinion, sleeping, exercising, and eating a balanced diet should be a top priority. You should also take time to indulge in hobbies and creative activities.

Although motherhood is the most important job you have, do not allow it to define you. Spend some time on self-care and your kids, and you will reap its benefits in the end.

You may want to read our self-care routine ideas for single mothers

14.   Re-evaluate Your Priorities

Single parents should adjust their expectations and priorities accordingly since they have twice as many responsibilities.

You are not a superwoman, and setting unrealistic goals, such as keeping your home perfect, doing the laundry and cooking for your kids every day, is not a reasonable expectation. Sometimes, you can cut corners, like serving your kids cereal for dinner or putting off washing dishes until the next day.

Don’t compare yourself with others or feel guilty for being their only parent. Instead, relax and don’t worry too much about the small things in life.

15.   Don’t Live Beyond Your Means.

Budgeting and spending within your means become more important than ever when you raise a family on a single income.

As one of the brilliant lifehacks for single moms, make it a priority to pay off any debts you have, accruing interest as soon as possible. A budget helps people visualize how much money they spend on various things during the month and what remains.

Plan your meals, look for sales at the grocery store, and buy second-hand items to save money on the necessities.

Pay your bills first, and then decide how much you can spend on luxury items, like eating out, taking vacations and going to the movies.

Furthermore, make sure finances do not cause you and your family anxiety. Spend money responsibly while also teaching your children how to manage their finances.

16.   Prep in Bulk

It is vital for single mothers to have enough supplies on hand for weeknights, especially when everyone in their families has a schedule to keep. This is a brilliant lifehack for single moms you shouldn’t overlook.

Make use of the case discounts on nonperishable foods and buy home goods in bulk if space permits.

Invest in a smart version of the slow cooker so you can monitor and control the cooking when you are late for work, picking up the kids from soccer practice, or need to pick up the baby.

17.   Engage Your Children in Chores from a Young Age

You’re not doing child labour with this trick – it’s precisely one of the brilliant lifehacks for single moms with toddlers.

Let your kids help out so they will feel part of something- they tend to love it! It will also give you the space and time to do other essential things.

18.   Ask for Help in Your Local Community

As the sole provider of your children, experiencing the successes and struggles of parenthood can be lonely and isolating.

Since you’ve had to do it all on your own, you’ve probably developed a strong sense of independence.

Self-reliance is important in many situations, however. Do not delude yourself into thinking you don’t need the help of others.

If your family members live nearby, talk with them more frequently and visit them more often.

Alternatively, are you looking for mom friends who share more of your interests?

With apps, social media groups or local events, you can find local moms in your area. Once you have established a support system, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

If you do not want to burden others, try forging favours such as taking turns babysitting. After all, the community is all about helping one another.

19.   Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Celebrate your child’s accomplishments whenever they occur. Don’t stop at letting your child know you’re proud of them. And keep on striving for your own success!

As a single mother, your child’s accomplishments prove you are doing well. Hence, celebrate your small gains as well as your big ones because your efforts are paying off.

20.   You Don’t Have To Be Perfect.

No matter your circumstances, there is no such thing as perfection, and you don’t have to do everything.

Although lifehack is easier to say than do, reducing the pressure on yourself can reduce the stress you and your child experience.

Give yourself a break and rely on your own support system.

Lifehacks for Single Moms Takeaway

A family with a single parent faces a unique set of challenges. Managing your child, resources, and expectations as a single mom isn’t an easy task, but there are hacks you can employ to make your life easier.

Children are hard to raise, but it’s always worthwhile. Do not believe the myth that being a single mom/parent means you must do everything alone.

Which other lifehacks for single moms do you need to become a successful parent? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • by Sharon
    Posted October 21, 2021 10:54 pm 0Likes

    I and my siblings were raised by a single mom. Our mom did a great job raising us. Although these life hacks you presented were not available to her back in the years, i can still relate with some of the things she did.

    • by Gerald
      Posted November 18, 2021 9:49 am 0Likes

      We all need help and support at different points in our lives. But single moms have proven overtime to be great at pushing through even without support.
      Perhaps, they draw inspiration from their kids to always keep them going.

  • by Sam
    Posted October 29, 2021 1:25 pm 0Likes

    These life hacks were really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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