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How to Fix Sagging Breasts in 2022

If you’re looking for information on how to fix sagging breasts, you’ve come to the right place.

Sagging is a natural part of the ageing process, but it’s not something to accept gracefully, especially if you want to continue wearing clothes that show off your figure.

Your breasts change due to numerous factors. During puberty, during and after pregnancy, the breasts tend to sag.

While the effects are more visible when you are older, women in their 20s, 30s and 40s can also suffer from sagging breasts.

Hormonal changes lead to two main problems: reduced elasticity of the skin and a slowing of the production of natural collagen.

As a result, breasts may start drooping. While this isn’t a life-threatening condition, it is essential to find out how to treat sagging breasts before they worsen.

The good news is that there are many natural remedies that won’t put a dent in your bank account.

Keep on reading to learn how to treat sagging breasts to regain your confidence without spending a fortune.

Causes of Sagging Breasts

Many factors can cause sagging breasts, but there are easy ways you can take control of your situation and position yourself to prevent them from ruining the look of your favourite tops.

So what causes breast sagging? We’ve outlined some of the most common causes of sagging breasts below:

Multiple Pregnancies

Due to the stretching of the ligaments that support your breasts, sagging happens due to multiple pregnancies.

As your body develops in the pregnancy, your breasts get heavier and droop lower.

In most cases, this happens more quickly with each new baby and is more pronounced when women breastfeed.


Smoking causes your body to produce more estrogen and thins the walls of your blood vessels, especially in the breasts.

As a result, the blood supply to your breasts reduces, and less oxygen is delivered to the cells. When there is less oxygen in your breasts, the connective tissue loses its ability to support the breast.

Connective tissue relies on collagen for strength and elasticity. With elastin, collagen maintains skin’s structure and support; not getting enough can leave skin delicate and weak, causing it to sag.

Large Breasts

If you’re a woman with large breasts, you may notice that your upper and lower breasts have started to droop.

All breasts sag as they age, but large breasts are more likely to sag over time because of their weight. Breasts are made of fat, connective tissue, and glandular tissue.

The skin stretches, like a rubber band, to accommodate a full-grown breast, and then it loses elasticity over time. And though the sad shape you see yourself in may seem permanent, sagging breasts can become perkier with time and treatment.

Extreme Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss over a short period can cause sagging breasts because breast tissue and breast skin are no longer supported by the underlying breast tissue.

A change in weight due to an extreme loss can cause your breast tissue and your breast skin to sag. With each pound lost, your breast gets about an inch smaller.

When breast tissue becomes deflated with extreme weight loss, the fat supporting the breast is also lost, and slack skin may be left behind, making the breasts droop and sag.


Menopause often causes a woman’s breasts to sag or droop. This is due not only to menopause but also to hormonal changes, which cause skin elasticity to decrease.

If your breasts are sagging or droopy even before you have lost weight, this is a sign of ageing, stemming from a loss of collagen and accumulated fat deposits over the years.

As we age, not only do our hormones change, but the area under the nipple called the inframammary fold also stretches downward and sags.

Certain Illnesses

Certain illnesses can cause sagging breasts. Breast cancer, tuberculosis, and some hormones can weaken the chest muscles and cause the breasts to sag.

Surgery, infections and injuries to the chest area may cause nipple damage and are also among the causes of sagging breasts.

How to Fix Sagging Breasts

Sagging breasts can make you feel uncomfortable, unattractive, and ashamed. And if you’re a woman who needs to wear a bra, it can have a severe effect on your wardrobe.

However, the good news is you can fix sagging breasts and get firmer and perkier breasts. It will take some extra time, but it’s worth it!

Below are some of the ways on how to fix sagging breast:

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast changes over time because of a combination of age, weight gain, and breastfeeding.

If you are unhappy with your breast change, you may need breast lift surgery to restore the shape and perkiness of your breasts.

The breast lift is an effective method of reversing sagging breasts. Your doctor will remove excess skin and reposition the nipple to a higher position to raise the breast.

This will tighten sagging breasts, plus a breast lift can make breasts appear larger by raising and adding volume to the upper portion of each breast.

Professional Bra Fitting

You wouldn’t paint a room without learning how to use a brush, and you shouldn’t buy a bra without knowing how to get the perfect fit.

You want your bra to lift, separate and shape everything perfectly. You also want a bra that gives you full support all day long. But what if your current style isn’t doing it for you? Finding the right fit is essential.

A bra can’t change the size of your breasts, but it can work with them to give you a look you want. That’s why it’s essential to get properly fitted for a bra.

Finding the perfect fit for you and your figure is easy with a professional bra fitting. The starting point to finding your size is measuring your clothing.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to reshape your breasts and increase their size. Women who have sagging breasts can benefit from breast augmentation.

Augmentation involves the insertion of a breast implant beneath the skin and behind the nipple. It is a prophylactic procedure that can effectively augment the contralateral breast volume.

While breast augmentation can be an effective treatment for the overall shape and contour of the breasts, it is not a magical cure.

