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Best Wearable Breast Pump - Elvie Vs Willow

Elvie vs. Willow: Best Wearable Breast Pump Review

Are you a pregnant mom with a decision to make on the best wearable breast pump, or are you shopping for a new mom and not sure if you should buy an Elvie or Willow wearable breast pump? You are not alone. In this article, I tried to answer all your questions on Elvie vs Willow- which one to buy, how durable they both are, and more.

So, if you’re not busy, let’s dig in.

New mothers require a great deal of energy. Therefore, anything that can ease the process is always appreciated. In terms of breastfeeding, that something can be a wearable breast pump.

Now, new mothers can enjoy amazing freedom with hands-free breast pumps! It is easier for you to pump while doing other activities like driving, sleeping, exercising, driving, working or shopping.

Although you will find a plethora of breast pumps on the market, there are only a few options for wearable or wireless breast pumps. Elvie and Willow are the only pumps of their kind on the wearable breast pump market.

You probably know about the Elvie and Willow breast pumps if you are a breastfeeding mom or an exclusively pumping mom. Nevertheless, if you have never heard of them before, both Elvie and Willow are hands-free, wireless, double electric breast pumps.

These pumps insert directly into your bra or tank top, allowing you to pump entirely independently. Therefore, you don’t have to connect the pumps to any wall socket or stay stuck at a spot. Their pump motors and milk collection units are housed inside a shell that fits your bra, making pumping highly convenient.

However, while these double electric breast pumps are super convenient and in their way, one of them may not suit your needs and lifestyle. So the problem here is to choose the best wearable breast pump for you- Elvie vs Willow!

Now, let’s look at Elvie vs. Willow and break down the similarities and differences between the two.

Table of Contents

What is a Breast Pump?

The breast pump removes and collects milk from your breasts. Upon collection, you can feed your baby right away or store the milk in containers and bags for later use. If you need to express breast milk steadily, a pump may be more convenient and easier to use than the hand expression technique.

Why would you need a breast pump?

The following are the few reasons, among others, why you would need a breast pump instead of expressing breast milk by hand.

  • If your infant is a preemie or in the hospital and he is unable to breastfeed.
  • It’s back to school or work for you.
  • You want to increase your milk supply.
  • Sometimes you need to relieve the pressure on your engorged stomach.
  • You need to wean your baby temporarily.
  • Regardless of the reason, most lactating mothers find it useful to have a pump nearby.

Elvie Breast Pump- Get the Details

Elvie Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump

With the Elvie breast pump, you can pump breast milk hands-free, completely wirelessly, and at any time. Full-time or exclusively pumping moms can enjoy a new level of freedom. Many mothers have shared good reviews about how these pumps make life more convenient and regular for them. You can use it easily as it is rechargeable and battery-powered. Although the pump is an investment, some insurance companies like FSA and HSA may cover your expense.



Elvie Breast Pump
8/10Our Score

With the Elvie breast pump, you can pump breast milk hands-free, completely wirelessly, and at any time.

Full-time or exclusively pumping moms can enjoy a new level of freedom.


Types of Elvie Breast Pump

Elvie Wearable Breast Pump has three kinds of wearable pumps known as:

  • Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump
  • Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump
  • Catch Secure Milk Collection Cups

Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump

Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump

This Elvie pump is the lightest, smallest and quietest wireless breast pump. They allow you to pump milk at your own time and pace. You can pump milk while at home, work, market or on the go. This means no more hiding or sitting at a spot to pump milk. Its silent feature eliminates any noise which can cause a distraction or an embarrassment.

Since they are hand-free and wearable, these electric pumps require you to wear them inside a full-size nursing bra. The Elvie Pump is easy to assemble and clean. An exciting feature of this Elvie pump is that you connect it to its free app, which tracks the milk volume, pumping history, and pump control.

This smart pump can automatically switch from stimulation mode to expression mode as soon as it detects let-down. It will also pause on its own when its bottles are full.


Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump
8/10Our Score

With the Elvie breast pump, you can pump breast milk hands-free, completely wirelessly, and at any time.

Full-time or exclusively pumping moms can enjoy a new level of freedom.


Elvie Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump

Elvie Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump

You can gently express milk with the Elvie Curve when you let down while you feed or pump on the other breast or when your breasts feel full. Since Elvie Curve sits discreetly inside your bra, your hands are free, and you don’t have to worry about it falling off while your little one is feeding.

