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Hello Bello Diapers Review

Best Hello Bello Diapers Review 2022: Is This Plant-Based Diaper Safe?

Hello Bello diapers are making waves in the disposable diaper industry, especially since it claims to be plant-based. 

But is the Hello Bello diaper worth the hype? Are they truly free of chemicals and safe for babies? How can you get them at lower prices?

Many parents would prefer a perfect alternative to chemical-based disposables dominating the market. 

While cloth diapers would have seemed like the solution, using them on your little one is quite a hassle. Who even likes the stress of piling up messed-up cloth diapers and washing poop every day? Certainly not me! 

Fortunately, you can get a few eco-friendly baby diapers, like Hello Bello, that are safe for your baby’s delicate or sensitive skin. 

This premium diaper brand has been tagged as one of the safest products on the market. So, you will find out whether or not they are worth the hype. 

One of my sisters-in-law gave birth recently and since I have been rooting for eco-friendly safe diapers and baby products of late, I decided to give Hello Bello a try! 

So, I bought a bundle pack on Amazon, took it to her, alongside some other baby items, and spent the weekend. 

Apart from planning to help her out with certain things at home, I wanted to have first-hand experience of how the plant-based and conventional ingredients mix diaper works. 

In addition, I sought reviews from other mothers who have used it on their babies and also checked for certain criteria, which I will explain below. 

So, if you are in need of safe and eco-friendly baby diapers, continue reading my Hello Bello review. 

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About Hello Bello Brand  

One of the reasons I believe that brought Hello Bello out to the world is the founders of these products. Yes, It was also a big deal for me as I wanted to see what their plant-based products were about. 

So, the brains behind Hello Bello company are co-founders and celebrity couples, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. 

They are all about natural and eco-friendly lifestyles. They started the company around 2019 with the aim of providing premium but affordable products to all classes of people.  

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, in partnership with Walmart, created their products with the planet, babies and parents in mind and have been doing well to sell at lower prices. 

Types of Hello Bello Diapers

These eco-friendly diapers are available in different types that suit newborns, toddlers and young children. Therefore, you will find something for your growing child. 

  • Daytime and Nighttime diapers
  • Training pants
  • Swim diapers

Ingredients: What Makes Up Hello Bello Diapers

Hello Bello Diapers are safer in many ways than regular disposable diapers. They do not contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation. 

Diapers from Hello Bello are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and parents report that they work really well on babies with sensitive skin.

When searching for the best diapers, I always look out for those that would not break and leave crystals or gel on the skin of babies.

Thankfully, Hello Bello nappies are incredibly strong, and I haven’t encountered issues like broken diapers or crystals exposed in the bottom of the diaper. And so far, my sister-in-law has not complained in this regard. 

So, here are the ingredients that make up these eco-friendly diapers. 


Hello Bello Diapers are made of TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) fluff pulp that comes from forest resources. By TCF, we mean that bleaching didn’t use chlorine or its derivatives, and it emitted no Right now, experts advise using this method as the safest bleaching method.


Like other disposable diapers, Hello Bello diapers use SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), making them efficient at sucking the liquid. 

Although some parents are concerned that SAP may harm babies, experts have determined that the amount in baby diapers is safe (especially since it isn’t in direct contact with the skin). 

Note that all diapers contain SAP, and without it, they would not absorb any moisture. Unfortunately, SAP is not biodegradable.

Plant-derived PLA non-woven fibre

In contrast to many regular and green disposables, Hello Bello has an absorbent core lined with corn-derived PLA non-woven fibres. This plant-based type of fibre is 100 percent biodegradable. Therefore it has a lower environmental impact. Plus, it is antibacterial.

Polypropylene/Polyethylene/Polyester Nonwoven Fibers

Despite being greener than many regular disposables, Hello Bello Diapers are not organic and do contain some synthetic materials.

Polypropylene fibres make up the top sheet that directly touches the baby’s skin. The material is soft and supple. In fact, some parents describe it as the most delicate fabric ever.

Polypropylene/polyethylene fibres are used for the back sheet of the Hello Bello diaper. Sadly, none of these fibres are natural or biodegradable.

Spandex Strands and Elastomeric Film

Both ingredients are lightweight, synthetic fibres that contribute to the elasticity of disposable diapers. They are both safe to use on babies. 

Spandex fibres are composed of numerous polymer strands that make these plant-based disposable diapers stretchy to fit your baby. On the other hand, the elastomeric film is basically used to make diaper fasteners.  

Free of Scents and Harsh Chemicals

Hello Bello Diapers are non-toxic diapers, which are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Artificial fragrances, lotions, latex and chlorine, are not present in them. Additionally, Hello Bello Diapers are free of phthalates, TBT, DBT, and MBT.

