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Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mom

15 Best Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother

There are sympathy gifts for loss of mother. So you should get one of these gifts for a friend who lost their mom.

When a person loses their mother, it is as if they have lost their first love. Their mom is the one who breathed life into them. It was the first time they heard a voice.

Perhaps even the one who offered them a second opportunity. Losing a parent is one of the most devastating losses a person can experience, and we must all face this reality at some point in our lives.

If you know someone who has had to say goodbye to their mother, you’re looking for a lovely sympathy gift that will also provide peace and comfort to this individual.

Below is a list featuring 15 sympathy gifts you can give friends who lost their mom.

Let’s look at each gift together.

15 Best Sympathy Gifts for Loss of a Mother

1. NAUTICA Smart Coffee Tumbler Smart Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mother
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Are you looking for something special? Choose something more personal and heartfelt! With this magnificent, dazzling tumbler, you’ll make an everlasting impression! 

Your friend will love this monogrammed gift with their mom’s initials. This gorgeous tumbler will make your friend feel real good, and it’s a valuable and lovely gift they’ll use every day.

The top of the Nautica smart tumbler contains an LED temperature display. It displays the temperature on the LED screen, and the J class form changes color as the temperature within the flask varies. By simply tapping the top of the tumbler, you can observe the temperature.

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2. Carson Beadworks Memories Garden Stone

Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of Mother
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It’s too tough to lose a loved one, but recalling the memories they left behind is a beautiful way to keep them alive in your heart.

Each garden stone includes a unique and meaningful quote to commemorate your loved one. The hand-carved features will stand out in your landscape and serve as a lasting reminder of your time together.

So, purchase this lovely bereavement gift, unique outdoor Carson beadworks for your loved ones or yourself. Uniquely, express your love and concern.

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3. OakiWay Memorial Gifts

Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mom
Image Source:

Are you seeking a sympathy gift for a memorial? Have you missed the funeral or are unable to attend? Don’t send funeral flowers that will last a few days; instead, give this one-of-a-kind gift that includes a special sympathy letter.

You can use this memorial wind chimes statue as a remembering present for a loved one to mourn the death of a mother.

This Garden Angel Figurines Statue comes with a lovely hand-painted polyresin decoration and aluminum wind chimes in memory of a loved one that makes a soothing sound.

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4. VARA Remembrance Candle


Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mom
Image Source:

It’s time to be gentle to oneself during grief and suffering. Allow a Vara sympathy candle’s warm glow and pleasant perfume to soothe and raise your heart and spirit.

Following the death of a mother, everything can be difficult. These memorial candles are a meaningful way to pay tender tribute to her treasured memories.

They made these heartfelt memory candles with soy wax and 100% cotton wicks. All ingredients in this candle are pure, infused with genuine plant essences.

Make your haven: Measures 3” in diameter and burns for at least 35 hours.

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5. Besoamo Memorial Moon Lamp

Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Mom
Image Source:

This lit memorial moon lamp is a tranquil and elegant way to remember and honor a loved one; its warm glow will remind those who see it of the love that lives on in your heart.

Sending this one-of-a-kind gift to a bereaved friend is cool to show your support. There’s also a quote on the lamp that states there’s a tiny bit of heaven in our home since someone we care about is in heaven.

The moon lamp is not confined by wires and can be put wherever it provides comfort to the bereaved family; it will be a treasure to remember a loved one who has passed away.

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6. Kullder Sympathy Gifts

Sympathy Gifts for Mom Loss
Image Source:

Even though our loved ones have passed away, the happy memories of being with them will always be with us.

You can give this one-of-a-kind gift to a friend or family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one. It has a quote that says that those we love never leave our side; they walk alongside us every day.

I have an angel in heaven whom I refer to as my mother.

They make the charming remembrance box of high-quality porcelain, and the wording on the inside is legible. It will also endure a long time and will not fade.

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7. FaCraft Memorial Gifts

Gift for a Grieving Friend
Image Source:

It’s a beautiful gift for someone going through a difficult moment to encourage them to keep going and never give up in their everyday lives or at work. They are big believers in providing empathetic support and encouragement to anyone who has lost a loved one.

This sympathy card for the death of a mother comes with a gift box and the lines “mom, I will carry you in my heart till I can hold you in Heaven.”

It works well as a sympathy gift for a mother’s death.

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8. EFYTAL Condolence Gifts

Condolence Gifts
Image Source:

A mother touches her daughter’s hand for a moment, but she lives on in her heart forever. 

This is the ideal gift to recognize a caring and generous spirit for someone who has experienced the passing of a significant character in their life. 

This lovely butterfly pendant necklace is a constant reminder of the mother-daughter bond. 

Lovely condolence present for someone who has lost their mother.

They packed this symbolic necklace to prevent tangling and tarnishing of the chain during shipping.

Everything you need to deliver the ideal gift is included, including a gift bag, tissue paper, and card, and it only takes a minute to put together!

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9. Memorial Picture Frame

Picture Frame for Mom Loss
Image Source:

Any friend who has lost their mother recently would appreciate this memorial picture frame as a condolence gift.

The Memorial picture frame is a beautiful memorial frame with touching wording to assist a bereaved friend or loved one remember someone special. 

This memorial picture frame’s high quality and distinctive design remind us that the loved one is gone but never forgotten.

It might not be easy to choose gifts for others, but this condolence frame can keep your loved one’s memories alive and timeless.

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10. UOKPT Scented Candles Lavender

A Gift for a Friend
Image Source:

Long after they have passed away, some people leave an indelible impression on the world. 

When you think of your loved ones, you can light a memorial candle for them.

The soft light and fragrant perfume will make you feel as if they are standing next to you, and the affection and warmth of a long-lost loved one will bring you joy.