Elvie Curve is contoured to fit your breast correctly; press the silicone pouch to adjust suction according to your preference. With the control valve on top, you can quickly decrease suction.


Elvie Curve Manual Wearable Breast Pump
7.8/10Our Score

You can gently express milk with the Elvie Curve when you let down while you feed or pump on the other breast or when your breasts feel full. 


Elvie Catch Secure Milk Collection Cups

Elvie Catch Secure Milk Collection Cups

Elvie Catch is designed with a silicone skirt that’s slip-proof, so it doesn’t leak while collecting 1 ounce of milk on both sides, which means that you will no longer waste milk in your breast pads. With Elvie Catch, women can wear it comfortably for up to three hours while accommodating the natural shape of their breasts.

Moreover, you can adjust the silicone skirts to find the perfect fit for your breasts. Designed to sit inside your bra, Elvie Catch allows you to collect milk discreetly. It is easy to clean each collection cup by hand or in the dishwasher.


Elvie Catch Secure Milk Collection Cups
8.8/10Our Score

With Elvie Catch, women can wear it comfortably for up to three hours while accommodating the natural shape of their breasts.

Moreover, you can adjust the silicone skirts to find the perfect fit for your breasts.


Key Features of Elvie Breast Pump

Elvie wearable breast pump has some unique features that I enjoyed when I got it to express milk for my baby girl.


They are compact and lightweight, and you can wear the Elvie Pumps inside a typical nursing bra. These features make it hands-free, as you won’t be tied or slowed down.


The Revolutionary technology of the Elvie pump eliminates noise. Therefore, it allows you to pump in peace at any time of the day.


From assemblage to care maintenance, using Elvie Pump is simple. The Elvie pump features only five parts to clean, and it takes seconds to assemble. You don’t need any cords or stress.


Elvie has smart features that allow you to connect to its free Pump app. You can use this app to track milk volume in real-time, monitor each breast’s pumping history, and control the breast pump remotely.

Note that Elvie’s wearable breast pump works with or without its app.

How you can make use of these smart features includes

  • Play or Pause the breast pump(s) from your phone.
  • Change the mode and intensity.
  • View your real-time milk volume
  • Monitor pumping history for each breast
  • Set timer for pumping


Elvie Pump operates on a 2-phase mode. It automatically switches from stimulation into expression mode when it detects let-down. And then, it will pause when the bottle is full.

Variable suction

Elvie wearable breast pump is designed to mimic how a baby sucks in breast milk. It features seven intensity settings.

Reusable bottles

The wearable breast pumps come with four durable 5oz/150ml bottles where you can keep and store the breast milk for later use.


Unlike some manual or electrical breast pumps, you don’t need any wire, plug-in outlet or light to pump breast milk. You only have to charge the pump for 2 hours using a micro-USB.


Featuring three breast shield sizes, the Elvie breast pump comes with 24mm and 28mm flanges. But if they are too large for you, you can buy the smaller (21mm) separately.

Safe Plastic

The plastics of the Elvie are BPA-free and dishwasher safe- which is safe for you and your baby’s health.

How Does Elvie Breast Pump Work?

Elvie vs Willow Pump- How it works

Before using the Elvie breast pump, you will have to wear either one or two pumps inside your bra as it is cordless and hands-free. It does not have tubes or dangling bottles, and which is what makes it so attractive.

Aside from being cordless, these pumps are rechargeable, which means that you will have to charge them thoroughly before use.

You can also track everything from the length of your pumping session to how much milk you’ve pumped with the Elvie pumps’ app.

The Elvie Pump doesn’t contain a plastic bag that store milk inside it. Instead, you can attach a bottle beneath the machine, which takes in all the breast milk.

The bottle attached to the Elvie pump is clear enough for you to know when it is full. So, you can manually switch off the pump (through the app or sensor button).

Thankfully, Elvie’s box includes four bottles which are more than enough. These 5-ounce bottles can hold enough breast milk for an entire pumping session.

With Elvie wearable pumps, you can quickly transfer your milk to a feeding bottle and feed your baby directly or store them.

