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Chicco Travel System Moms Enjoy

Chicco Travel System – Features and Why You Should Buy It

Today, one of the most sought-after budget-friendly travel systems is the Chicco Travel System.

You can purchase a fantastic stroller with many features and one of the safest car seats in the world for about $400. You can’t go wrong with it!

The Bravo Trio is meant to be used daily but primarily on flat terrain.

The all-wheel suspension reduces the impact of bumps.

You’ll like its features like the roomy seat, with a deep, almost flat recline, adjustable handlebar with a foam cover.

Plus, a large basket that can hold all of your groceries, an integrated parent organizer that is excellent for small items, and a large canopy with a peekaboo window are all features you’ll like.

But it’s the ease with which it folds that I find most appealing.

Chicco Travel System
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It has the following specs:

  • Its stroller weight: 23 lbs
  • Weight limit: 50 lbs
  • Foldable dimensions: 16″L x 22″H x 28″W
  • Handlebar height: 38″ – 42″
  • Seat to canopy height: 24″
  • Front wheels: 7″
  • Rear wheels: 9″
  • Overall length: 35″
  • Overall width: 22″

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What is Chicco Travel System?

Chicco’s travel systems are car seat and stroller combos that comprise a stroller, infant car seat, and car base to assist you in safely transporting your baby from point A to point B.

What is Chicco Bravo Travel System?

Chicco’s Bravo Travel System is an all-in-one package for any road trip.

The KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, the stroller, and the car seat base make up the travel system.

This sturdy set will last you from infancy to toddlerhood, and it includes a lightweight stroller frame, a full-scale snack and drink tray for the child, and a one-hand fold making it one of the most known travel systems in North America.

Considerations to Make Before Buying Chicco Travel System

The stroller is one of the most commonly used baby devices that must resist the elements: bumpy roads, bad weather, and mini hurricanes.

However, there are numerous daunting considerations to make before purchasing, including the following:

  • Baby’s comfort
  • Parents comfort
  • Its compact and sturdiness
  • Braking system
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Height-adjustable handle
  • Safest option

It’s also tempting to go with a stylish or trendy model, but doing so may mean sacrificing comfort for a flashy seat canopy that provides little safety for your child.

Rather than picking the most popular stroller at the time, think about what your family requires.

And, if we may make a recommendation, the Chicco Bravo is a safe, heavy-duty yet lightweight stroller that offers a smooth ride folds with one hand, is easy to clean, has plenty of storage space, and has a sleek design.

What is the Revolutionary Specs of the Chicco Travel System?

1. Safety

We knew our son was snug, safe, and comfortable in his seat when we brought him home from the hospital.

The KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat of Chicco has one of the best crash test results, and it comes at a low price.

2. Dimensions

  • Car seat

Its car seat weighs 9.2 pounds and can fit babies weighing 4 to 30 pounds and standing up to 30 inches tall.

It also includes a newborn insert, which is well-padded and composed of soft material.

To suit your developing baby, you can remove the bottom insert and move the head insert up to three different positions.

The inserts are machine washable and simple to wipe down for quick cleanup.

A five-point harness with adjustable shoulder straps is included in the car seat.

  • Stroller

In comparison to other popular strollers (16″x 21.75″x 28″), the stroller weighs 23 pounds and has small fold proportions (16″x 21.75″x 28″).

Babies can graduate to the front-facing toddler seat once they have good head and neck control (about six months) and weigh 50 pounds.

The toddler seat offers three different recline positions that can be altered with a button.

This is even while your little one is sitting. It has a 5-point harness with adjustable straps and is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

3. Cleaning

The car seat fabric is entirely detachable and machine washable, making cleaning the car seat a breeze. However, the stroller may only be washed by hand.

5 Features of Chicco Travel System

Chicco Travel System
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You might be at a loss on where to begin your search for the finest baby strollers with car seats.

Also, you would want something affordable that would endure a long time.

Additionally, you would need a stroller that was easy to use and could be folded and tossed into the trunk of your car if you need to get somewhere quickly.

Besides that, your top priority in your hunt for a car seat could be safety.

So, after spending most of our evenings reading reviews on the seemingly endless amount of strollers on the market, one travel system stood out: the Chicco Bravo Travel System.

The following are the features that wowed us the most.

1. Assembly

The clear directions and illustrations will help you put the stroller together quickly. It could take less than 30 minutes to complete the process.

2. Easy-to-maneuver

Most parents’ initial impressions of the Bravo system were favorable. You can manage the stroller with one hand, and the brakes are reliable.

3. UPF-rated Canopy

You would love the complete canopy feature with a mesh peek-a-boo window. Also, you can keep the toddler seat installed from the baby period.

It can allow you to go on walks without fear of the sun hurting baby’s sensitive skin or scorching it.

4. Convenient Car Seat Base

The foundation is simple, though you can tighten it every few weeks to keep it from moving about too much.

A level placed directly on the base helped ensure that it was not leaning too far forward or backward.

The base is roughly $90 on its own, and you can buy it in addition to the travel system to guarantee you have one in each of your vehicles.

Another advantage is that you can buckle the Chicco Bravo car seat in with just a seatbelt if you drive with someone who does not have the base fitted.

5. Before You Buy

The wheels are the most notable flaw in the Bravo system.

The stroller offers a four-wheel shock-absorbing suspension with 7” front wheels and 9” rear wheels.

The wheels are foam-filled and composed of plastic.

Wheels with treads to tackle rocky terrain would have improved this stroller much more.

For this reason, we’ve opted to avoid dirt and gravel trails.

Additionally, keep in mind that this stroller can only handle one child if you want to have more children or require a stroller that can hold more than one child.

What is Included in Chicco Travel System Set?

They include the following in the Chicco travel system:

  • Chicco Bravo Stroller
  • KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Car seat base
  • Parent tray with cup holders

Pros and Cons of Chicco Travel System

Chicco Travel System
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Just like every other product, Chicco Travel System has pros and cons. They include


  • You can use it from infancy to toddlerhood.
  • Easy car base installation.
  • Mesh viewing window, perfect for extra airflow and keeping an eye on baby.
  • You can use it from your baby’s birth when it becomes a toddler.
  • After buying a travel system, you will reduce the amount of baby gear. Therefore, you save money and space in your home.
  • Removable seat (you can fix the infant car seat to the stroller seat or stroller frame)
  • Changing between the car seat and a toddler seat is very easy
  • Removable and adjustable canopy with mesh peek-a-boo window (provides extra ventilation)
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • The slim design fits through tight places
  • The large basket under the seat
  • Few accessories included: tray for parents with storage and two cupholders
  • Quick one-hand folding


  • It only fits one child
  • No one-hand pushing
  • It has small wheels, which are better for even terrain
  • No reversible seat
  • Foam padding on the handlebar may quickly tear
  • It does not include the child’s tray

Final Verdict

The Chicco Travel System comes with everything you’ll need for your child’s first few years.

It is less expensive than many other modes of transportation without losing safety or aesthetics.

This slim and compact folding stroller is ideal if you have a small family with little storage space.

This travel system comes highly recommended by mama, and I’m confident that anyone who purchases it will be pleased they did.

It’s a must-have for anyone who lives on the run.

FAQ on Chicco Travel System
  1. Does the Chicco Bravo toddler seat lay flat?

No, it does not lay flat fully, but it reclines.

2. Can the Chicco Bravo car seat face inwards and outwards on the stroller frame?

No, the baby car seat is rear-facing only.

3. Can I fold the Chicco Bravo using one hand?

No doubt! You can fold the system with a hand, and all moms know it is vital since your hands are always full.


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