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How to Use Elvie Pump 

How to Use Elvie Breast Pump

Elvie Pump is one of the best wireless breast pumps on the market.  It is so easy to use and allows you to express milk discreetly and quietly while at the same time going about your day hands-free. Elvie breast pump is hands-free and is one of the best.

Each unit has three parts: the  Hub (it holds the electronics and pumping motor), the removable milk bottle with a valve, and the breast shield for your nipple and breast.

For mothers who haven’t used this breast pump yet or want to know how to use the Elvie pump, we spent a reasonable amount of time pulling information to help you and guide you in using an Elvie breast pump without any stress.  

Steps to Using the Elvie Breast Pump 

The steps below will guide you as you use the Elvie breast pump. You need to download the Elvie app, which allows you to monitor the volume of milk, measure the pumping history for each breast, and control it remotely.

How to Use Elvie Breast Pump

  1. First, you would need to assemble each part, but you must know each piece to place them together and add the seal to the beast shield. Using the manual as guides
  2. Insert the breast shield into the hub and rotate and click the spout onto the bottle
  3. Place the valve onto the sprout, and make sure you click the bottle onto the Hub.
  4. Now after assembling it. Connect the pump to your phone and if it is two, connect both of them.
  5. Pick the breast shield for your size
  6. Place the pump in your bra cup 
  7. Push your bra straps for the perfect fit. Choose your mode, either stimulation or expression mode
  8. Make sure there is good suction, and then rest as the Elvie app tracks all the stats
  9. . Press the power button and light the other controls. Don’t disturb yourself for the proper alignment of your breast and nipple; it takes some time to perfect. After powering it on, use the app to control pump settings. 
  10. To end the pumping session, press the play and pause button to end it. Unclip your nursing bra and use your finger to remove the seal that is placed around the nipples
  11. The Elvie Pump automatically stops working when the bottle is filled.

Video Showing How to Use The Elvie Breast Pump

Source: Elvie


Among the breast pumps we have in the market today, the Elvie is one of the most popular brands. We have brands like willow, medela, momcozy, and so on. Knowing how to assemble and use the Elvie breast pump will make it easier for you.

If you are unsure if the Elvie is the best choice for you, you can check out our Elvie vs. willow review to help make your decision.

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