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7 Best Portable breast Pumps

7 Best Portable Breast Pumps of 2022

Pumping does not need to be limited to the confines of the home because at some point during your breastfeeding journey, you may see the need to pump on the go, and that is when portable breast pumps become the best choice for you. Portable breast pumps are more lightweight, streamlined, and easier to use anywhere you are, which means you can provide milk for your little one anywhere you are and at any given time. For me, that is the breast pump that caters to my everyday needs. 

Our Top Picks for Best Portable Breast Pumps 


Features You Should Look For in a Portable Breast Pump?

  • Weight – You want to pump on the go! Portable pumps that weigh a lot will stress you out or be uneasy to carry from one place to another, and this makes them not portable. A portable breast pump should be lightweight to enable you to move it quickly. 
  • Battery Durability– Charging the batteries now and then can be frustrating. Portable breast pumps should have good battery life that allows you to pump without dealing with battery issues. 
  • Wearability & Fit– This is one feature to look out for if you are an active mom, the ability of the portable breast pump to fit in your pocket, clip to your pants, wear around your neck, or in your nursing bra.

Lightest Breast Pump- Medela Freestyle Flex 

Medela Freestyle Flex
Source: Amazon

The Medela Freestyle Flex is one of the smallest and lightest breast pumps on the market, with a weight that is less than one pound. It is a double-electric portable breast pump designed to mimic a baby’s natural sucking pattern, which makes pumping feel more natural and allows easy flow. Its lightweight makes it the best option for you if you will be carrying your breast pump from one place to another. 

It has a good battery life that allows you to pump for up to two hours with an uber-quiet machine that gives you privacy while pumping. 


  • Compact pump 
  • Lightweight breast pump
  • Good battery life


  • It is a little pricier compared to other pumps

Best Wireless Portable Breast Pump – Willow wearable Breast Pump 

Willow Portable. Breast Pump
Source: Willow

Willow is a wireless breast pump that allows you to pump like the superhero that you are. It is breast-shaped, which will enable you to insert it into your bra and wear it under your shirt to pump. Nobody has to know! It is also a discreet breast pump. Willow wearable breast pumps come with a smartphone app that helps you to monitor your pumping sessions and control suction levels. It has a spill-proof design that allows you to pump in any position, which means you can lay down while you pump without worrying about spilling any breast milk.


  • The pump is Wireless and it fits in your bra 
  • It has a smartphone app that helps with tracking your pumping session 
  • Allows pumping in any position


  • Less affordable than other pumps
  • You have to purchase either the Willow Pump Reusable Breast Milk Containers, which are available separately or the Willow Pump’s specific brand of pumping bags in order to use it.

Best Discreet Portable Breast Pump -Elvie Pump : Elvie Double Electric Wearable Smart Breast Pump | Silent Hands-Free Portable Breast Pump That Can Be Worn in-Bra with App 2-Modes & Variable Suction : Baby
Source: Amazon

Want your privacy while pumping, then go for Elvie. Elvie is an entirely hands-free portable breast pump that is wireless and works with an app that helps you to track your pumping history. Its Noise reduction technology gives you a quiet breastfeeding experience. It has Single or double pump options and collection bottles inside the pump where the milk you pump goes into. As a bonus, it’s available through many insurance providers. When you buy an Elvie, you can either buy a single pump (for one side at a time) or double pumps (for pumping on both sides). The milk that is pumped goes into a small collection bottle inside the pump. 


  • Sleek design
  • Entirely hands-free
  • Quiet
  • It works with a compatible app for monitoring and operating the pump.


  • It is pricier than most breast pumps 
  • Limited flange sizes – 21mm, 24mm, and 28mm are available. (Tho these will work for most but not all women.)

Best Portable Double Electric Breast Pump – Spectra S1 Plus : Spectra - S1 Plus
Source: Amazon

The spectra S1 Plus has a streamlined design with a handle for convenience and portability. It comes with a built-in backup battery that helps you to pump for longer hours without having to worry if there is an outlet or not. 

The pump weighs about 3.3 pounds which makes it a bit heavy, but it has a handle that makes carrying it more accessible. You don’t have to worry about pumping at night because it comes with a handy little nightlight that allows you to pump during those bleary midnight hours without turning on the lights. Additionally, you can track the number of hours you have been pumping for through the screen that shows a digital stopwatch so you can see how long you’ve been pumping. One thing moms love is the fact that you can easily control the speed and suction independently. 


  • Very powerful, efficient
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Closed system breast pump


  • Short tubes
  • Not very lightweight 

Portable Breast Pump with Strong Suction – Baby Buddha 

BabyBuddha® Single or Double Portable Breast Pump – BabyBuddha Products
Source: BabyBuddha

Baby Buddha is a robust and lightweight breast pump. It comes with a lanyard that you can hang around your neck. The pump is easy to move around and has strong suction, which brings about increased milk. Baby Buddha is a closed system breast pump and this makes cleaning easier. Asides from being easy to clean, it is easy to use with no complex controls. You can just use the trackball on the electric breastfeeding pump to easily navigate through the modes for stimulation and suction.


  • Lightweight which makes it easy to move.
  • Strong suction


  • The suction may be too strong for some moms which may lead to discomfort.

Affordable Portable Breast Pump – Momcozy

Momcozy portable Electric Breastfeeding Pump and Wearable Electric Breast Pump | Momcozy – momcozy
Source: Momcozy

The Momcozy is an affordable portable pump that can make pumping on the go easier. It is a closed system, comfortable hands-free wireless breast pump that is budget-friendly. You can pump without dealing with pump parts and bottles hanging off your chest. Momcozy comes with silicone breast shields, which some moms find very comfortable. It comes with a USB charger that allows you to recharge with a car USB, laptop, or power bank… Talk about easy charging! 


  • It’s a super-affordable portable breast pump option.
  • It has five different available size options using inserts (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 24mm, and 27mm)


  • Positioning the pump can be difficult because you cannot see the nipple, and once you have finished pumping it’s hard to tell how much you have pumped.
  • Some moms complained of the battery not lasting long.

Most Comfortable Manual Portable Breast Pump – Avent Breast Pump Philips AVENT Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Source: Amazon

Pumping made it easier and more comfortable. Avent Breast pump helps you pump the most milk possible to suit your baby’s needs. It uses patented Natural Motion Technology to mimic your baby’s suckling motions by combining suction and nipple stimulation. Avent Breast Pump has a softly cushioned perimeter that makes pumping super-comfy. 


  • It has a compact and lightweight design. 
  •  It is easy to clean and assemble with just a few parts.


  • The suctioning power isn’t very strong
  • it is time-consuming 

The bottles can also come loose and fall off, spilling your milk, and to top it all off, and it can be pretty loud.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best portable breast Pump? 

It depends on what you want in a breast pump, while Elvie provides you with discreet pumping, Momcozy is super affordable, I will say each of them has its unique features, which have been highlighted above alongside their pros and cons to help you make your choice. 

Are Portable Breast Pumps Worth it? 

Yes, they are great for pumping on the go! They also make life easier however they are not as affordable as other breast pumps, and you may not need them if you do not have to pump on the go. 

Will my insurance cover my Portable Breast Pump?

It depends on the breast pump and your insurance provider. You should check in with your insurance provider to know what is covered and what is not so you can make the best decision. 










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