Therefore, these diapers are less likely to cause diaper rashes and allergies. 

Hello Bello Review: Sizes 

Like most disposable diapers, Hello Bello diapers and pants are available in various sizes for newborns, toddlers to young children. 

The company’s daytime and nighttime diapers come in 7 sizes (newborn and sizes 1 to 6). The training pants are available in 4 sizes for toddlers and older kids, while the Swim Dipes come in three sizes. 

So you know, the newborn, size 1 and 2  diapers have a wetness indicator but the bigger sizes do not have it. 

Personally, this is not a big deal but I wouldn’t say the same about you. So you should know before purchasing one. 

Hello Bello Daytime and Night-time Diapers
Sizes Weight Range
Newborn Up to 10 lbs.
1 8 to 12 lbs.
2 10 to 16 lbs.
3 14 to 24 lbs.
4 22 to 37 lbs.
5 27 + lbs.
6 35 + lbs.


Hello Bello Diapers (Newborn)

This diaper size is specifically for newborns; they don’t have preemies size. 

Based on the designs of this diaper, it appeals more to girls. Watermelon and Cactus designs and what you will find in this pack. However, you will find other designs that suit baby boys.

Parents attest to its super-absorbency, fit, stretchy side panels, leak protection, and snugly feel.

Interestingly, the Hello Bello newborn size diapers come with a wetness indicator to take away the guess.


  • Design: Watermelon / Cactus 
  • Count: 5 Packs (35ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 175 diapers
  • Age Range: Newborn
  • Target Audience: Girls


Hello Bello Baby Diapers (Size 1)

Hello Bello Baby Diapers (Size 1)

The Hello Bello size one diapers are similar to the newborn options as they have a wetness indicator and are soft internally and externally.

Also, they are good for sensitive babies, provide enough leak protection and feel like cloth.

The designs available for this size suits both genders (baby boys and girls)


  • Size: Size 1
  • Count: 5 Packs (35ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 175 diapers
  • Age Range: Baby
  • Target Audience: Unisex babies


Hello Bello Baby Diapers (Size 2)

This size also suits boys and girls and offers the same benefits as others. 

Another good thing is that this size also comes with a wetness indicator. So, when your child’s diaper gets soaked, you will easily discover it through the indicator without checking manually.

Just so you know, you can get this diaper in any design of choice.


  • Size: Size 2
  • Count: 5 Packs (35ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 175 diapers
  • Age Range: Baby
  • Target Audience: Unisex-Babies


Hello Bello Diapers (Size 3) 

Hello Bello Diapers (Size 3)

Hello Bello core features a specially engineered, super-absorbent material that locks away wetness and creates a barrier against leakage. The inner and outer layers of these plant-based diapers are super soft for extra comfort.

It also has a wetness indicator like the Newborn and sizes 1 and 2 Hello Bello diapers.


  • Size: Size 3
  • Count: 5 Packs (27ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 135 diapers
  • Design: Sleepy Sloths Pattern
  • Age Range: Baby
  • Target Audience: Unisex-Babies


Hello Bello Diapers (Size 4)

Hello Bello Diapers (Size 4)

While providing enough eco-friendly benefits for your sensitive and delicate baby, its design appeals more to a female child.

Although Hello Bello size 4 diapers do not feature wetness indicators, you can enjoy its other benefits.


  • Size: Size 4
  • Count: 5 Packs (23ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 115 diapers
  • Design: Watermelon & Cactus Pattern
  • Age Range: Baby
  • Target Audience: Girls


Hello Bello Baby Diapers (Size 5) 

Like size 4, Hello Bello size 5 diapers do not have a wetness indicator. However, it contains a blend of plant-based and safe plastic-based chemicals like the rest. It also offers most of the benefits you require for your sensitive child.


  • Size: Size 5
  • Count: 5 Packs (20ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 100 diapers
  • Design: Sleepy Sloths Pattern
  • Age Range: Baby
  • Target Audience: Unisex babies


Hello Bello Baby Diapers (Size 6) 

Hello Bello Diapers (Size 6)

It offers the same benefits as other sizes by being super absorbent, hypoallergenic and harsh chemicals-free. Like sizes 4 and 5, Hello Bello company did not find it necessary to add a wetness indicator. 

If you want a brand that offers a wetness indicator in most of its diapers, check with Huggies.


  • Size: Size 5
  • Count: 5 Packs (18ct in each pack) 
  • Total Count: 90 diapers
  • Design: Sleepy Sloths Pattern
  • Age Range: Baby
  • Target Audience: Unisex babies


Are Hello Bello Diapers Safe? 

