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Elvie Curve vs Haakaa- Momtherly

Elvie Curve vs Haakaa: Which Breast Pump is Right for You?

Are you a breastfeeding mother looking for the best breast pump to help you maximize the amount of milk you produce? If so, you’ve probably heard of the Elvie Curve and Haakaa breast pumps. These two pumps are popular among breastfeeding moms because of their effectiveness in catching milk from the other breast while nursing your baby.

Elvie Curve and Haakaa are two examples of manual pumps that don’t require electricity or batteries but instead employ mild suction. The Elvie Curve or the Haakaa can be used to manually pump, but for many mothers, their main use is to collect milk that would ordinarily leak out of the breast your child is nursing on.

In this blog post, we will compare the Elvie Curve, and Haakaa breast pumps to help you decide which is right. We’ll look at each pump’s design, features, and effectiveness to determine which is the best choice.

Elvie Curve

The Elvie Curve is a wearable, hands-free silicone breast pump. It is quiet, wearable, wireless, and tubeless. The Elvie allows you to engage in other activities while expressing milk efficiently. You may effortlessly express up to 4 ounces of milk using The Curve. You only need to insert the Curve into your bra, let it suction, and watch the milk gather.

Those with a naturally strong letdown benefit most from the moderate suction of the Elvie Curve. Simply insert it into one side before nursing, turn on the suction, and watch as it collects your letdown and residual drips.


  1. The breast pump allows you to wear it while wearing a bra (no undressing required! )
  2. It is convenient and saves time.
  3. It’s a hands-free device that allows you to multitask.
  4.  It fits comfortably and firmly in your bra (again, due to the form). 
  5. Strong Suction 
  6. The Elvie curve has a valve that allows you to reduce suction or remove it altogether. 


  1. The ounces on the silicone container are written in tiny letters, making it difficult to read. 
  2. It is difficult to see the amount of milk you have while breastfeeding because of the opaque cover of the silicone container. 
  3. It is pricier than the Haakaa. 


Haakaa is a manual silicone breast pump that collects milk through suction. It’s in the shape of a glass, with a funnel. it has a strong suction and is also discreet and effective when using it as a pump but not as Elvie Curve. 


  • You can quickly know the amount of milk you have pumped, which lets you know when to apply additional suction at any time when pumping.
  • After pumping, the side of the Haakaa is easy to read, so you can quickly and precisely label your storage bag with the amount of milk collected. 
  • It is cheaper than the Elvie Curve. 


  1. Moms have complained that it comes loose and falls off, making it not precisely hands-free. 
  2. Growing babies are known to kick the reservoir, causing it to spill.

Elvie Curve vs Haakaa Pump

You may not realize it if you’re an expecting parent, but when you’re breastfeeding your kid on one breast, the other breast leaks, and this is where the Elvie Curve and Haakaa come in handy. 

They are silicone manual pumps that gather milk during the letdown when you’re nursing your baby on the opposite breast using natural suction.

Although, a nursing pad can be inserted into your bra to absorb all of the milk. However, many mothers consider this a waste of their precious fluid! You may make a nice freezer stash with these two, which will come in handy when you return to work and the baby is with someone like a babysitter, who will be able to feed the baby with your breastmilk.

I will say they are the banks for liquid gold – Breastmilk! 

They are silicone manual pumps that use natural suction to collect milk during the letdown while you’re nursing your baby on the opposite breast.

Aside from being a bank, the Elvie Curve or Haakaa helps reduce engorgement by speeding up the breastfeeding process. They may also aid in expanding your milk supply, but be cautious because this could lead to more than enough. 

Similarities Between Elvie Curve Vs Haakaa

Elvie Curve and Haakaa have similarities that make them have a tie. I will be highlighting these features. 

  1. While the pumps’ shapes are vastly different, they are both exceedingly simple to transfer the milk from the pump to the storage bag (or bottle) once you’ve finished pumping.
  2. They both have a flat bottom that makes them easy to set on a table. 
  3. The Haakaa and the Elvie Curve can hold 4 ounces of milk(some moms say Haakaa is one ounce less). 
  4. Elvie Curve and Haakaa are both made of soft, food-grade silicone that can be washed in the dishwasher. This makes the pumps machine washable. 
  5. You will need two hands to get the pumps in place and adequately attached and one to apply extra suction.

Now, after looking at the similarities between these pumps. Let us look at each of these pumps. 

Elvie Curve Vs. Haakaa: Which one do we Recommend?

We have carefully compared both based on their differences and similarities, so we can say both of them are good and very effective so you would be happy with either of them but looking in-depth into their pros and cons, Elvie curve is more discreet and effective than Haakaa.

The Elvie Curve’s form is preferable to the Haakaa’s because it easily collects breast milk and fits inside your bra. so we would recommend the Elvie curve because it is better to use anywhere and at any time with fast and quick pumping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Elvie Curve As A  Breast Pump?

There is no substitute for double electric pumps (such as Elvie Pump, Medela, Willow, etc.). This is especially true if you plan to pump exclusively. However, you can express additional milk with the manual pump while breastfeeding (or using an electric pump) on the other breast.

Can You Wear Elvie Curve All Day?

Wearing Elvie Curve all day is not recommended. Wear your Elvie Curve bra on one side, while feeding your infant on the other side, while pumping on the opposite breast, or when you feel your breasts are engorged and need relief from the discomfort. As soon as you’ve finished expressing milk, remove Elvie Curve and transfer milk into an additional container or bag. (You should consider getting a comfortable nursing bra too.) 

Can You Pump With Haakaa?

Just like the Elvie Curve, Haakaa is not a substitute for electric breast pumps, but it’s a great way to collect extra milk when you’re breastfeeding or pumping and your other breast is leaking. Both of them are designed only for the letdown. 

Why Is Haakaa Not Recommended?

Some moms do not recommend Haakaa or other manual silicone pumps (like Elvie Curve) due to the risk of oversupply, which can prove challenging to manage. Check out this comprehensive review on Haakaa Pumps.







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