Elvie Wearable Breast Pumps Pros and Cons


  • Each pump holds 5 ounces of milk
  • Wireless pump sound is silent
  • This pump has reusable containers; no bags
  • Its app keeps track of pump sessions
  • It includes two different breast shield sizes
  • You can pump into different containers before washing
  • It features seven suction settings
  • Hand and dishwasher safe
  • Allows you to multitask


  • You will clean more parts
  • The battery only lasts 2.5 hours
  • It has small light, making the pump less discreet.

Where to Buy Elvie Breast Pump

You can buy the Elvie Breast Pump in various online and offline stores in the US, Canada and other countries. According to Elvie company, some of these stores include 1 Natural Way,, Aeroflow, Amazon US, Buy Buy Baby, and Baby’s on Broadway. Other stores are Acceleron, FSA Store, Healthy Horizons, HSA Store, Lehan Drugs, Maternity Partners, MilkMoms, Nu-life Medical Equipment, Target, Yummy Mummy, Walmart, and Best Buy stores.  For more information on where you can purchase other Elvie products, check through this link.

Willow Wearable Breast Pump- Get the Details

Willow pumps have lesser options for pump types. It comes in double wearable breast pumps and a bundle pack.

The Willow Double Wearable Breast Pump

Willow Wearable. Breast Pump

The Willow Wearable Breast Pump has a compact, in-bra design that eliminates cords, tubes, or dangling bottles so you can pump whenever and wherever you want.

With seven levels of suction, this hands-free pump fits comfortably in your bra. It is comparable to traditional hospital grade and double electric pumps and includes a comfortable setting for comfort.

Willow breast pumps offer leak-proof pumping with continuous suction technology that allows for 360 degrees of freedom while breastfeeding.

Additionally, you can pump and pour whenever you like and keep milk safe with self-seal, spill-proof hygienic storage bags. If you choose, you can use eco-friendly reusable containers separately.

It is easily assembled, cleanable, and dishwasher-friendly as you will only clean two parts.

Moreover, when you let down, Smart Suction changes from stimulating to expressing, adjusting based on your preferences so that you can get more milk. Willow App users can also receive personalized tips, onboarding videos and see real-time session volumes.



The Willow Double Wearable Breast Pump
7.4/10Our Score

With seven levels of suction, this hands-free pump fits comfortably in your bra.

It is comparable to traditional hospital grade and double electric pumps and includes a comfortable setting for comfort.



Willow Wearable Breast Pump plus Flanges Bundle

With the Willow Generation 3 Pump, you can take it everywhere with you. This bundle comes with the Willow double breast pumps and 4 Flanges (21mm and 24mm). With these sizes included in this bundle, you’re able to determine which size you need throughout your breastfeeding experience.

In order to ensure optimum suction, the flanges are clear to improve the visibility of the nipples. They can also be aligned easily to ensure simple placement and fast assembly.

Although these are reusable, you should change them every three months. You may not experience any loud sucking sounds with the flanges.


Willow Wearable Breast Pump plus Flanges Bundle
7.2/10Our Score

With the Willow Generation 3 Pump, you can take it everywhere with you.

This bundle comes with the Willow double breast pumps and 4 Flanges (21mm and 24mm).

With these sizes included in this bundle, you’re able to determine which size you need throughout your breastfeeding experience.


Key Features of Willow Breast Pump

Pump Anywhere, in Any Position

The Willow Wearable Breast pump has a quiet, compact, in-bra design with no cords, tubes, or dangling bottles so that you can pump wherever, whenever. Everything works inside the pump and your bra, with no external tubes, cords, or dangling bottles to hold you back.


Willow breast pumps give the flexibility to move in any direction and achieve 360 degrees of freedom using its patented, continuous suction technology and an all-in-one disposable milk collection and storage bag.

Designed for Comfort Hassle-Free

This hands-free breast pump that fits in your bra offers seven suction levels comparable to most standard double electric and hospital grade pumps and a sensitivity setting for comfort.

Pump & Store or Pump & Pour

Willow breast pumps provide you with the opportunity and flexibility to pump while attending to other things. Your pumped breast milk is safe with spill-proof, self-sealing and hygienic storage bags or pumps. You can store the milk in these bags, eco-friendly reusable containers or pour it into a sterilized baby bottle for immediate use.

Only two parts to clean

It is easy to assemble and clean, having only a few dishwasher-safe parts.

