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Best Pregnancy Outfits For Moms

19 Best Pregnancy Outfits You Should Buy

It can be difficult to find the best pregnancy outfits that makes you feel good when pregnant, whether you’re in your first trimester or third.

That’s why we’ve gathered some cute pregnancy outfit ideas to get you through all nine months.

And these maternity clothes range from blouses you can wear to work to cute midi dresses you can wear on the weekend.

However, the most important thing about these pieces is that they will make you look great, but you’ll also be comfortable.

Best Pregnancy Outfits

Pregnancy Dresses

1. Rib Bodycon Tank Dress

Rib Bodycon Tank Dress
Image Source:

This tank dress is a cute option for hotter months, less is more.

Three colors are available.

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2. Off-the-Shoulder Ruffled Maxi

Pregnancy Outfits
Image Source:

You could try this as it’s the perfect flowy dress for a baby shower or pregnancy photoshoot.

There are nine colors are available.

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3. Pleated Tank Dress

Best Pregnancy Outif
Image Source:

The pleated tank dress is a pregnancy outfit that will grow with your bump.

Six colors are available.

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4. Bodycon Ruched Side Dress

Pregnancy Outfit Bodycon Ruched Side Dress
Image Source:

This dress is perfect for spring and looks cute with a denim jacket.

Multiple colors and patterns are available.

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5. Round Neck Ruched Dress

Round Neck Ruched Dress
Image Source:

Even with a growing belly, stripes are always a good choice. So we love this long sleeve dress option.

Multiple colors and patterns are available.

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6. Short-Sleeve Dress

Pregnancy Outfit Short-Sleeve Dress
Image Source:

This stylish dress is ideal for a dreamy maternity photoshoot.

Sixteen colors and patterns are available.

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Pregnancy Bottoms

1. Loose-Fit Jumpsuit

Loose-Fit Jumpsuit for Pregnancy
Image Source:

 The loose-fit jumpsuit is a pregnancy outfit that still works well for pregnancy is an elegant jumpsuit.

You can wear it as your belly grows, and keep wearing it well after the baby has arrived.

Multiple colors and patterns are available.

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2. Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts for Pregnant Moms
Image Source:

Getting a good pair of shorts for summer isn’t a bad idea. These will also help you for the first few weeks or months postpartum.

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3. High-Waisted Midi Pencil Skirt

High-Waisted Midi Pencil Skirt
Image Source:

A high-waisted skirt is an attractive option to dress up your bump while still feeling casual and comfortable.

Seven colors are available.

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4. Essential Leggings

Essential Leggings for Moms
Image Source:

Yes, it’s OK to live in leggings during pregnancy, so make sure you have several comfortable options.

Three colors are available.

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5. Baby Bump Skinny Jeans

Baby Bump Skinny Jeans
Image Source:

If you prefer under-the-bump maternity jeans, these are an excellent choice. Under-the-bump styles are perfect if you’re experiencing itchy belly skin and don’t want tight fabrics touching you.

Two washes are available.

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6. Maternity Skinny Jeans

Maternity Skinny Jeans
Image Source:

You’ll need one or two pairs of maternity jeans, and this versatile pair will make you feel put together while offering good belly coverage.

Six washes are available.

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7. Mid-Rise Shortie Shorts

Mid-Rise Shortie Shorts
Image Source:

Another excellent short option that you’ll be happy to have during hot summer days (which can feel extra hot during pregnancy).

Three washes are available.

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Maternity-Friendly Tops

1. Belly Support Tank Top

Belly Support Tank Top
Image Source:

If you’re looking for extra support, this tank from Blanqi offers a belly-hugging design, which can feel great, especially in the later months of pregnancy.

Three colors are available.

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2. Ruched T-Shirt Pack

Ruched T-Shirt Pack
Image Source:

Basic t-shirts are a necessity, so this three-pack is a no-brainer.

Multiple colors are available.

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3. Tunic Top

Tunic Top for Moms
Image Source:

Though not a maternity top, this tunic is roomy and will allow for your growing belly.

Multiple colors are available.

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4. Ruched Maternity Tank

Ruched Maternity Tank for moms
Image Source:

A good tank top like this one from Ingrid & Isabel is an excellent go-to for layering.

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5. Long Sleeve V-Neck

Long Sleeve V-Neck
Image Source:

You would need basics throughout pregnancy, and this v-neck is a good option.

Multiple colors and patterns are available.

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6. Leopard Print Cardigan

Leopard Print Cardigan
Image Source:

We love this leopard cardigan whether you’re pregnant or not, plus it works well for breastfeeding.

Multiple colors and patterns are are available.

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Do you need pregnancy outfits?

It all depends on personal style and comfort regarding pregnancy wear.

Some women can stay in their usual clothes for most of their pregnancies.

It is especially true if they are expecting their first child and already have a wardrobe full of maxi dresses and other loose-fitting or stretchy clothing.

Others may wait until the third trimester to purchase maternity gear.

