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A women using one of our recommended best wireless breast pumps

The 10 Best Wireless Breast Pumps

A baby is a lot of work, so many things are involved, and as a mom, you need anything that will make the work easier and less overwhelming for you. Breastfeeding is one of the core aspects of motherhood for newborns, and sometimes, it takes a lot of time trying to ensure your baby’s feeding needs are adequately met. You need something that will make it less overwhelming, easier, and faster.

Dealing with wires while breastfeeding can be a lot! I totally understand what it means to be in that space. You have a lot to do but do not have enough time to complete them.

This is why wireless breast pumps are the go-to choice for moms that want to multi-task while attending to their baby’s needs. They are helpful when pumping in workplaces or places where you can not easily access an electric outlet. The best Wireless breast pumps allow you to multitask by removing the restriction of staying glued to a wall. Stay-at-home moms with older kids and working moms would benefit from the wireless breast pumps as it allows them to engage in other activities while pumping. 

Momtherly experts have spent over 100 hours researching the best wireless breast pumps for moms. These pumps were extensively researched and reviewed based on their ease of use, comfort, durability, safety, effectiveness, availability, and portability. We will list our top 10 wireless breast pumps, their features, pros, and cons.

Best Wireless Breast Pumps


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Elvie Breast Pump

1. Lightweight
2. Chargeable With USB
3. Has an Infrared Sensor
4. Free App
5. FSA/HSA Compatible

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

1. Easy to Assemble
2. 1-Year Warranty
3. Smart Suction
4. Free App

Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

1. Very Light
2. Chargeable With USB
3. Long-Lasting Battery
4. Free App
5. 2-Phase Expression Technology

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

1. Very Soft & Skin Friendly

2. BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-Free
3. No Assembly Required

Freemie Liberty Hands-Free Breast Pump

1. Lightweight
2. In-Built Noise Reduction Technology
3. Very Good Suction

Momcozy Breast Pump

1. Lightweight
2. Automatic Shutdown Function
3. Pumps Quietly

Bioby Electric Breast Pump

1. Lightweight
2. Long-Lasting Batteries
3. Mobile App
4. BPA Free

NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump

1. 2200mAh Lithium Battery
2. Chargeable With USB
3. Low Noise Design

TSRETE Wearable Breast Pump

1. Adjustable Intensity Levels
2. Chargeable With USB
3. Anti-Reverse Flow Design

Bellababy Double Wearable Breast Pump

1. Lightweight
2. LCD Displays
3. Very Compact

1. Best Overall Wireless Breast Pump – Elvie Breast Pump 

Starting our list of the best wireless breast pumps is the Elvie pump. This Elvie pump is a light, wireless, and compact breast pump that allows you to pump milk at your own time and pace, whether at home, at work, in the mall, or on the go. One of the features we love about the Elvie breast pump is the fact that it is whisper-quiet, which gives you the privacy you want when you are pumping outside your home. 

Our experts stated that it was easy to assemble, though it did not start working until it was properly aligned. We totally love that it has a free app that can track the milk volume and pumping history of moms. This smart pump automatically switches from stimulation to expression mode after detecting a letdown. 

With a battery life of about 2 hours, you can pump more than enough for your baby. It also Elvie comes with USB cords for charging when it has a low charge. 

While we love the Elvie pump and its amazing features, some moms complained about the pricing of this device. The great news is that you can buy a single or double electric elvie pump. The single pump is less expensive than the double electric pump, except that with the double electric pump, you get to pump more at the same time. 


  • Lightweight Design 
  • It has two modes (stimulation and expression) and seven suction intensity settings.
  • Made with BPA free, dishwasher-safe plastic
  • The pump has an infrared (IR) energy sensor that monitors the milk volume in the bottle, detects when the milk container is full, and automatically stops pumping..


  • It is lightweight so you can take anywhere you go 
  • The Elvie breast pump is very quiet, which makes pumping discreet. 


