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Best Winter Maternity Clothes for Mothers

The Best Winter Maternity Clothes & Outfits for 2022

Winter can be harsh, especially for pregnant women, so you shouldn’t hold anything back from spoiling yourself with beautiful and comfy winter maternity clothes.

The good thing is that maternity fashion has evolved, and you can easily find and order beautiful fall/winter maternity clothes for yourself or a loved one to get them through the harsh season.

I’ve got you covered whether you are looking for maternity winter tops, leggings, dresses, or pants. I have curated the best winter maternity clothes in this piece, making it easy for you to find the best maternity winter clothes that suit you best.

The winter maternity clothes on this list are sorted based on important criteria such as price, style, how comfy they are, and more.

15 Best Winter Maternity Clothes

Best Winter Maternity Sweaters

1. Bhome Maternity Hoodie Long Sleeves Shirt

Best Winter Maternity Clothes

The Bhome maternity hoodie long-sleeved is a beautiful Vneck winter maternity hoodie made from a 95% cotton material and ranks top of our best winter maternity clothes. It is very soft, breathable and feels very comfy on the body.

Why we love it

  • Drawstring closure.
  • 95% cotton.
  • Very comfy and stretchy to grow with your bump.
  • Available for all burst sizes.
  • Good for machine wash.

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2. YOCUR Women’s Turtleneck Sweaters

Best Winter Maternity Clothes

This YOCUR women’s turtleneck sweater is a beautiful winter maternity wear that is comfy and ideal for casual outings. This beautiful winter sweater is smooth, stylish, and good for machine washing.

Why we love it

  • Classic design.
  • Good for matching wash.
  • 100% acrylic.

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3. Columbia Women’s Arcadia Ii Jacket

Columbia Women’s Arcadia Ii Jacket

The Columbia women’s arcadia jacket is one of expectant moms’ best winter maternity clothes. The waterproof jacket uses advanced technology that offers air-permeable and breathable to shield you from drizzle to downpour.

Why we love it

  • ‎100% Polyester; 100% Nylon.
  • Good for all sizes.
  • Waterproof.
  • Breathable.

Shop it on Amazon

4. Lotusmile Women’s Long Sleeve Hooded Tunic Tops

Maternity Clothes

The knit material is soft and stretchy, with a plain and straightforward hue.

It’s a high-quality, easy-to-wear fall shirt perfect for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, etc.

This long hooded tunic sweatshirt is appropriate for females of all ages, from teen girls to ladies.

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5. Quinee Women’s Long Sleeve

Winter Maternity Clothes

You might wear it inside or out, with a scarf, cardigan, or boots.

It contains double-layered flaps that allow moms to nurse their newborns in public with ease and discretion.

The plaid splicing contrast portion makes the top even more unusual and fashionable.

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Best Winter Maternity Pants

6. Palazzo Elastic Pregnancy Lounge Trousers

Palazzo Elastic Winter Clothes

You’ll appreciate the below-the-bump design once you’ve passed the stage where no over-the-bump pants are comfortable.

It’s also helpful after a c-section. It will not come near your incision.

Pack it inside your hospital bags and wear it during your first, second, or third trimester.

The pants will fit you during and after your pregnancy.

Shop it on Amazon

7. Women’s Maternity Joggers

Women's Maternity Joggers

The high elastic waistband allows for adequate development and support, even when the abdomen bulges quickly during late pregnancy.

It has a high waistline, making your legs appear longer.

The maternity pants’ pocket will also make carrying your items a breeze.

Shop it on Amazon

8. POSHGLAM Women’s Maternity Pants

POSHGLAM Women’s Winter Maternity Pants

POSHGLAM specializes in maternity clothing and offers unique maternity styles for the duration of your pregnancy and afterward.

Working moms will find it comfortable and supportive.

Besides that, it includes a very elastic, wrinkle-free, breathable novelty twill jean fabric that holds its shape.

Shop it on Amazon

9. Maternity Pants Stretch Over-Bump

Maternity Winter Maternity Pants Stretch Over-Bump

Wear it to work with a small cardigan or cami, casual daily wear, yoga, or a jacket for any professional, exceptional formal occasion.

The pants are suitable for nursing mothers as well as pregnant ladies.

These maternity winter trousers feature large pockets ideal for holding phones, diapers, keys, or bottles.

It includes elastic bands that you can adjust to fit any size bump. Again, it features expandable fabric for added comfort.

It also incorporates an inflatable material over the hump to provide maximum comfort without restricting movement.

Shop it on Amazon

10. Women’s Maternity Legging

Women’s Maternity Legging

This comfortable legging is ideal for expecting parents. It has a comfortable over-the-belly panel.

Leggings are appropriate for any season and activity.

Aside from that, this is one of the warmest clothes you may wear during the winter.

Shop it on Amazon

Best Winter Maternity Leggings


Best Winter Maternity Dress

11. Svaliy Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Winter Svaliy Sleeveless Maxi Dress

This maxi maternity dress features a beautiful empire waist and buttery soft cotton-spandex fabric that showcases your developing bump wonderfully.

Although the design is simple, you can wear it with heels or flats and layered with a cardigan in the winter or a denim jacket in the fall.