Therefore, before choosing breast augmentation, make sure you understand the costs, what is involved with each procedure, and if it suits your body type.

Good Posture

Sagging breasts is a common complaint from women of all ages, and the skin and tissue tend to lose their elasticity with age.

By aligning your posture, you can make a difference in keeping your breasts and significantly reduce the sagging of your breasts.

It may not be possible to completely “get rid” of sagging breasts, but they can certainly be minimized by practicing proper posture.

The better job you do of supporting your breasts and core muscles, the better shape your upper body will be.


If you have breast cancer or recurring breast infections, your plastic surgeon may talk about a mastectomy. But other women also choose it for things like sagging breasts.

Mastectomy involves removing breast tissue and can be done to treat breast cancer. Several methods can help to correct sagging breasts after this procedure.

Some women may request implants, depending on their desired shape and size and the amount of breast tissue they have after a mastectomy.

Upper Body Workouts

You can’t do much about the size and weight of your breasts, but you can tone your chest muscles and improve the look of your upper body.

There are no exercises specifically aimed at targeting the size of your breasts. However, clenching your muscles underneath and around your breasts can firm and strengthen them to make them appear higher on your chest.

Here are some exercises that tighten and tone your upper body:

  • swimming
  • bench press
  • arm curls
  • pushups

Diet and Nutrition

On top of your exercise program, be sure you’re also eating right. Remember, the skin is an organ and needs nutrients to stay strong.

What you eat affects everything about you, including your breasts. But, there are several things you can do in the diet department to help preserve and lift your breasts.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eating a balanced, nutritious, and healthy diet is essential. If your breasts are sagging now, you can help reverse that with a healthy diet.

By eating a balanced diet and taking good care of yourself, you can make your breasts look healthy, attractive best for years to come.

How to Prevent Breast Sagging

Breasts come in different shapes and sizes, but when breasts start to thin out, droop, and become loose, it can affect how you feel about yourself.

However, breast health is just as important as any other part of your body. Fortunately, various methods can help prevent your breasts from sagging.

While there is no genuine guarantee that your breasts won’t sag, there are steps you can take to ensure that if they do start to sag, it will be as little as possible.

Avoid Smoking

Healthy skin is essential, and avoiding tobacco is one step you can take to improve the health of your skin.

Many people don’t know that smoking can cause collagen to break down, providing thinner and less supportive skin.

Stay away from tobacco products, and this will help prevent the breakdown of the skin around your breasts and decrease your risk for breast cancer.


Did you know women who experience sagging breasts tend to have higher fat content in their breast tissue and lower levels of antioxidants, like vitamin C and E?

Eating a balanced diet rich in antioxidants is good for the skin on your whole body and can prevent the sagging that comes with ageing.

Whether you’re interested in firmer breasts, prevention of breast ageing, smaller breasts, or fuller breasts, incorporating increased antioxidants into your diet can help.

Keep a Consistent Weight

You might not control everything, but making sure you have a consistent weight will help preserve your skin.

As time passes, you may notice that the skin around your breasts looks saggy. This is due to the pulling and stretching that occurs when breast tissue undergoes significant weight changes.

On the other hand, keeping a consistent weight will help keep the skin stretched out. For example, breasts that have stayed about the same size for many years will be healthier than breasts that have gotten much smaller or much larger over time.

Use Sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the number one causes of breast sagging, so use sunscreen on those areas if you want to prevent breast sagging.

Using sunscreen on the skin around your breasts might seem odd, but it’s a good habit to get into. Due to its location, the skin around the breast can be more susceptible to sun damage than other areas, so protecting it is essential.

By consistently using sunscreen on the chest, neck and shoulder areas before exposing your skin to the sun, you can prevent sagging of your breast due to increased ageing.


Sagging breasts has been a topic of concern for women for ages. Today, pregnant women in their 30’s can experience sagging breasts.

Understanding why your breasts are sagging and what you can do to help them is essential to make you feel comfortable with your body.

Fortunately, you are given a satirical guide on how to fix sagging breasts in this article.

It is based upon the latest scientific findings and research to get actual results in tightening, firming, and lifting your sagging breast.

Get rid of your sagging breasts without expensive surgeries or pain medications with these natural yet effective breast lifting remedies.

With the help of the above remedies, you can look in the mirror and see two perky breasts instead of two floppy balloons on your chest.

FAQs on How to Fix Sagging Breasts

Can sagging breast be firm again?

Yes. There are some excellent remedies such as the ones discussed above that you could try that can help firm up your breasts again.

Is it good to apply cream on your breast?

It is essential to know that it is not good to put cream on your breasts. However, it is necessary to use a moisturizer on your breasts so that it doesn’t dry out. This decreases the chance of breast sagging and maintains a woman’s attractiveness.

Does massaging breast keep them firm?

Yes. The massaging exercise can help you keep a firm breast without going through any invasive surgery or expensive money.

Does olive oil make breast firm?

While olive oil is a good moisturizer, it won’t make sagging breasts firmer. Claiming that it does could have serious health consequences.

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