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Keekaroo Peanut Changer Review

Best Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pads Review

If you’ve ever changed a baby’s diaper, you know that it can get messy sometimes. And for sure, the messier it gets, the messier you get. It’s a hassle, and it’s not exactly the cleanest experience. 

Changing an infant’s diaper without having a proper place to lay your baby down is one of the worst things in the world. Changing pads provide the perfect solution to this problem, but as a parent, you do not want to get just any changing pad for your baby. 

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is one of the top changing pads on the market. Still, you need to be sure if it is a great choice for you and your baby and has the important features that a changing pad should have, like comfortability, safety, durability, ease of use, etc.

Our team of experts spent a lot of time reviewing the Keekaroo peanut changer while considering its features, reviews, pros, and cons, which we will provide in this article. We will also compare the Keekaroo Peanut changing pad with other top changing pads to help you make the best decision for you and your baby. 

Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad Overview

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is a premium changing pad that will make your life easier when changing your baby’s diaper. It absorbs all the mess and makes it easier for you to change your baby’s diaper without making a mess on the floor. Designed like a kidney-shaped pool, the peanut has raised edges, a strap, and curved lines, so your baby does not roll out. With Dura-Soft, you get a firm but padded material that’s waterproof.

It is designed to make diaper changes more comfortable for you and your baby. Since the Keekaroo Peanut Changer is impermeable to liquids, you don’t need any other sheets or pads as other diaper-changing pads do. It comes with a solid surface that easily wipes clean, limiting any opportunity for bacterial growth.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer uses soft and comfortable material developed and tested specifically for hospital use, so diaper changes are clean, safe, and comfortable.

With the Keekaroo Peanut Changer, you don’t need any cloth covers, it is a non-toxic pad that is impermeable to fluids, and the material is scratch and puncture-resistant, making it highly durable.

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions: ‎32 x 17 x 4 inches
  • Model number: 013000EKR-0001
  • Target gender: ‎Unisex
  • Weight recommendation ‎: 1 Pound to ‎36 Pounds
  • Material composition: Polyurethane Polymer
  • Batteries required: No
  • Portability: No
  • Product weight: 7 pounds

Key Features

Despite being a solid piece, you can place and use the Keekaroo Peanut diaper changer anywhere within your house. Let’s go through some of the unique features of Keekaroo Peanut Changer.


Keekaroo Peanut Changer has a kidney-shaped pool designed with raised edges to support your baby when he lies on the pad. Also, It comes with a strap and curved lines, which prevents your little one from rolling out or messing up the changing area. Using Dura-Soft, you get padded yet firm material that’s also water-resistant or waterproof.

Easy to Clean

During cleaning, Keekaroo’s solid surface material wipes clean easily and limits the growth of bacteria. You can easily clean the material due to its wipeable nature and don’t have to worry about washing and drying any changing pad.


This changer has a soft pad that is waterproof (liquids cannot penetrate) which prevents mold or deterioration. The water-resistant material blocks fluids from penetrating the booster seat, preventing mold or decay. Because the material cannot be easily penetrated, there’s less chance of bacteria build-up or mold.

Crack/ Puncture Resistant

Initiated and created for hospitals, Keekaroo Peanut Changer features a rugged exterior that can resist knocks, hits, and other daily use. The outer layer of the pad proves to be crack or puncture-resistant. Fortunately, this means you can use the product for a long time and even pass it on to your future kids.

Safety Buckle

Keekaroo changing pad includes non-slip materials and a safety buckle to prevent your child from moving around or sliding while they are in it. At least you are sure your child is safe when you turn your face away for a few seconds to grab the diaper bag or pack.


Since the changer weighs just seven pounds, you can quickly move it from place to place around your house. Peanut Changing pad might not be portable, but it is lightweight and encourages mobility.

Protective Layer

Unlike other changing pads, the Keekaroo peanut changer does not require you to cover the surface when changing diapers for your little one. Not needing any cover means you don’t need to stack up dirty cover clothes for washing. You only have to clean instantly- before and after you change the diaper or baby clothes.

Soft to the Touch

The peanut change pad provides a smooth, comfortable surface that facilitates diaper changes. It is made of a soft material which makes it comfortable for your baby.


This peanut-changing pad has a gentle and smooth feel made of Polyurethane Polymer. It does not contain latex, PVC, phthalate, and BPA materials that often affect children’s skin and health.