Pump Smart

Willow smart pump allows you to track milk volume, view history, and receive personalized tips with its app. The breast pump’s smart suction technology automatically converts from Stimulation to Expression mode at let down. Also, the breast pump adjusts based on your unique suction preferences to help you get more milk.


Using an A/V charger, Willow pump’s rechargeable battery can last up to 5 pumping sessions which gets you through the day.

Other features include

  • Milk storage containers and BPA free.
  • Reusable Containers and Spill-Proof Milk Bags
  • Quiet pump sound

How Does Willow Breast Pump Work?

Elvie vs Willow Pump- How it works

Willow is also available in double pumps, which are cordless and hands-free. It does not have tubes or dangling bottles, which means you can wear them inside your bra on the go.

These wearable breast pumps work by recharging them fully before use since they are rechargeable and cordless.

First, download the Willow app through IOS or Android and make sure you download the right Willow App that aligns with your Pump generation.

The Willow Generation-3 Breast Pumps are only compatible with the Generation-3 App. Similarly, Willow Generations 1 and 2 pumps are only compatible with the Generations 1 and 2 Willow App.

You can also control and track everything from the length of your pumping session to how much milk you’ve pumped with both pumps’ corresponding apps.

While pumping can be controlled and monitored through the app, the pumping sections and techniques are different.

The Willow wearable pump comes with a plastic milk bag attached to its electric pump. The machine stops pumping as soon as its sensor detects a full milk bag.

Also, the Willow pump is most suitable for pumping and storing the milk in the freezer or fridge. Therefore, you can purchase more reusable milk bags to attach to the pump and transfer the milk into any other bag before freezing. However, you can also transfer it into a bottle and feed your baby right away.

Where to Buy Willow Breast Pump?

Like Elvie, you can buy a Willow pump online from the comfort of your home or walk to stores around that sell baby and maternity/postpartum items.

Some online stores also have brick-and-mortar locations if you don’t have a flair for shopping online.

Some online stores that sell the Willow pump include Amazon, Willow site, Target, and eBay.

Willow Wearable Breast Pumps Pros and Cons


  • Allow you to multitask while pumping
  • The pump has a quiet sound
  • It uses its app to monitor pumping sessions
  • The pump has a sensor to detect and off the pumps when it is full
  • Easy storage: milk bag allows you quickly freeze up breast milk
  • Leak-proof bags
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher
  • No lights on the pump


  • It is expensive and may not have an insurance cover
  • Milk collection bags may be too small
  • Requires you to wash immediately after use (Not traveller-friendly)

Elvie vs Willow Breast Pump

Here, the double breast pumps will be the subject of comparisons since I think most users will choose them.

In this article, I differentiated both wearable breast pumps based on the following criteria:

  • What is in the box?
  • Elvie vs Willow Pricing
  • Flange Size
  • Milk Volume
  • Breast Pump Sounds
  • Battery Use
  • Customer Support
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Warranty

What Is in the Box?

To properly determine and compare what is in the Elvie and Willow wireless breast pump boxes, I got the Elvie double breast pump instead of the single one. Remember that the Willow pump is just available as a set of two. So both wireless breast pumps come with the following parts:

Elvie Wearable Double Breast Pump

  • Two hubs (the motors)
  • USB charging cables (2)
  • bra adjusters (4)
  • Four 5-ounce bottles
  • Four seals
  • 24mm breast shields (2)
  • 28mm breast shields (2)
  • Four storage lids
  • spouts (4)
  • Four valves
  • Two carry bags

Willow Wearable Double Breast Pump

  • 2 Willow pumps
  • One charger
  • Two flanges in your selected size
  • 24 4-ounce milk bags
  • Two flex tubes
  • cleaning brushes (2)
  • Manual

Apparently, Elvie pump wins in this section, hands down, as it has way more accessories than the Willow wearable breast pump.

Therefore, you can pump twice using Elvie double breast pump without washing any item, except the breast shields. Elvie pumps are handier when you are outside your house as you can store the dirty items in a trash bag to wash later at your destination.

As for the Willow double breast pump, you will have to wash its parts to reuse it due to its limited accessories, mainly when pumping on both breasts.

Without regular cleaning, Willow pumps can malfunction.

Elvie vs Willow Pricing

Willow pumps are more expensive than their Elvie counterpart when you are looking at them from different aspects. Willow double pumps go for $489.99 to $499.99, while Elvie double pumps cost between $474.99 and $499.00.

