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How does miscarriage affect marriage

How Does Miscarriage Affect Marriage?

After losing a pregnancy, most couples go through the normal stages of grieving and loss: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance. They don’t always happen in that order, and you don’t necessarily progress from one to the next. You can switch back and forth between several phases. Many women who lose a pregnancy go through these stages and remorse. Couples frequently grow apart because sadness is a difficult emotion to navigate. If you and your spouse are mourning together for the first time, you are simultaneously learning about each other.

A miscarriage can significantly impact your relationship, as studies have demonstrated. In 2010, a study examined how miscarriage and stillbirth affect your relationship, and the results were surprising. Couples who experienced a miscarriage were 22 percent more likely to break up than those who had a healthy baby at term. This number was even higher for couples with a stillbirth, with 40 percent of couples ending their relationship.

Friends and family may provide support through miscarriage gifts, messages, and words of encouragement to the couple, but the couple are still faced with a lot of challenges that all of these can not ease. To process their emotions, some people choose to isolate themselves. Others become distracted easily and rely on anything to keep their minds active. Some people are more concerned with hypothetical scenarios that can cause us to feel guilty.

Different questions run through their mind. “Will I ever have a child?” worries. “Did I contribute to this miscarriage in some way?” Why doesn’t my spouse appear to be as distraught as I am? These are frequent phobias that, if unaddressed, can cause conflict in a relationship.

3 Ways Miscarriage Affect Marriage 

The impact of Miscarriage on Marriage can be huge, so we would highlight some of the common things miscarriage does to your marriage. Here are some of the effects of miscarriage on marriage. 

It can cause separation between couples.

You may grow apart due to the miscarriage in your marriage, which is one of its negative impacts. You won’t ever plan for something that might not happen immediately. You can feel personally responsible for the failure. You may occasionally be unsure of your obligations.

Miscarriage can cause couples to be torn apart; you would feel like you want to separate yourself from your partner and stay alone, but this attitude causes both of you to be torn apart. 

The majority of couples encounter this loss and marriage circumstance. So you are not alone. Others have also felt like that. Studies have shown that the reason couples become estranged following a miscarriage is that they do not take the time to discuss their feelings.

It may cause more arguments with your partner

You might lose your temper over trivial things after losing your unborn child. Every little thing your partner does will cause you to lose your temper. It will become impossible to agree on anything with your partner.

When you begin to feel that way, it is evident that you cannot cope with the sense of loss. Accepting that you have lost your unborn child because of this is crucial. In addition, it’s essential to permit yourself to grieve. The feeling of fury is a stage of loss-related emotion. It is also completely normal. Learning to control your anger is the most important thing you can do.

It can affect your sex life as a couple.

Your sex life may not return to normal for some time. Some couples find it beneficial to express their affection for one another or offer support. Some partners might not even sense sexual attraction. Perhaps one of you desires more sexual activity while the other does not. All of these emotions and responses are normal.

The subject of when and if you want to try for another baby is always discussed during sexual activity. You can be fertile in the first month following a miscarriage. Therefore, if you’re having sex and don’t want to become pregnant again, utilize contraception.

Making a decision when to have sex may take significant emotional thought, particularly if you and your spouse have conflicting emotions. Take your time and, if necessary, give each other some space. When you’re ready, your sexual relationship should progress. Getting some expert support could be beneficial if you’re having trouble. (Click the link for additional information)

During what is already a difficult time, all of this can cause misunderstandings and fights, but there are some things you can do as a couple that may assist.


A miscarriage after marriage will undoubtedly affect your relationship. On the brighter side, it can help you  discover something new about one another. 


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