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How to use willow breast pump

How to Use Willow Breast Pump in 6 Simple Steps

Pumping can be difficult for moms when busy at work or carrying out their day’s activities. When you pump naturally, it is painful and puts a lot of pressure on your hands.

This is where the Willow breast pump comes in; it is hand’s free, cordless pump. It allows you to work on other things while pumping milk. It makes it easy for mothers to pump milk without any stress. 

But the main thing is that you must know how it works and how to use it. So, we researched the willow pump and documented our findings in this comprehensive guide on how to use willow breast pump in 6 simple steps.

Willow Pump Overview

How to use willow breast pump

This breast pump comprises egg-shaped devices for each breast that you can quickly charge, latch on and hold in place with your bra. At the same time, you carry on with your daily activities without any interruptions. 

It also has an app to measure your output level and track the milk volume. It can also be helpful to track when you’re done pumping, and it stops automatically. 

24mm or 27mm Flanges (2),(2) Flex Tubes,(24) 4 oz. Milk Bags,(2) Cleaning Brushes, charger. 

Make sure you follow each step when using your Willow breast pump. When you get your pump, it comes with a manual with more instructions.

How to Use Willow Breast Pump in Six Simple Steps

Step 1: Clean Your Pump

Before you start using it, cleaning it is advisable; first, you need to unassemble and wash the different parts.  You can boil the flange and flex tube only before the first use for sterilization. Boil for five to ten minutes, then put it on a neat surface.  After each use, immediately rinse the parts and let them soak for five minutes in warm, soapy water, then use the brush to wash everything. 

Step 2: Assemble different parts 

The next thing is for you to assemble the parts. Before you begin to pump, make sure that they are both charged. Attach The flex tube to the flange and ensure the edges are flushed well. You should hear a slight sound.  After that Then, slide the flange door up and open it to connect the milk bag.

Drape a milk bag over the flange with “THIS SIDE UP” facing you.  Press the milk bag’s to confirm if the value is attached firmly to the collar, and Tuck, the load into the flange and close. Connect the flange to the pump while ensuring the milk bag is inside the pump. 

Step 3: Fasten the pump

A full coverage bra must be used so the Willow breast pump can fit inside perfectly.  First, open up your bra and remove any fabric out of the way and rest forward. Be sure to place the pump towards your breast on the side at the nipple point to make it easy to pump; your breast pump needs to be placed at the right place. It should not be touching the sides at all. 

Step 4: Start pumping

After proper placement, hold the pump firmly against your breast and press the button to initiate the latch and begin pumping. Do the same thing for the other breast while holding the other one. It is advisable to start with the stimulation phase and later move to the expression phase when you are used to it. 

Step 5: Track output with the app

After getting your pump, you need to set up your willow pump app on your smartphone to track your output. 

Step 6: Flip to Finish

While holding the pump with the flange side up, rotate it so that the blue thumb pad is pointing toward you. Slightly tilt the top toward your direction, which would make a gulping sound after about 3- 4 gulps; after that, you will tilt it till the flange side is down and wait until the gulps stop.

After approximately 3-4 gulps, you should hear a long slurp, and at this point, you’ll tilt it the rest of the way so that the flange side is down and wait until the gulps stop.

Flip it back over so the flange side is placed so that it is facing upward, squeeze the two buttons on each side of the flange, and gradually lift it. After that, you can now successfully remove the entire bag of milk. 

 Video Showing How to Use Willow Breast Pump

  Source: Willow 


The Willow pump is one of the best hands-free breast pumps for moms. If you are considering getting a breast pump that will make pumping easy and comfortable, then the willow pump is a fantastic option.

However, other breast pumps provide similar features to the willow breast pump, one of which is the Elvie breast pump. You should check out our detailed Elvie vs. Willow breast pump review. It will give you all the information you need on both breast pumps and help you make an informed decision. 

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