While their prices may seem close, in all aspects, Willow seems more expensive. How?

Willow comes with fewer reusable milk bags that attach to the pump. Since you need to replace these reusable bags before or after three months, you will have to purchase them from the pharmacy or grocery store. But, they are more expensive than regular breast milk bags. Whether or not you freeze breast milk, you will have to purchase a disposable bag every time.

In contrast, the Elvie pumps include four bottles, and you won’t need any disposable bags to transfer your milk.

Furthermore, you can store your breast milk with Elvie bottles or transfer it into a feeding bottle. This option creates more flexibility regarding milk storage and saves costs in the long run.

Elvie vs Willow- Wearable Breast Pump Flange Size

You need to know your flange size before ordering to get the one that is right for you. To gain an accurate reading of your Willow size, you must first measure your nipple size. According to Willow, the size measurements are:

Nipple Size                                     

  • 17-19mm
  • 20-22mm
  • 23-25mm

Willow Size

  • 21mm
  • 24mm
  • 27mm

Getting the correct flange size is vital because it impacts how well the pump functions, so be precise.

Unlike the Willow, Elvie does not require you to order your breast pump by flange size. Elvie pump provides the following flange sizes:

  • 21mm
  • 24mm
  • 28mm

Elvie breast pump comes with the 24mm and 28mm flanges, but you can buy the smaller (21mm) separately if they are too large for you.

Elvie vs Willow: Milk Volume

The Elvie can process a greater quantity of milk per session – 5 ounces as opposed to 4 ounces for the Willow.

So, when the Willow senses that it is full, it automatically shuts off. This feature is essential because you cannot see how much milk is in the bag while you pump. However, a faulty sensor can lead to a premature shut-off of the pump.

In contrast, Elvie’s milk bottle is below the motor and visible from the outside, although your bra will cover it while you pump.

Elvie vs Willow Breast Pump Sounds

Elvie Pump is quieter than other breast pump brands, and 96 percent of women agree it’s noiseless. Therefore, it won’t be easy for anyone else or you to hear it while the pumps are inside your bra.

Although Elvie Pump is inaudible in an everyday environment, you will hear a bit of “whirr” noise. However, this breast pump is not an enormous distraction.

Elvie vs Willow Battery Use

Willow and Elvie use rechargeable batteries. While Elvie uses USB cables, the Willow pump runs on an A/V charger.

Furthermore, the Elvie pump takes around 2 hours to charge and lasts for pumping of 2.5 hours. On the other hand, the Willow wearable breast pump takes approximately 2 hours to charge and lasts for five pumping sessions.

Note that you might need to get an additional charger for your Willow breast pump, as you will have to charge two pumps. Unlike Elvie pump, Willow only provides one charger in its box.

Customer Support

The two pumps have customer support that communicates with their customers, especially in case of an issue with their product. While Elvie only provides email support (, Willow offers customer support through text; they also accept calls during business hours (1-888-WILLOW-3).

Elvie vs Willow Maintenance

According to the manufacturer’s care guide, you can clean its washable components in two different ways after using an Elvie pump.

The first method is to rinse the components in cold water that is about 20°C / 68°F. Then, wash in warm water about 30°C / 86°F with mild dishwashing soap, after which you will wipe them with a clean cloth. Rinse again using cold, clear water about 20°C/ 68°F for 10 to 15 seconds.

Another way you can maintain the Elvie pump after each use is to place the pump washable parts on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Furthermore, once every day, sterilize washable components. You can also do this in two different ways.

You can boil in water for 5 minutes, place the Elvie parts in the microwave, steam, or do cold water sterilizing. But I don’t advise you to leave the parts in the microwave or steam for more than 5 minutes so that their high temperature won’t warp the plastic parts.

Lastly, before you assemble the pump parts, ensure to dry completely.

As for the Willow pump, after use, ensure to rinse immediately to prevent breast milk residue build-up. You will have to separate the Flange from the pump and the Flextube.

Next, soak these parts in warm soapy water for a minimum of five minutes. Then wash and brush thoroughly with the follow-come cleaning for a minimum of 60 seconds.

After washing, rinse the Flange and Flextube for 20 seconds or more. And finally, air-dry on a drying rack or a clean paper towel. Finally, store the dry parts in a clean, cool place and avoid touching the inner portions.