  • Cleaning can be challenging, especially when the Milk flows into the Hub and you have to clean gently. 
  • It is pricey, although insurance providers have made this easier (but still, check in with your insurance provider) 

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2. Best Wearable Wireless Breast Pump- Willow Breast Pump

Yes, all the best wireless breast pumps are wearable, but the willow breast pump makes it super easier for moms. It has a beautiful, sleek design that keeps you comfortable while wearing the pump. 

Moms that tested the Willow breast pump really loved the 360-degree mobility of the pump. It allows you to move in any position while you are pumping without having to worry about leaks.  Like the Elvie, it has a smart app for adjusting the speed settings and tracking milk production in real time. 

The Willow switches from stimulation to expression automatically when it senses a let-down. One full charge on the willow pump gets you five 15-minute pumping sessions. We loved that it is dishwasher safe and with just two parts for cleaning, washing with hands is also easy peasy. 

Though the willow pump is not as quiet as the Elvie breast pump, it allows you to pump discreetly in public spaces.  The willow has a powerful suction (-245mmHG maximum suction level) which helps yield more milk per session.  Though it is a bit expensive, the breast pump gives you good value for your money. 


  • It is a hands-free wireless bra. 
  • Comes with a gravity-defying latch that lets you pump in any position (even while lying down),
  • Two pumping options – spill-proof, self-sealing milk bags or eco-friendly reusable containers (sold separately)
  • It has 7 suction levels with Smart Suction that automatically transitions from Stimulation to Expression at let-down and adjusts to help you get more milk. 


  • It has a compatible app for tracking your breast feeding journey.
  • Easy to assemble and clean with only two dishwasher-safe parts to clean.


  • Pricier than other pumps
  • The app is not always accurate. 

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3. Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

With a weight of less than 1lb, the medela freestyle flex is the perfect wireless breast pump for moms that want something light.
The double electric pump mimics natural breastfeeding patterns to provide better output in less time. The Medela Flex connects to an app, which allows you to track your pumping sessions, but the downside is that it does not track the volume of milk pumped.

The Freestyle Flex has a 2-phase expression (stimulation and expression) and a let-down button to customize your comfort.
Moms love that Medela’s MaxFlow is comfortable, has strong suction, and is easy to position, so you can get milk flow started quickly. It has Micro-vibrations and a powerful motor that helps to increase its efficiency.

You don’t have to worry about buying anything separately, as the pump comes with everything you need, including a portable pump setup, bag, ice pack, bottles, and other accessories. One thing to keep in mind is that this pump is not entirely wire-free. It uses an external battery pack to get it up and running but is rechargeable, allowing you to express wherever you like.

Cleaning the Freestyle Flex parts is very simple. It has just three features to separate (asides from the bottle and lids): the shield, the membrane, and the connector.


  • It is an all-in-one mobile and portable pumping solution, 
  • It comes with 2-Phase Expression Technology, which produces more milk in less time
  • The Medela breast pump has a closed system design that prevents your breast milk from entering the tubing. 
  • This Medela has an easy-to-use digital display and backlighting


  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight and Portable Breast Pump


  • It needs a special bra to be hands-free.
  • You can not adjust the speed and suction level.

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4. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Haakaa Breast pump is a manual wireless breast pump that is simple and easy to operate. All you have to do is squeeze it, press the device to your breast and let go while the pump works its magic.

Haakaa is made of food-grade silicone materials, not hard flange, which makes it skin-friendly, comfy, and gentle on your breasts. The Pump draws milk from the breast gently and quietly using suction. You can use this while your baby is sleeping in the middle of the night. 

One of the amazing advantages of the Haakaa breast pump is that it allows you to save milk while pumping from one breast. Moms appreciate how easy it is to use (no tubings, valves, or flange to take care of, with only a few parts to clean.

 The device is compact and can fit right inside your purse. Unlike other pumps in our list of best wireless breast pumps, Haakaa is super affordable! 