Shop it on Amazon

12. Maternity Fit and Flare Turtleneck Maternity Dress

The Motherhood Maternity Fit and Flare Turtleneck Maternity Dress

A little black sweater dress is the best option for the winter months.

The long sleeves and turtleneck collar will keep you warm on chilly days and evenings.

The empire waist seam will accommodate your expanding belly, allowing you to wear it well into your second and third trimesters (and beyond).

Shop it on Amazon

13. Saslax Maternity Elegant Fitted Maternity Gown

Saslax Maternity Elegant Fitted Winter Maternity Gown

This exquisite floor-length maternity gown is ideal for maternity picture shoots or winter events with off-shoulder sleeves.

The smooth mermaid bottom elongates your legs as the spandex fabric shows off your bump.

It comes in various colours, ranging from classic black to burgundy to a champagne beige.

Shop it on Amazon

14. Hello Miz Sweater Knit Maternity Dress

Hello Miz Sweater Knit Maternity Dress

Thanks to the smooth jersey knit fabric, this elegant yet straightforward bodycon has a cowl neck that gives it a sweater-like feel without being itchy. It comes in nine colours and features ruching on the sides for added stretch.

It can be dressed up with knee-high boots or leather sneakers.

Shop it on Amazon

15. Rocorose Women’s Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Rocorose Women’s Turtleneck Sweater Dress

Given its lower price, not to mention the thousands of varied colour and pattern options, a turtleneck dress is a traditional winter wardrobe essential.

This turtleneck is an obvious choice.

The long sleeves, midi length, and funnel collar keep you warm while doing errands or out on a date night.

Shop it on Amazon

Best Ideas for Winter Maternity Dresses

1. Get a Big Scarf

A wide scarf or shawl paired with an undone cardigan or coat is an ideal winter maternity outfit for a chilly day.

Since the scarf can hide any flaws in your jacket that your gear can’t stretch over, it will keep your neck warm.

2. Jeans and Leggings

After weeks of straining to tie your flies, slipping on some denim with a stretchy waistline is a huge relief.

Many mothers report that pregnancy pants are the most comfortable they’ve ever worn.

You can also wear leggings with tunics, sweater dresses, and oversized shirts.

3. Try Your Existing Woolies for Size

You would want to invest in some maternity sweaters for more length and stretch.

Similarly, you might be amazed at how many of your regular ones will suffice.

However, this happens if you haven’t reached the third trimester yet.

There are always cardigans if none of your jumpers are suitable.

If it’s not too cold, unbuttoned cardigans or only the top few buttons done up will suffice.

4. Layer upon Layer

Layering is essential for warmth and extending the life of your regular garments.

You don’t need to stock your closet with maternity clothing right once, but some long maternity t-shirts or vests could come in handy.

To keep your bump covered and warm, start with a flexible base layer, then layer on top.

5. Blazer

While woolly cardigans are ideal for cozy nights in and stroll through the woods, there are times when you want to stand out.

In these situations, a blazer can be helpful. Nobody will notice that there’s no way you can do that button-up.

6. Try a Maternity Band

If you don’t want to buy maternity pants, a band could be an excellent alternative.

The purpose of bands is to allow you to wear your existing trousers untucked.

They’re snug enough to keep trousers in place and prevent too-short tops from riding over your bump. On top of that, build layers.

7. Invest in Some Maternity Tights

Regular tights will only get you so far during your pregnancy.

Try some maternity ones if you’re having trouble stretching them over your developing belly.

A few pairs of good-quality pregnancy-high denier tights should keep you warm over the winter months.

8. Slip-On Boots

When your bump reaches a particular size, you’ll find that shoes become challenging to wear.

Your feet may enlarge, making walking difficult.

Furthermore, bending over to tighten shoes or tie laces is nearly difficult.

You can readily solve this difficulty in the summer with a pair of flip-flops.

You’ll want to grab a pair of slip-on boots in the winter.

Your new best friend will be them.

Look for shoes with good grips to keep you steady no matter the weather.

9. Well-Fitting Underwear

Whatever the season, a well-fitting bra and some roomy panties are likely to be worthwhile investments.

Winter layers can hide any VPL, including those oh-so-comfortable-but-terrifying large pants.

Your bra size may fluctuate throughout your pregnancy. If you’re uncomfortable, it’s a good idea to get measured anytime you need to.

Many bras can also be used as nursing bras once the baby arrives. Win, win, win.

How we Choose the Best Maternity Dress

If you’re looking for a maternity dress (or two or three) for the fall or winter, you’ll need comfortable and stylish clothes.

Consider the following features:

1. Comfortable material

A decent maternity dress should be constructed of stretchy fabrics that allow for expansion as your pregnancy proceeds (think cotton-spandex mixes, for example).

2. Flattering shapes.

Pregnancy dresses should be comfortable and graceful for your growing baby bump.

3. Versatile silhouettes

You can wear some gowns from the first trimester through your child’s first birthday. To get the best fit for your budget, look for dresses that go the distance.

4. Adjustable tops

If you plan to nurse after your baby is born, features like a button-down neckline or a double-layer top can help enable convenient breastfeeding access.


Just try out these best winter maternity clothes discussed in this article. Colder months always require you to wear some lovely clothes that can be both comfy and chic at the same time.

These best winter maternity clothes will get you through the colder months. Most importantly, they designed these clothes so that you can wear them long after you’ve given birth.

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