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how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy

How To Be A Supportive Husband During Pregnancy

Your support as a husband to your wife during pregnancy is very important for her and the baby. A woman feels loved and happy when her husband supports her, and it lowers the stress of pregnancy on her, which may also help the baby.

As a man, you are probably wondering how you can support or help your wife in this period as she seems overwhelmed with a lot. Well, dad-to-be, we have done your homework for you by meeting with different dads, speaking to them, and conducting the necessary research.

How To Give Emotional Support To Your Pregnant Partner

  1. Give her emotional care by showing her affection, hugging her, or holding her hands when she is in pain.
  2. Communicate with your baby-to-be. She is carrying the baby, so you will make her happy as you engage in communicative activities like talking, reading, or singing to your baby-to-be. According to CDC, Babies can hear during the second trimester of pregnancy and recognize voices in the third trimester.
  3. Please speak to your partner about how she is feeling; pregnancy is a difficult moment for women, so don’t leave her, engage her in conversation. Share how you feel just as she shares what she needs.
  4. You can also walk together when you are less busy, like on a Saturday night or early in the morning.
  5. Encourage your partner during this period; it is not easy carrying another person inside you; encourage her with beautiful words and your smile.
  6. Try not to complain when you are with her. She might sometimes be demanding, but don’t argue or quarrel with her.

How To Give Physical Support To Your Pregnant Partner

  1. You can assist with cleaning and cooking. This is especially essential when your pregnant partner feels weak or if confident cooking smells make her sick.
  2. You can give her a back and foot massage to help ease stress and aches as the pregnancy progresses because women get aches in those parts during pregnancy.
  3. Follow her for a doctor’s visit; you might be busy, but don’t allow her to go alone, tag along with her. This will help you to be able to see your baby’s growth and development—including listening to the heartbeat of your baby.
  4. Follow her to childbirth classes, not only doctor’s visits to make her feel loved. The classes will also help you prep for parenting (diaper changing, feeding, keeping baby healthy and safe) and cover strategies for co-parenting with Mom.
  5. Try to eat healthy food to encourage her to eat well. Support healthy habits. Your encouragement helps mom eat the right foods and avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy.
  6. Run a cool bath when she’s feeling hot and bothered, or a warm one when she’s cold. Just use wet towels or prepare a hot water bottle.
  7. As her body expands, she’ll be increasing majorly in the last trimester of the pregnancy. So, please pick up a few pillows when she needs to prop up her knees or feet, and tuck them into her.


Being here and reading this article already shows that you are a supportive husband to your wife. We believe these tips will help you give your wife the necessary support she needs as you prepare to be a dad.

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