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Diaper Bag Guide- Momtherly

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Choose a Diaper Bag

As soon as you give birth, a diaper bag becomes a necessity. Babies may seem small, but you will need a lot of stuff to attend to their needs and yours, especially when you are away from home.

From wipes, diapers, pacifiers, and bottles to swaddles breastfeeding cover and extra clothes, a diaper bag is one of the must-have baby gear pieces that should move with you and your baby.

First, you need to get the ideal diaper bag, whether it’s a designer diaper bag backpack or a comfortable multi-tasker bag. You’ll find many types of diaper bags on the market that varies in sizes, shapes, and styles.

You should also understand that what works for Mom A may not work for you. And so, you should consider your destination, specific things, among other general things you might need to pack, and the bag weight.

In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you should know when choosing the right diaper bag for you and your baby.

How to Choose a Diaper Bag

1. Style

In recent times, parents have many diaper bag style options to choose from, compared to those days when the traditional ones were a thing. You can now buy a bag that resembles a purse or handbag but still performs diaper bag work. You can also see chic messenger bags and backpacks on the market. The point is to get a bag that appeals to your style and your needs (via its function).

  • Bag Color

If you’re loud or like being noticed, you can opt-out for a colourful diaper bag or choose the classical mix that works with every outfit in your closet. Although these two options have their advantages and drawbacks, you need to find the one that suits you and your spouse.

  • Traditional or tote diaper bag

Most modern mums are going for the purse-like or fashionable bags that don’t even resemble a diaper bag, and a popular one is the tote bag. Most tote bags for diapers don’t even look like one, and they can be used both as office bags and diaper bags, which is a great option.

However, these bags have fewer interior compartments compared to traditional diaper bags. Most male partners might not feel comfortable carry it as it looks feminine. On the other hand, the conventional bags are suitable for both moms and dads as it serves only its purpose- a diaper bag.  

Traditional diaper bags are usually larger than fashionable bags and come with several compartments or pockets that can contain both your baby stuff and yours.

At the store:

Choose a diaper bag you and your partner will feel comfortable with, based on its style and features.

Consider what you want to use the bag for and if the style choice will affect the diaper bag’s functions.

Figure out what your tote bag or purse diaper bag has over the traditional ones.  You could even buy two diaper bags- the traditional one and a stylish bag for special occasions.

2. Functionality

Consider getting a functional bag since you might be using it for your toddler’s first few years or even for your next child. Let’s look at what you should check before choosing a bag for diapers.

  • Space for Mom

Get a diaper bag that does not only contain your baby’s stuff but also your valuables. Trust me, the moment you put to bed, you will want to go around with your baby, carrying a diaper bag. Then, the designer bags or purses you used to move around with will become a big deal. You need a bag that contains diapers and wipes and includes your lip gloss, sunglasses, purse, keys, toiletries, and other things you might want to take along with you.

  • Baby Space

When getting a diaper baby bag for your baby, consider the one with organized space for everyday baby items. The list of baby items you may want to take along with you to your destination includes diapers, diaper rash cream, bottles, wipes, formula containers, a swaddle blanket, a bib, an extra outfit, pacifiers, among others.

It is a lot of stuff, right! That is why it is essential to get a bag with several spaces that can contain your daily baby items without affecting the bag in any way.

  • Space for an extra child

If you’re planning on having just one child, you might not need to consider a baby bag that is big enough for an extra person. However, when you plan on having another child or are expecting a new baby, you need to choose a diaper bag that can handle both your growing child and your new baby.

At the store:

An effortless way to determine if the diaper bag you’re going for would contain your other child’s items is to transfer the baby items you have in your bag to the one you want to buy. Then add a few more things similar in weight to your toddler stuff and see if everything fits in well after organizing the bag. And when you’re satisfied with what you’ve observed, you can go away with your bag.

3. Sizes and Weights

Sizes and weights are important factors to consider when choosing a diaper bag, even though they are often overlooked.

You need a big bag to take in everything but not so large that when your baby grows, you get a lot of wasted space.

When choosing the right bag size, you should consider bulk.

Some bags are bulkier than others when stuffed. The size of changing pad, the abilities to pack items in front of each other or side to side, and the available space inside are the factors that affect the bulk of diaper bags.

You must also check how big the diaper bag is on its own without any content inside. If the empty bag gets in your way or affects your movement, it is not the right bag for you.