Meanwhile, some women find it challenging to look put together or feel comfortable in anything other than maternity clothes fairly immediately after giving birth.

At last, there is nothing as right or wrong. Every person’s body, how it changes during pregnancy, and their wardrobe demands and preferences are distinct.

Go for it if you can find anything that fits and feels comfortable in your or your partner’s closet.

However, you may always purchase maternity clothing to ensure that you have something to wear that works well, feels nice, and looks good.

It’s important to remember that wearing tight clothing when pregnant is generally not a good idea.

Apart from being uncomfortable, the tight dress can cause various health problems, including discomfort, poor blood circulation, and even yeast infections.

If your clothing is starting to feel too small, it’s time to raid your partner’s or friends’ closets or go shopping for maternity wear.

When to Start Wearing Pregnancy Outfits

For the most part, most women can stay in their regular clothes during the first trimester (3 months).

However, for comfort, you may want to consider a larger bra or looser-fitting clothing during this time.

By the fourth or fifth pregnancy month, you may need to wear more oversized clothing.

When a woman is about six months pregnant, she usually switches to maternity clothing.

What you Need

There are many stylish pregnancy outfits on the market. However, spending a notable amount of money on a complete outfit is unnecessary.

It’s best to invest in a few core pieces that you can mix and match. During your pregnancy, know the weather and the changing seasons.

Remember that you’ll be wearing some of your pregnancy clothes after birth for a while.

Items of Clothes You would Need

Essential items of clothing you could consider are:

  • Comfortable cotton underwear
  • Maternity bra
  • Two pairs of well-cut pregnancy trousers, like maternity jeans or leggings
  • A jacket
  • Maxi dress
  • A plain dress skirt or a stretch jersey wrap dress
  • Two pregnancy tops (empire line tops are more flattering)
  • One smart outfit
  • Comfortable, flat shoes

You can adapt some of your regular attire, such as longer tops, sweaters, and cardigans, throughout your pregnancy.

You could also buy a pregnant belt to use with your regular jeans and pants to make them last longer.

Where to Buy Pregnancy Outfits

Many huge stores, such as Amazon, provide a maternity section. There are also a plethora of maternity stores.

You can save money by shopping online or renting clothes for a specific occasion.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Bra

During pregnancy, you do not need to wear a maternity bra.

On the other hand, a maternity bra may be more comfortable for some women, particularly those with larger breasts.

Breasts begin preparing for lactation (producing breast milk) early in pregnancy, and by 16 weeks, the majority of changes to the breasts have occurred.

Now is a fantastic time to get a maternity bra if you want to.

It’s an excellent idea to get advised by a professional. A bra that correctly fits you will support your breasts and be more comfortable.

They do not advise you to wear an underwire bra during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Your breasts will change size and form, and the underwire may rub on them.

So, this can raise the risk of mastitis or blocked milk ducts.

On the other hand, some maternity bras contain flexible low-gauge wire support that is less prone to cause issues.

A sports bra may be all that is required for some women.

Tips to Save Money on Pregnancy Outfits

  • T-shirts and vest tops should be oversized, cheap, and stretchy.
  • Move buttons, replace elastic with a drawstring or use a pregnancy belt to adapt your old garments.
  • Accessorize an item of essential clothing with purses, jewelry, scarves, and shoes to make it unique.
  • Take clothes from your partner or acquaintances who have recently given birth.
  • Throw a clothing swap party.
  • Buy maternity clothes when they’re on sale and consider the weather when you’ll need them.

What Not to Wear During Pregnancy

Some outfits are not cool to wear during pregnancy. They are:

1. High Heels

Nothing is more irritating than putting on shoes too small for your feet.

Because of this, as the increased pregnancy weight bears down on your legs, it causes ankle and foot swelling.

Besides that, your feet tend to expand due to hormonal changes, along with the extra half foot size. And their expansion affects your feet!).

It’s a cool idea to stay away from heels at this time.

High heels are difficult to fit into because the growing size of your baby bump already strains your posture.

Plus, you are putting undue strain on your lower back.

When you wear heels, the pressure on your lower back is amplified since your pelvis is thrust even further forward.

2. Leather and Jeans

Hormones are in overdrive during pregnancy, leading many women to feel overheated and sweat profusely.

When you combine this component with heat-trapping synthetic fabrics like denim and leather, you’ll feel like you’re on fire, not in a good way!

3. Excessively Tight Clothes

Super tight clothing is generally a no-no for maternal activewear, except specially developed light/maternity compression leggings.

So, if you’re wondering if it’s safe to wear Spanx while pregnant, the answer is no.

Therefore, anything too tight will block blood circulation to your growing bump.

Besides that, it will hinder your movement while going about your daily activities, causing rashes and chafing.

Final Verdict

You may find that you can no longer fit into all of your typical clothes as your baby bump grows.

However, there’s no need to stock up on maternity clothes. So, you need to get some of the best pregnancy outfits we have listed in this article.

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