  • It has a volume of  100ml,
  • It is Skin-friendly, soft and Drop-Proof
  • Free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-Free 
  • It has a One-Piece Design with no cords, batteries, or assembly required.


  • It can be operated easily. 
  • Requires no batteries or charge 


  • It does not pump effectively, so you can’t use it to cater to your full-time pumping needs
  • It is not hands-free 

Buy Haakaa Silicone on Amazon

5. Freemie Liberty Hands-Free Breast Pump

Free yourself with the Freemie Liberty Hands-free breast pump. This wireless breast pump is a lightweight, portable, quiet hands-free wireless pump. Made with food-safe, medical-grade plastic and free from chemicals, the freemie breast pump is skin-friendly.

The pump has a memory feature that makes it unique from other pumps, this memory feature allows you to save your favorite pump setting, so when you feel comfortable with a particular pump setting, you can save it and use next time you are pumping. The amazing thing is that it allows you to save up to 3 settings.

You do not have to worry about milks going up your breast pump tubes, as Freemie has a built-in backflow protector inside the collection cups that prevent milk from going up the tubes. What makes Freemie unique is its programmable shut-off timer that allows you to customize your time with an interval of 5 minutes.


  • It is made with food-safe, medical-grade plastic and free from latex, BPS, BPA, or DEHP.
  • The breast pump is lightweight, with a weight of 1.76 pounds.
  • The pump has noise reduction technology.
  • It has three memory buttons that allow one-touch instant recall of your favorite pump settings.


  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Good suction power


  • Freemie flange sizes are only available up to 28mm
  • It lacks a let-down mode 
  • It is pricey

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6. Momcozy Breast Pump

Momcozy double wearable pump is a closed system, comfortable hands-free wireless breast pump that is budget-friendly. It allows for mobility while you pump without dealing with pump parts and bottles hanging off your chest.

Momcozy comes with silicone breast shields, which some moms find very comfortable. Asides the breast shields, it has a built-in bra adjustment buckle that helps you wear your breast pump well. Our experts stated that the breast pump could be used for 4-6 pumping sessions.

The breast pump has two modes – the massage and let-down modes, the massage mode imitates a baby’s feeding mode, which makes pumping easier and faster.

The suction has five levels that can be adjusted based on preference. Momcozy has a greater pumping capacity of 180ml though the recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 120 ml. It is not whisper-quiet like the elvie but the sound is less than 55db which is also good. You do not have to always remember your settings due to its memory function, and if you sleep off while pumping, you don’t need to worry because it has an automatic shutdown function.

To crown it all, Momcozy is


  • The electric breast pump has two modes and five levels. 
  • The maximum suction value range is 280~300mmHg.
  • It has a capacity of 180ml, though the recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 120 ml. 
  • It comes with an automatic shutdown function. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • The closed system ensures that milk doesn’t flow back to other pump parts.


  • Pumps are large on top of the cups, which may affect the discretion.
  • Not completely leakproof 

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7. Bioby Electric Breast Pump

Innovative and smart breast pump Bioby breast pump is an innovative breast pump that is controllable by a smartphone and is connected via a Bluetooth app. One of the moms who used this pump spoke about its speed because of its massage mode.

The pump massages and stimulates the breast very well, which makes pumping more effectively and very fast. It has three modes; Massage mode, Breast Pumping Mode, and Lactation mode. Each mode has nine (9) intensity adjustments and frequency levels.


  • Hands-Free Smart Breast Pump controllable by a smartphone
  • It has  3 pumping modes – Massage, breast pumping, and Lactation mode. 
  •  Each mode has nine (9) levels of intensity adjustment and frequency
  • The pump is BPA Free; the accessories are made of food-grade silicone. 


  • Hands-free
  • Allows you to connect via a Bluetooth AP
  •  The massage mode allows you to pump faster.


  • It has many parts, making cleaning and assembling a bit difficult  
  • Some moms complained that it is not as discreet as the brand implies. 