Compared to regular disposables, Hello Bello Diapers are safer – they contain no nasty chemicals that could irritate your baby’s skin. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 

“Literally the best diapers on the market. My daughter has very sensitive skin and these are the only diapers we’ve found that she doesn’t break out wearing.” Emily Horrell (Amazon mom)

The fact that the ingredients do not contain synthetic fragrances, lotions, latex, phthalates, TBT, or chlorine means the chances of allergies or diaper rash are slim. 

“These are affordable, exactly as they are described and, perfect for my baby’s skin. Every other diaper that claims to be sensitive and, free of dyes or chlorine break her out SOOO bad. Hello Bello products/diapers are the only brand that keeps her protected and, skin clear. Love Hello Bello.” Shi (Amazon Mom)

I particularly love the diaper strength because we can rest knowing that it will not tear and release SAP (an absorbent ingredient) on our babies’ butts.  

Is Hello Bello Diaper Biodegradable?

Hello Bello diapers contain some components that degrade, but they’re not as biodegradable as other environmentally friendly options. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for biodegradable diapers, check out DYPER Bamboo Baby Diapers, Earth + Eden Baby Diapers, Andy Pandy Diapers or Eco Pea Co Diapers.

Hello Bello Review: Absorbency 

Parents report that these non-toxic diapers are as absorbent as regular (chemical) disposable diapers! They keep a lot of moisture without leaking.

Nonetheless, some customers recommend using Hello Bello Nighttime Diapers as overnight diapers because they are even more absorbent and do not feel damp after nighttime use.

Even though daytime diapers feel a bit wet after night, they don’t leak or make onesies or crib mattresses wet. Rather, you just may notice a bit of dampness. Nighttime diapers are therefore a better option for overnight use if your child has a tendency to wet a lot.

Overall, Hello Bello’s absorbency has been praised by a lot of parents. We didn’t experience any diaper sagging, especially on days when my in-law’s baby pees or poops a lot.

“These diapers are the best diapers you will ever buy. They don’t leak and are made well. I used to use pampers because my kids would get a rash with any other diaper. These are chlorine-free and don’t have all the harsh chemicals in them that make kids break out. Awesome diapers! People that wrote reviews saying how bad the quality is and the diapers are terrible must be on something because these are by far the best diapers. My 3 kids have all done great with them and no leaks.” – Julie Haithcock (Amazon mom)

The Fit

I cannot review this diaper without mentioning FIT because it is a critical factor.

With other diapers, my biggest complaint has been the fit. This is why I have mostly stuck with Pampers. My baby just doesn’t fit into many different brands of diapers. 

So far, the newborn size Hello Bello diaper perfectly fits my sister-in-law’s baby and reviews from other mothers have also confirmed this.  

My preference has always been a slender diaper that offers security yet is still flexible enough to let my little ones move about the house doing things that babies love. I’m not a fan of bulky diapers!

My experience with other types of diapers has shown that they do not fit quite right. The leg space is either too large, too small, or they’re too bulky for one’s size. It’s even worse if they do offer that slim yet flexible fit I’m seeking, but they hold up poorly as far as absorbency is concerned.

I think they have a very slender profile, reminiscent of Pampers diapers, and they’re a perfect balance between being flexible and secure.

I would love to know what you think about Hello Bello’s diaper FIT when you try it on your baby. 


Hello Bello Review Designs

I may not be wrong to say that Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell’s brand (Hello Bello) offers a line of super cute baby diapers. 

They have over thirty adorable designs, displaying fairies, alphabet, cats, koalas, stars, lions, among others, for you to choose from. Plus, the company adds new prints regularly. Even though your little one is picky, he cannot reject all the available designs. 

Note that some of the prints you may get depend on the specific sizes you select. You can either check Hello Bello’s website or their product links above to see what design is available in your preferred size.


While comparing Hello Bello diapers with similar brands, I discovered that Hello Bello diapers are more expensive than conventional ones. But they are very competitive with many of the big brands, including traditional and natural diapers.

Nonetheless, the cost difference between this plant-based diaper and other mainstream options is not significant enough. The brand could be slightly lower or higher than diapers with similar features. 

For instance, when you compare the price of Hello Bello with one of Pampers’ similar diapers, such as the Pampers Pure Protection, the Hello Bello diapers are not as expensive. 

So, it depends on the factors you consider about diapers in general, what you choose in terms of bundling to save money, and what your family values most in diapers.

However, you can get Hello Bello diapers at the lowest price by signing up for their subscription plan. This makes them stand out from other diaper brands due to the convenience of the subscription and the ease of cancellation.

Currently, you can get your first month’s diaper box for 245 diapers per bundle for about $65. Plus, you will receive free 4 packs of wipes, up to 5 additional items at 15 percent off each, and random freebies. 