The Willow breast pump is easier to clean as it has fewer parts to maintain than the Elvie pump, which has more cleanable parts.

Elvie vs Willow Insurance

Your insurance plan may partially cover Elvie Pump. Elvie company works with Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suppliers that partner with several insurance providers to offer Elvie Pump via their plans.

You can check the insurance provider’s websites to see if you are eligible for Elvie Pump or contact them directly, as you will get a piece of information specific to you.

Your insurance plan and company will determine your Willow pump coverage. An out-of-network benefit may apply to your pump.

Some insurance plans allow for Out-of-Network, while others do not, so there may be out-of-pocket costs associated. So, you have to contact your insurance company to explore your options.


Elvie pump comes with a two-year warranty and 90 days on the pump parts. Similarly, the Willow pump has a one-year warranty, starting from the breast pump purchase date and 90 days on pump parts.

Elvie vs Willow: Comparison at a Glance



Available Sizes 21mm, 24mm, and 28mm 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm
Price Check Price Check Price
Storage Capacity 5oz (150 ml) bottles 4oz (120 ml) bags or reusable bag
Spill-proof Capability No Yes
Pump Parts to Clean Five parts Two parts (3 if you use the bag)
App Available for Android and iOS phones Available for Android and iOS Phones
Sound “Silent” “Quiet”
Battery It takes around 2 hours to charge; lasts for pumping of 2.5 hours It takes approximately 2 hours to charge; lasts for about five pumping sessions
Support Email support Support through text or call during business hours
Warranty Two years on breast pump; 90 days on pump parts One year from breast pump purchase date; 90 days on the pump part


Other Breast Pumps On the Market

Don’t like these wireless, hand-free and wearable breast pumps? There are other options, ranging from hospital-grade manual to electric pumps.

In a Nutshell

Finally, both the Elvie and Willow breast pumps are excellent in their functions and features. You can never go wrong with both brands, although you may have your preference.

So if you are purchasing one of these wearable pumps for the first time, you should go over the similarities, differences, features, pros and cons written in this article and choose based on what is important to your right now. Since all moms are different, we advise that you go for what works best for your lifestyle.

Elvie vs. Willow- Have you used both breast pumps before? Please let us know your review and which one is your favourite in the comment section.

Elvie vs Willow Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Willow or Elvie better?

Both wearable pumps are good in their ways. Still, I like the flexibility in positions (including lying down) of the Willow pump and its spill-proof features that prevent leakage while changing positions or moving around.

However, the Elvie pump allows you to move around, but it is likely to leak.

Elvie makes it easier to pump and feed your baby on the go as it has extra bottles. This means you won’t have to wash any parts before pumping again- like the Willow. Willow offers more battery durability that allows you to pump for about five sessions.

In general, I think choosing the best is relative. Willow seems to suits my needs and lifestyle than Elvie. But the reverse could be the best for you. =

Willow vs Elvie- Which Is quieter?

Both Elvie and Willow have sounds. However, the Elvie pump seems quieter than most electric breast pumps, including the Willow pump.

When you wear either of both pumps in a quiet room, you will slightly hear the sound, but they are not noticeable in public. So, from experience, both of them are quiet but not silent, but Elvie is quieter.  

Are Elvie pumps worth it?

Whether Elvie pumps are worth it or not depends on your reasons for getting any of them. Are you a working parent? Do you often travel, or are you constantly away from your little one?

Even as I work from home, the wearable pump was beneficial. You can quickly pump and store so that your caregiver will feed your baby in your absence or while busy in a meeting.

If you travel a lot, the pumps are compact and small enough to carry with you on the go.

Willow vs Elvie-  Does insurance cover these wearable pumps?

For Willow pumps, this will be different on a case-by-case basis. Once you have bought your pump, you should check your health plan to see what kind of reimbursement you may be eligible for. This will vary among insurance companies.

On the other hand, insurance coverage for the Elvie pump will also be different according to your insurance, but your insurance plan may partially cover the Elvie Pump.

Looking for insurance that covers the Elvie Pump? Elvie partners with DME (durable medical equipment) suppliers who work with various insurance companies.

Furthermore, you can contact your insurance provider directly – as they will have information specific to you.

Does the Elvie pump leak?