  Buy Bioby on Amazon

8. NCVI Double Electric Breast Pump

The NCVI double electric breast pump has a mirror-led display that allows you to control the pump easily. It comes with 10 breast milk storage bags and 4 flange sizes.

Unlike typical breast pumps, this pump has 4 modes: Massage mode, comfort mode, suck stimulation mode and express pumping mode. These varying modes give you a wider range of options to select from.


  • This electric breast pump comes with 4 modes and 9 levels.
  • It has a 2200mAh lithium battery.
  • It allows charging using power banks, computers, or a car adapter.
  • The pump is made with food-grade silicone..


  • Adorable design.
  • Quiet pumping
  • Touch screen controls


  • The Bottles are only read in ml.
  • Bottles don’t have flat caps, only nipple tops.
  • The battery power is not very good.

Buy NCVI on Amazon

9. TSRETE Wearable Breast Pump

If you need a breast pump that is easy to assemble, then you should go for the TSRETE wearable breast pump. It has 2 modes: the massaging and pumping mode, which is straight to the point, and 9 intensity levels for these modes.

The pump has an LCD for easy control and a memory function that keeps track of your Pumping history.


  • The hands-free breast pump is USB rechargeable.
  •  It has a capacity of 180ml / 6oz.
  • It is made of soft silicone which is soft and comfortable..
  •  The  breast pump electric has 2 modes (Massage mode which stimulates breasts before pumping and pumping mode) 
  • It has a LCD screen for easy operation with 9 Adjustable intensity levels.


  • It allows you to move around while you pump
  •  Suction feels gentle yet effective.
  •  Easy to assemble and clean


  • It is not very quiet and discreet.
  • The massage mode was not very effective for some moms. 

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10. Bellababy Double Wearable Breast Pump

Suppose you need an electric breast pump that is lightweight, portable, and won’t break the bank. In that case, Bellababy’s double electric pump is a great choice. It has fewer parts which make assembling and cleaning easier.

This pump is portable and affordable. It has four modes and nine suction levels. The high-definition display screen lets you personalize your pumping experience and track your pumping time and battery level.


  • This hands-free breast pump is designed with 4 modes and 9 levels of suction strength.
  • It is easy to operate with a start/pause button, + and – adjustable strength.
  • The LCD displays the pumping time, mode and strength level ,battery status.
  • Compact design with fewer parts to be cleaned and very easy to assemble/disassemble. 


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Compact and portable 
  • Has an LCD display screen with lactation information.


  • It is not as quiet as some electric models 
  • It fits nicely in a nursing tank or bra
  • Suction level is not intense.

Buy Bellababy on Amazon

How We Reviewed the Best Wireless Breast Pumps

In creating the list of the best wireless breast pumps, we considered the following factors:

Convenience: Convenience is one of the main things we looked out for in compiling this list because we understand that you want a breast pump that will make pumping easy for you.

Effectiveness: This is another factor we considered in creating this list. A wireless breast pump that does not give the required result is not worth having. While convenience is vital, you want a breast pump that will be very effective.

Discreet: We ensured that the pumps listed would help you subtly pump for your baby whether you are on the go, at work, or in a meeting.

Portability: We looked out for breast pumps that are compact and easy to carry around with you so that even though you are not plugged into a socket, you do not have to worry about its bulkiness.

Credibility: You need the best, and to get that, we asked other moms who have used these pumps before for their reviews and comments, and these helped us to make an informed decision in compiling this list. Asides from getting reviews from moms, we ensured that the breast pumps were safe.

We also reviewed the pumps based on affordability, accessibility, and comfortability for you.

In a Nutshell

Wireless breast pumps are convenient for use on the go and working moms. They allow moms to engage in other activities while pumping. Although they are pricier than other pumps, they are worth every penny spent on acquiring them.

Some of these wireless breast pumps are covered by insurance, which helps ease the burden. However, you should check in with your insurance provider for clarity. We really hope this review on the best wireless breast pumps helped make your decision.

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