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How to be a Good Father and Husband in 6 Simple Ways

How to be a Good Father and Husband in 6 Simple Ways

Two key roles men take on in life that will fundamentally alter everything are the roles of a father and a husband. While the roles will be very interesting and fulfilling, they will also be challenging.

In this piece, I will show you how to be a good father and husband, whether you are a dad or preparing to be a dad.

How to be a Good Father and Husband

Here are six ways you, as a man, can effectively manage these two roles and be good at each one. Let’s start:

1. Establish an honest communication policy in the home

Your starting point is paying attention to your family and learning how to communicate with them effectively. One of the best ways to be a good father and husband is to listen to your children and your spouse, work on your listening skill, and make time to hear your family out and hear what your wife wants to tell you. If you shut them out, they will not talk again, but they will keep coming to talk to you when you are open.

Give your full attention to them when they come for a discussion. Switch up or mute the TV and focus on them. When they know you are interested in listening to them, they tend to open up more to you.

Ask them questions regarding what they told you, and if it is a problem, offer your sincere advice to them. You don’t only listen to your children but also your wife. Tell her she can tell you anything and that what she says matters to you.

2. Show low to your spouse and children

Show love to your wife and children. It is not only about saying it but showing it in your actions. You can also tell them how important they are to you. Kiss your wife and hug her. Let her feel loved. You should not be too rigid. Sometimes you should have fun with your kids and spouse, like a pillow fight or hide and seek. Just be creative with your approach. Just do it in love. Let them know you love them.

3. Create time for your family

Make time for your family no matter how busy you might be. They are your priority, so make them know they are. Don’t just say it. Show them. Good dads and husbands have a strong bond with their families, so you should spend time with them as a group and individually. This bond comes from spending time with them. ‘

The first thing you can do is play games with your wife and children, either indoors or outdoors. You can also try and go on family trips or family picnics. You can start by playing games with your wife and children, either indoors or outdoors.

You can also try and go on family trips or family picnics. Take your wife on a date; just some alone time for you and your wife. She should feel special. Pick something she likes to do, and go and spend time as a couple.

4. Appreciate your spouse and children at every given opportunity 

Everybody wants to be appreciated and acknowledged. Both your children and spouse. Appreciating them by saying Thank you or offering small gestures like saying kind words to them, giving them a  hug or high-five goes a long way.

You can also take them out on a special treat or buy a special gift. It is essential to be as expressive as possible in showing how you appreciate them. When your spouse puts effort into something, compliment her and say something nice. Have it in mind that the little things matter.

5. See the positive side of things at all times

A lot will happen, and it may seem like you are overwhelmed with challenges and issues from your partner or your children. This is why it is essential always to see the positive side of things. You should also always train your children to bring positivity to every situation. If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it – This is an important lesson.

6. Be quick to apologize when wrong and make it genuine

Admitting your wrongs can seem challenging, especially with your ego and self-image. Still, it is essential to admit that you made a mistake. This helps instill good moral values in your child and makes your partner happy.

Whenever anyone makes a mistake or does something wrong in the house, they can say I am sorry easily because it is something they have watched you do. Aside from apologizing quickly, ensure it is genuine and not something you do for the sake of doing.


These are six practical ways to be a good father and husband to your wife and children. It may not be easy to instill this into your daily practice, but with time, it will become a habit for you, and you will be the dad and husband your family needs.

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