The Elvie could leak if you bend over, so if you need to grab something that’s down low, squat!

Unlike the Willow pump, Elvie does not have a leak-proof design- you cannot position it in any direction. When in use, you need to remain upright and avoid movements, like bending forward/over, which could make the milk splash around, resulting in a leak.

Although the Elvie does allow a reasonable range of motion, the lack of wires and tubes makes it a considerable improvement over the more traditional Freemie and Spectra Cups.

Elvie vs Willow- Can you exclusively pump with these?

Of course, you can exclusively pump with the Elvie and Willow pumps. If you are a working mom or travel a lot, these pumps work perfectly. Since they are wearable, rechargeable pumps, you can take them anywhere and pump. After pumping, you can store them in a bottle, keep them in the fridge and have your nanny or caregiver feed your baby in your absence.

Can Elvie increase supply?

Mothers who exclusively pump are concerned about maintaining and increasing milk supply.

Even though people say that directly nursing the baby increases breast milk supply, I found it too emotionally and physically draining. As a result, I switched to only exclusive pumping.

In a strange turn of events, my breast milk supply began to increase. This situation might be because I pumped more and at a fixed schedule.

Pumping with Elvie assists in establishing a good pumping routine. So, yes! Elvie can increase your milk supply.

Will Elvie stop when full?

If you fill a bottle during a pump session, it’s effortless to pause Elvie Pump and change bottles before continuing to pump. However, Elvie Pump will automatically pause when it detects that the bottle is full.

Can you lean back with Elvie?

I recommend sitting or standing since the milk monitoring feature in the app works better when you’re upright.

However, flexibility may vary based on milk volume in the bottle and the position of pumps on your breast.

Is Elvie vs Willow pump safe?

Since your phone connects to the Elvie Pumps via Bluetooth and some parts of the pump are plastic, it is normal to worry about how safe these pumps are.

Its Bluetooth device’s power is significantly lower than that of a mobile phone – approximately 100 times less. As a result, many medical and healthcare wireless devices use Bluetooth connectivity.

As a bonus, all pump parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe for your convenience.

After pumping, you can remove the cups and pull off the cover to remove the four-ounce milk bag.

Since the bags are sanitary, you can pour your breast milk directly into a bottle for your baby. To maintain sterility, you should replace the bag each time you pump.

Why does the Elvie pump leak?

Elvie Pump is likely not to leak when you use it with caution. However, some situations can cause the wearable pump to leak, including a shift nipple alignment or a broken part.

Can you sleep with Elvie pump?

Well, you can, but any shift in nipple alignment can cause a leak with the Elvie pump. So, you should use the Elvie breast pump while awake.

Does the Elvie pump hurt?

You can adjust the suction level using the buttons on the front of the hub or in the mobile app while you are wearing them.

Usually, it does not hurt for me, but there are times when it feels less comfortable than others.

Possibly related to how full my boobs are at the time? Or the placement? Not sure, honestly.

But in general, it doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel awesome, but the same goes with breastfeeding.

Is Elvie pump strong enough?

Like Willow, Elvie is strong in terms of suction and design. However, it is not as strong as some hospital-grade breast pumps, like Freemie, which have a stronger suction and hold.

How do I empty my Elvie Curve?

As soon as the Elvie Curve breast pump is full, pour the breast milk through the nipple hole, as shown in the image below. Ensure to tilt the pump device over to receive every last drop.

Elvie vs Willow pump

Can I go 8 hours without pumping at night?

You have to pump about 8 to 10 times daily until your body gets used to supplying steady milk. You don’t have to space these sessions evenly. However, you should nurse or pump at least once at night in the first few months or whenever you notice a decrease in supply. Going 5 to 8 hours with pumping during the day or at night could affect your milk supply.

Can you use Kiinde with Elvie?

Kiinde works with all major breast pumps, where you would typically pump into a bottle. These pumps include Ameda, Medela, Evenflo, Spectra, Lansinoh, Ardo, Baby Buddha, and Hygeia.

However, Kiinde is not compatible with pumps like Freemie, Elvie, and  Willow pumps, which pump into cups placed in your bra.

Can you lay down with Freemie cups?

The recent Freemie Liberty invention, launched in 2018, is a hands-free breast pump that uses a programmable sleep timer, allowing moms set-and-forget a while they pump breast milk.



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