JPMA Certified

Keekaroo peanut changer, like other products from the company, has passed through professional tests and is certified by the JPMA 2.0 (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association).


About 2,085 rated the Keekaroo peanut changer, with 92 percent rating this product a 5 star on Amazon. In general, the product got 4.8 out of 5 stars, which shows that it gives you value for your money and is worth all the raves.

How It Works

Despite being one solid piece, the Keekaroo Peanut diaper changer may be used anywhere in the house to change your child’s diaper. It was designed to make changing your baby’s pad easier and faster; you just have to place your baby on it and start changing their diaper.

When you’re changing your baby or toddler’s diaper, it has a sturdy outer shell with a solid protective layer that prevents the growth of bacteria. Thanks to its perfect peanut form, any “liquids’ ‘ that may spill during changing normally fall to the bottom of the changer, further simplifying cleanup. 

If you use it as intended, with the safety strap keeping your child safe whenever you change them, a sturdy base guarantees that you can use it on a higher surface, like a changing table. You can use the Keekaroo Peanut in any room of the house, or you can move it wherever it is most practical for your requirements.

There is no requirement for a “puppy pad hack” or the need to purchase numerous throwaway changing pads, which makes it quite convenient to have on hand and greatly reduces waste. The Keekaroo Peanut diaper changer has safety features like a solid base and safety strap so you can place it wherever, like next to your bed or a changing table. The Keekaroo is made to resist cracking, peeling, and holes and can support up to 30 pounds.


  • Clean up mid-change messes easily and quickly without having to do laundry.
  • It does not require any sheets, covers, or pads.
  • No laundry need means you will save time for other things.
  • It grows with your baby.
  • Long-lasting and durable with a five-year warranty
  • It does not slide around on the dresser
  • Bacteria and mold-resistant
  • Impermeable to liquids
  • Unique and innovative design
  • Puncture and crack-resistant
  • You can move the peanut changing pad to any room of choice.


  • The changer pad is quite expensive
  • It is cold on a naked infant’s skin, particularly after a bath
  • Some parents complained of experiencing irremovable stains from their changing pads, especially for the lighter color products, like vanilla.

Keekaroo Changer vs Colgate vs La Baby


The Keekaroo Peanut Changer is a kidney-shaped pad with raised edges to support your baby when he lies on the pad; due to its shape, you have some room on the sides for additional diaper-changing supplies, including creams; the surface has some good curves, which add to the baby’s comfort and support. 

The Colgate is a two-sided contour. The center of this shape-altering pad is dented with an ergonomic design that is good for laying your baby in, the sides are also slightly higher to prevent your baby from wriggling out of the pad, but the sides are not as high as those of the Keekaroo change.

 The LA Baby is a  four-sided cocoon-style changing pad with four high sides to keep the baby safe. It was built with a non-skid bottom that keeps the changing pad from sliding while changing the baby. These three changing pads were built with high sides to protect your baby when changing their pads. In terms of the pad’s height, the LA baby has the highest height, but it is more enclosed, comfortable, and spacious. 


Keekaroo Changer, Colgate, and LA baby are all water-resistant changing pads. For Keekaroo pad cover is not necessary, Because the surface is water-resistant, you can simply wipe it clean. The liquid will only float on the surface of the changer rather than entering it, and for Colgate, the fiber support board utilized by this changing pad prevents it from bending when in use. The pad also includes a white quilted cover for the surface.

Like the Keakaroo, the Colgate is not absorbent but tear and water-resistant. The LA baby is also waterproof, like the Keakaroo and Colgate. Despite that, the changing pad with the strongest water-resistant power is the Keekaroo changer, designed to retain all fluid on the surface. 


They are all JPMA certified.  The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is known by the initials JPMA. Being certified means that the changing pad has met the requirements for safety, functionality, and performance by being certified by them. Overall, this certification gives you peace of mind regarding the Peanut Changer’s quality and safety.  


The keekaroo changer has slightly raised sides for safety purposes to prevent your baby from rolling off the changing surface. Additionally, a safety strap is included in case you want to secure your child while changing.  

The Colgate also features a safety strap. It also has screws to keep the pad fixed to the table. All you need to do is insert them into the straps beneath the pad and place them on your changing table. The pad won’t fall off while being changed in this manner.