This is a one-of-a-kind gift in the loving memory of a loved one and a charming sympathy present to help bereaved family heal their hearts.

The inscription on the sympathy candle gives hope and healing. Besides that, the smell calms the mind, relieves tension, and elevates the emotions of a bereaved friend or family member.

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11. Willow Tree Mother and Daughter

Gift for a Bereaved Friend
Image Source:

Willow Tree is a small collection of figurative sculptures that speak to heal, comfort, protect, and inspire in quiet ways.

Every figure, including this willow tree, reflects an emotion or a memory. It’s a reminder of someone we’d like to remember or an experience we’d like to relive.

It’s a wooden box that’s been hand-painted; a typical sympathy gift for loss of mother.

On a hinged lid of a light gray/blue rectangular box, a bas-relief resin carving of a hugging adult and child in cream clothes.

There is a message on the inside of the lid about love and friendship.

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12. Personalized Night Lamp with Base

Bereaved Friend's Gift
Image Source:

The personalized night lamp with base is a comforting bereavement present for someone who has lost their mother.

Besides that, it also includes a heartfelt quote to provide consoling words during these challenging times. 

It’s also a lovely way to commemorate someone you’ve lost or to honor how much they meant to you on their death anniversary.

This lamp comes with an engraved acrylic plate, a high-quality base, and the most beautiful light. 

When it lights up, it’s rather lovely! LED light is gentle and consistent, not dazzling, flicker-free, and safe for the eyes. 

It’s suitable for various uses, including room décor, sleeping night lighting, party lights, and house decoration.

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13. Tuobsm Memorial Picture Hanging Board

Bereaved Friend's Gift
Image Source;

Keep images of a loved one who has passed away nearby, as if they were accompanied by this priceless and immortal gift of remembrance.

There are also unique sympathy gifts for loss of mother.

The handcrafted string hearts picture hanging board aids in the organization and presentation of vital memories for the mother’s photos. 

It also has a twine and clips which are all adjustable and have a casual and neat style. It’s a unique and enjoyable way to brighten up the house.

The remembrance image hanging board is a handmade handicraft with string art hearts and well-printed slogans.

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14. Sympathy Wind Chimes

Gift for a Bereaved Friend
Image Source:

It’s difficult to lose a loved one; tell them that they’re not alone. 

With our memorial wind chimes, you can express your condolences.

Send these Sympathy Wind Chimes as a token of your condolences, which might help your friend cope with their loss. 

The wind chimes’ calming tones provide a relaxing environment that calms the mind, relieves tension, and elevates the spirits of a mourning friend or family member who has lost a mother.

The hardwood elements are long-lasting and resistant to wear, making them ideal for use outside. 

They have thickened the six corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum tubes to provide calming tones.

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15. Memorial Gifts for Loss of Mother

Gift for a Bereaved Friend
Image Source:

When we learn a friend has lost a loved one, we may not know how to help them cope with their grief. Giving mourning loved ones the gift of growth is a kind deed that might help them recover their spirits. A lovely sympathy gift basket can be one of the sympathy gifts for loss of mother.

With candles that release the calming and cleansing aroma of lavender, bring light and love back into their lives. 

After receiving these thoughtful and emotional memorial gift baskets that promote grief healing, your recipient will feel hugged, loved, and valued.

It includes a therapeutic lavender-scented candle, a cardinal bracelet, a little bouquet of dried forget-me-nots, and envelopes. Also, it has a wind chime with an angel charm/suncatcher, a hand-embroidered storage bag, and a sympathy card, among other thoughtful mourning items.

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Other Sympathy Gift for the Loss of Mother that Require No Purchase

Besides the sympathy gifts for loss of mother mentioned above, other gift options are available that don’t necessarily require you to make a purchase.

Here are a few more ideas for you to consider as sympathy gifts for loss of mother:

1. Get them a tree sapling to plant in memory of their mom

You can help them pick a particular spot in their yard where they can plant a tree in memory of their mom. After that, you can now help them grow it. This might not mean so much to you, but it would mean a lot to them.

2. Please pick them up some fresh-cut flowers

Most people appreciate flowers. It’s a symbol of love and care. Therefore, getting them flowers can serve as a gentle reminder of your care for them. Besides that, it shows you are with them even in their trying times.

3. Create a song playlist

Make a playlist of uplifting songs for your loved ones to listen to as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. 

You could want to include some emotional funeral songs for Mom, but be careful not to go. To make the perfect blend, use your discretion.

4. Make your sympathy gift basket

You know your loved one well, so include stuff that you know they’ll enjoy. 

Candles in their favorite scents, favorite munchies, calming lotions and soaps, a diary or remembrance book, and a framed photo of their loved one are all good ideas.

5. Offer to help them around the house

When someone is bereaved, they can easily overlook everyday home chores like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, and making the bed. So, you can help a friend do these chores to sympathize with them.

6. Make them a meal

The death of a Mom can make someone lose appetite. Because of this, your friend whose mother died might forget to eat sometimes. So you should make them a meal and ensure they eat. A bereaved person might forget to eat.

7. Make them something special.

Do you know how to knit or sew? Knit a cozy sweater or a pair of super-soft socks for them. Is it scrapbooking that you prefer? Make a beautiful remembrance book for them with images of them and their mother when they were little.

Bottom line

Although you have given your friend the sympathy gifts for the loss of mother. Your calm presence is the most excellent gift you can give to your friend who is mourning. Call your friend more often after the death.

Pay a visit to the funeral home. After that, attend the funeral. Keep track of your friend’s mother’s death anniversary and send a word of support each year.

Gifts are excellent, but keep in mind that your friend most need your listening ear and silent support.

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