Alternatively, you can use the product link I provided above to order this eco-friendly diaper on Amazon.

I will answer more questions on the Hello Bello subscription below as I feel you might be interested. 

Hello Bello Review: Pros and Cons


  • It helps to prevent leaks and blowouts
  • Stretchy, fit baby’s butt, provided you pick the right size
  • Chemical-free and chlorine-free
  • Various eye-catchy prints to choose from
  • The diaper bundle comes with freebies and extras (other brand products)
  • One of the most budget-friendly non-toxic disposable diapers 
  • Premium quality – material, no broken diapers, no gels on baby’s butt


  • It is produced from synthetic (plastic) materials, not organic
  • Only some parts of Hello Bello diapers are biodegradable

Final Verdict: Is Hello Bello Worth the Hype?

Considering all the factors, I think Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s baby line is a worthy recommendation. 

You might find this to be the best option if you want to purchase safe baby diapers free of harsh chemicals and don’t want to spend a fortune on them.

The nappies are clean and hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for sensitive skin children prone to irritation. Hello Bello diapers can hold a lot of liquid and prevent leaks and blowouts effectively. But you have to ensure that you are buying the right size for your baby to avoid diaper sags and leakage.

Furthermore, parents rave about their softness and a large variety of adorable prints that catch babies’ attention.

Moreover, the company is also known for their other baby products. Some mothers claim that the water wipes by Hello Bello are the best on the market. Many customers also praise the Hello Bello diaper rash cream. 

As a side note, these products come for free with your first-month bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hello Bello Diapers

Are Hello Bello diapers more expensive?

Hello Bello is more expensive than budget-friendly diapers like Mama Bear and Luvs. But, they are really competing with premium brands like Pampers and Huggies.

However, Hello Bello diaper prices are lesser than organic disposable diapers.   

Therefore, if you look forward to having an affordable diaper that is safe for sensitive babies and free of harsh chemicals, Hello Bello diapers are worth a try!

Do Hello Bello diapers have a wetness indicator?

Yes, but only on their smaller diaper sizes. From newborn to Sizes 1-3 has wetness indicators to help you determine when to change your baby’s soaked diaper.

However, Hello Bello co-founders feel it is not necessary to add wetness indicators on the larger sizes (including sizes 4 to 6). 

How do I get free diapers from Hello Bello?

The process is quite straightforward! Visit the Hello Bello website and enter your information (either as an expecting mom or a new mother). Then use the coupon code “FREEDIAPERS” and pay only $1.00 shipping.

You will receive your free pack of newborn or size 1 Hello Bello diapers.

Is Honest the same as Hello Bello?

It is no doubt that Honest diapers have a similar ingredients list as Hello Bello. Like Hello Bello, they are not bleached with chlorine and use sustainably harvested fluff pulp. 

Honest diapers do not also contain latex, alcohol, lotions, fragrances, and other allergic chemical additives. 

I think what basically differentiates Hello Bello from Honest diapers is their flexible bundle subscription. 

Is Hello Bello better than Huggies?

Huggies is a premium brand that provides parents with a wide range of features to stop diaper leaks. They have more product ranges than Hello Bello diapers. 

Alternatively, Hello Bello eco-friendly diapers are less expensive and do the job just as well. Also, you’ll enjoy the fun patterns and designs variety of Hello Bello. 

I also enjoy that Hello Bello offers so much with its slim diapers, unlike Huggies that feels bulky. I guess this is one of reasons most mothers prefer Pampers diapers over Huggies

An essential point to note is that all Huggies diaper sizes feature wetness indicators.

So, whatever brand feels better to you should depend on what works well for your baby. While some parents will always stick to Huggies, others commended that Hello Bello helped with diaper rash control and worked for their sensitive baby’s skin. 

How long does a Hello Bello bundle last?

Hello Bello bundle consists of a diaper pack, wipes, and baby products per subscription. 

The bundle subscription is usually renewed every month (3, 4, or 5 weeks), but you can cancel at any time. 

How much is Hello Bello diaper subscription?

Hello Bello company presently offers a diaper subscription, starting at $65 per bundle, and a vitamin bundle which begins at $30 per month. 

Don’t forget that you can slightly cost more than these depending on the add-ons you may want to include in your bundle. 

In a bundle, you will get 7 diaper packs in your chosen size, design and pattern, 4 packs of wipes (60 counts for each), and up to 5 add-ons of your choice of products.

Where to buy Hello Bello Diapers?

You can buy Hello Bello Diapers on their website, partner store and website (Walmart), CVS, Meijer, Albertsons, Kohl’s, Hyvee and Amazon stores. 

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