However, you could get this kind of bag for special occasions, like whenever you want to travel with your baby, as these diaper bags are ideal for trips and flights. They have organized compartments for your baby’s needs as well as yours. They’re naturally bulkier than the regular diaper bags, but it is not ideal for everyday use.

As for the bag weight, some fabric types are heavy on their own. And when you add your baby items, you’ll experience an extra heavyweight. Carrying this kind of bag could make you uncomfortable for some time.

At the store:

You may want to stock that bag with items and carry it around for some time to figure out if you are convenient with it or if it’s the right bag for you.

If you don’t experience any strain on your back or neck or pains on your shoulders after carrying it around for at least 5 minutes, then it could be the right bag for you.

But if you experience any discomfort, you drop the bag to avoid future frustrations and stress.

Also, pick up different diaper bags of several fabrics and compare their weights while they are empty.

4. Carrier Options

How do you enjoy carrying your diaper bag?

The choice of a carrier option can either break or make your parenthood journey less stressful. The most popular three standard carrier options on the market are the messenger strap, shoulder straps, and backpacks. 

  • Messenger Strap

It is most likely the sort-after diaper bag option for babies. The messenger strap suits many caregivers, and they are highly functional as they have tons of compartments to keep every baby item organized.  They are primarily suitable for baby items and are difficult to use for general purposes once your kid outgrows infant needs. The strap makes your hands free to handle your child correctly. Most messenger straps have a secondary carrier option, so you can always switch carriers at will.

  • Shoulder Straps

These straps should not be new to you since you might be using bags with shoulder straps before now. These shoulder straps are easy to grab and wear without interfering with your movement. Most diaper bags with shoulder straps have durable materials. 

  • Backpack

It won’t be wrong to say that you should add a backpack to your other diaper bag. These bags are lifesavers, especially if your kids are grown enough to play around. You can always move around with it without discomfort or a chance of it dropping off. This backpack evenly distributes the weight across your back for balance and comfort.  You need first to ensure that its strap lengths are equal. Then you shouldn’t find it difficult to move the diaper bag from the back to your front.

At the store:

Ensure to check every diaper bag carrier option in the store. Also, find out if the straps are strong enough. Most bags can provide you with a combination of messenger strap and shoulder strap or backpack option. You can wear a diaper bag for a while to see if its straps are comfortable enough to be used for long periods.

5. Fabric

You know that fabric is a vital part of your diaper bag, and so it should be easy to clean, durable and attractive.

  • Teflon Coated Nylon

The blend of nylon coated with Teflon is light, easy to clean and machine washable. Teflon Coated Nylon is also super durable and maintains its colour. You don’t have to be afraid of a spill on a diaper bag with this material.

  • Bedford Nylon

Bedford nylon is very similar to the nylon material and can pleat beautifully. They are lightweight, durable, and resistant to stain and water for easy cleanup.

  • Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric is popularly used to design diaper bags. This material is also durable, lightweight and maintains its colour, as well as its shape. Provided that it’s not exposed to intense heat, nylon fabric makes the diaper bag stay new for years.   

  • Pure Leather

Leather diaper bags are highly durable and easy to clean. But leather bags can be heavy due to their material, and so you might either pack light or be ready to deal with the heaviness. The weight and thickness are worth it as you can use your bag for about 10 to 20 years if you can properly care for the leather. To deal with this material’s heaviness, you can get a leather diaper bag with barrel-dyed exteriors and lightweight interiors.

  • Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a perfect alternative to pure leather diaper bags. Some vegan leather bags look like genuine leather in terms of design and texture. But you have to care for the bag to avoid scratches and a chance of them peeling off. You can still get vegan leathers of good quality: they are usually thicker and stiffer. 

  • Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is a common and popular fabric due to its easy-care and lightweight feature. Most diaper bags produced from cotton canvas fabrics are hand wash or spot clean only. Due to this fabric’s versatility, you can choose the ones with a more stain-fighting option. For durability, most cotton canvas diaper bags are combined with other materials like leather to last longer.

6. Diaper Bags for Men

Several brands also consider awesome dads when creating their diaper bags. Most men might want a masculine bag with different functions and compartments for an outing with their child. We feel you, and this guide also applies to you.

In a Nutshell

We at Momtherly understand that finding an ideal diaper bag is no child’s play. Since you will be using and re-using this bag for several years, you must get the one that suits you and won’t frustrate you. Do your research and ask the right questions about a diaper bag before buying.

Do you have any questions to ask about this topic? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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