Generally, in terms of safety, the keekaroo was made to keep your baby safe at all times.  Parents prefer Keekaroo because they designed it to keep their baby safe compared to the others.  

Free of Toxins 

The keekaroo is free of latex, BPA, phthalates, PVC, and other possible irritants.  Like the Keekaroo changer, the Colgate changing pad is also free of latex, phthalates, and all other chemical substances. Like the keekaroo and Colgate, the LA baby changing pad is also free of toxic substances harmful to your baby’s skin. 

Easy To Clean 

Some parents prefer this feature over absorbent pads. When the pad gets wet, a short water spray and a wipe across the surface will do the trick to clean it without washing it.

Additionally, you don’t have to be concerned about the buildup of bacteria and mold because you can quickly clean up the mess on the pad. Keekaroo, Colgate, and LA baby all have essential features that make them easy to clean. This is to reduce the stress on parents. 


In terms of pricing, the cost of a keekaroo changer is relatively high compared to Colgate and LA baby. The cheapest is the LA baby. 

Keekaroo Changer vs Bumbo Changing Pad


The Changing pads were made to keep your baby as safe as possible with some features that are peculiar to each of them. Still, the keekaroo is safer than the bumbo changing pad when we look at how the features can hold the baby when you are changing their pads.

Additionally, the safety straps are connected to the Bumbo. It didn’t seem like securing a child in it would be very safe. I believe that using the Keekaroo safety strap to attach to the changing table makes it more secure for you to prevent your child from rolling off.


The Keekaroo is soft with a  hard plastic base, giving it a firmer overall feel. As well as being firm and cushy, the Keekaroo has curved indentations for the baby’s neck and head. Besides being super soft and comfortable, Bumbo changing pads are easy to clean. They are made from luxurious, high-quality foam that is soft and comfortable. 


With Dura-Soft as a special material type, the Keekaroo Peanut Changer is resistant to cracking and punctures. At the same time, the Bumbo changing pad is made from luxurious, high-quality foam that is pleasant, soft, and simple to clean.


The Bumbo changing pad is ergonomically shaped as it is nicely contoured in the right areas to give your baby support and protection. At the same time, the keekaroo changer is a kidney-shaped pool designed with raised edges to give your baby adequate support as you change their diaper. 


The Bumbo changing pad comes in more reasonably priced than the keekaroo changer, but from the reviews by parents. At $69.99, it’s just over half the price of the Keekaroo ($129.99). However, parents said the keekaroo changer gives value for its price, unlike other changing pads.


The keekaroo changing pad, also known as the peanut changing pad, is just seven pounds, making it easy for you to move it from place to place because of its lightweight, while the Bumbo changing pad weighs 10 pounds which makes it heavier than the keekaroo. 

Keekaroo Changer vs Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad


The material used to make the Hatch Baby Grow is soft but solid, giving it a feel similar to that of the Keekaroo. It isn’t a solid block of material like the Keekaroo; instead, it has a hard plastic foundation that gives it a harder overall feel. As a result, it isn’t quite as soft as the Keekaroo. The Keekaroo is the ideal balance of firm and plush. The keekaroo is more comfortable than Hatch Baby Grow. 


The Keekaroo device straps your baby to the changing table surface rather than merely the changing pad. When you are changing your baby’s diaper, it feels a lot more secure. However, the Hatch actually stays put on a table better than the Keekaroo because of its rubber-tipped feet. The Hatch at least comes with blocks to keep the pad on the table.


These two changing pads have comparable pricing points. The Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad is $149.99 while the Keekaroo Peanut Changer is $129.99.


The Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad is made of ABS plastic and has a foam surface layer. Keekaroo is made of Dura-Soft  material used, making it resistant to cracking and punctures. 

Keekaroo changer vs Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad


When we look at the price of each of them, the keekaroo is more expensive than the skip Hop Nursery changing pad.  The Keekaroo peanut changer is $130, and the Skip Hop changing pad is $80.


The peanut changer’s sides are slightly elevated to help prevent a baby from rolling off. A safety strap is also included with the changing mat. In contrast, the Skip Hop changing pad was made with a non-skid base with a tabletop attachment which allows changing pad to be safely used on any surface and attaches to changing table or dresser.

Skip hop changing pad also has a safety strap, but the Keekaroo is thicker and safer, and its sides are not as raised as that of a keekaroo changer.  In terms of safety, it is advisable to go for keekaroo. 


Keekaroo changer is Made from a special soft and cushy material that was designed and tested for hospital use, it has Soft, comfortable surface that makes for easier diaper changes.

While the skip hop changing pad is made from a Contoured and cushioned foam, unlike the Keekaroo, it comes with a tuck-away toy bar which keeps the baby happy and frees up time for busy parents. 

In a Nutshell

Although the Keekaroo peanut changer is costly, I highly recommend it, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to do extra laundry. In addition, I love its aesthetic look and the fact that this peanut-changing pad comes in four different colors.

Finally, give this product a try if you don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the mess that comes from your baby’s pee and poop. Check it out with more reviews from parents to make an informed buying decision.


Why is the Keekaroo peanut changer so expensive?

Keekaroo peanut changer is not your regular changing pad that requires a cover. Its functions, features, and advantages supersede its drawbacks. A quick recap of Keekaroo changer’s unique qualities:

Safety features include a sturdy base and a safety strap, making it suitable for use on a changing table, next to your bed, or anywhere within the house.

Keekaroo can support 30 pounds and has no cracks, peels, or holes. In addition to being firm and durable, it also feels soft and comfortable for your baby. As a result of its peanut shape, any liquid from changing usually settles to the bottom of the changer, making cleaning even easier.

How do you use a peanut changer?

First, you do not need a changing cover or table to use the Keekaroo Peanut Changer. Simply place the changer on your dresser, couch, or any balanced surface, then keep your baby on it while you change his diapers.

While changing or once you are done with the diaper change, you only need to wipe off the surface clean. Also, it is waterproof.

How long can you use the Keekaroo diaper changer?

You can use a Keekaroo peanut-changing pad until your child outgrows it or reaches ‎a 36-pound weight. Plus, this changing pad can last long enough for all your future kids to use.

How to clean Keekaroo peanut changer?

According to the manufacturer’s care guide, you can wipe or wash with warm water and soap. Remember that the Keekaroo peanut changers are impermeable to liquids.

Does Keekaroo need a cover?

Keekaroo differs from the standard changing pads as it does require covers. In case of a mess when changing your child’s diaper, you can wipe off the peanut changer to clean it. Plus, it is water-resistant and punctured, and crack-resistant.

What pads or covers to use with the Keekaroo peanut changer?

You don’t need any covers, pillows, or extra pads with the Keekaroo peanut changer. It is water-resistant and soft enough to make your baby comfortable.

Is Keekaroo cold?

Keekaroo Peanut Changer can feel cool on a baby’s bare skin. A naked baby may be comfortable on the changer during hotter months. But on cold days, this changing pad feels cooler to the touch and can make some babies uncomfortable.

Does Keekaroo attach to the dresser?

Sure! The Keekaroo changing pad is designed on a dresser and includes an adhesive pad that secures it to the top of the dresser and a strap to secure the baby.

How do you secure a peanut changer?

You will need to peel off the protective cover from one side of the Safety harness hook & loop patch so that it can adhere to the table surface. Ensure that the changer fits on the surface entirely without overhangs. Firmly press down the hook & loop patch onto the surface.

Is Keekaroo safe?

Keekaroo products do not contain materials that can negatively impact your baby’s health. Instead, the peanut changer includes non-slip materials and a safety buckle to avoid issues of your child sliding or moving around while in it.

These features can keep your little one safe when you turn away to grab the diaper change essentials for a few seconds.

Does Keekaroo fit on the changing table?

Yes. Keekaroo also stays put so well that you can use it on a dresser or regular table for diapering without buying a changing table specifically for that purpose. If your house is spacious enough, you can get the changing table and use the Keekaroo Peanut Changer.

How do I protect my dresser from changing pads?

An easy way to protect your dresser from changing pads is to use Velcro. Using Velcro to attach a changing pad to the top of the dresser prevents slippage while changing diapers.

Velcro is available in every sewing supply store, and you can use large pieces. Separate the velcro pieces and attach one tape side to each corner of the dresser top.

Is the Keekaroo peanut changer worth it?

Yes, the Keekaroo Peanut Changer is worth your money and the hype. I enjoyed using this product for my baby and recommend it 100 percent. Although this peanut changer is expensive, considering the less laundry, cleaning ease, durability, and other fascinating features above, you should buy one.

If you are creating a checklist of baby products to buy while waiting for your child’s arrival, see our reviews and guides for different infant products.

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