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Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

Do You Want the Best Bedtime Stories for Kids? Read 20 New Compilations

Do you want the best bedtime stories for kids?

A bedtime story is a fun way to end the day. Whether you’re reading a collection of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, or classic children’s stories, bedtime stories for kids are a fun opportunity to teach your child something new while they get tucked into bed.

To make sure that your child has the best bedtime stories for kids, it’s important to choose books that have beautiful illustrations and short stories. These will make the experience more enjoyable while helping your kid fall asleep earlier.

Below are twenty of the best bedtime stories for kids that will help you get your child bathed and ready for sleep with minimal fuss.

Importance of Sleep Stories for Kids

You may think that reading before bed is overrated, but there are many benefits of reading for your child besides the fact that it’s calming at the end of the day.

Sharing a bedtime story with a child is much more than just telling a tale. In addition to helping you fall asleep, bedtime stories help to do the following:

Language skills development

Children absorb a wider range of vocabulary as they listen to stories and learn how to express themselves with them.

Build bonds with your child

Whenever you give your child your full attention in a positive manner, you’re strengthening the bond between you two. When your child is older, they may not remember the stories, but they will remember sitting beside the bed with you.

Inspire creativity

Children can be inspired to imagine things they don’t ordinarily encounter when they hear stories about people, places, and situations they wouldn’t normally encounter. By doing so, they can imagine things outside their own experiences.

Encourage literacy

You introduce the joy of reading to your child when you share a bedtime storybook with them. In addition, you create a feeling of love and care that will be associated with books long after your children have grown and left home.

What Makes the Best Bedtime Stories?

Good bedtime stories have characters that your child can identify with and understand.

The story should have a bit of excitement or tension, but not too much to impact your child and make them restless.

Some of the best bedtime stories are often about overcoming adversity by a moral or a character. By not giving up, your child will learn the value of perseverance.

Tips Give the Best Bedtime Stories for Kids

Follow these tricks and tips to assist you to make the most out of storytime before we dive into the best bedtime stories.

Put them in the right mood.

As you read to your child, make sure they’re comfortable and cozy so they can easily drift off to sleep. The point here is to make your little one feel relaxed. Make sure there’s a nightlight on and, most importantly, that their mattress is kid-friendly. Kids are usually much lighter than adults, so they will need a plush mattress they can sink into rather than something too firm.

Slow down as you read

You should read slowly so your child understands the vocabulary, and you should admire the illustrations if there are any. Furthermore, you should trace the words with your finger as you read to your child. As a result, your baby learns the words as he will hear the auditory pronunciation and visually see the words written out on the story pages.

Add drama, please!

Create distinct voices for different characters, create dramatic pauses that build anticipation, and adjust the volume of your voice based on the story (exclamation, whisper, and more). If you use drama to add excitement to your child’s story, it will be more fun for you both.

Read each story multiple times.

Your child will want a repeat of their favourite stories just as they repeat their favourite Disney movies over and over. Each time they hear the vocabulary in the stories, they memorize it, learn a new concept and become more aware of it.

Babies between 0 to 3 years

There is never a wrong age to read stories to your child at bedtime.

The AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) recommends that paediatricians urge parents to read aloud to their infants as soon as possible to foster early literacy development and prepare their minds to learn languages.

As such, it’s crucial to make sure that the material is age-appropriate. You should only tell babies and infants stories that use rhyme, colourful pictures, and elementary words since they learn best this way.

1.     Billy to the Rescue


Image source:

“Billy to the Rescue” is one of the best bedtime stories for kids that centres on the character Billy. Billy is a fire engine that loves being clean but had to work with the firefighters to rescue the world.

Here is the short illustrative story of “Billy to the Rescue.”

Billy is a fire engine.

“Fire! Fire!” says a firefighter.

“Oh no! Let’s go!” says another. But Billy loves being clean and shiny.

“I don’t want to get dirty,” he says.

“Billy, the animals need you,” said the firefighters. “Billy, the plants need you!” and “Billy, the people need you!” “Please, Billy, we all need you.”

“Am I that important?” Billy asks.

“Yes, you are! Let’s go then!”

“Thank you, Billy,” everyone shouts!

Mamoloko Selepe wrote this Bedtime story, and Alisha Berger translated it into English version. You can download a PDF of this kid’s story here.

2.     Animal Antics ABC!

  • A- Alligator: Adam Alligator is an amazing animal
  • B- Bee: Boris the Bee buzzes between big bright blooms
  • Y- Yak: Yolanda Yak yodels and does yoga while eating yogurts and yawning
  • Z- Zebra: Zander Zebra lives in a zoo and eats zero zucchinis

Featuring adorable alligators and hilarious zebras, you are sure to enjoy the animal antics in this book. Acrobats are also on display. Indeed, they do constitute a talented group. These limber contortionists form all 26 letters of the alphabet simply by using their bodies.

Anita Lobel wrote this kiddies book. You should give it a trial for your baby.

3.     Goodnight Moon

Best bedtime stories for kids

Margaret Wise Brown wrote Goodnight Moon, a children’s book illustrated by Clement Hurd. In 1947, the story was published, and it became a highly acclaimed bedtime story.

The text presents a rhyming poem that describes an anthropomorphic bunny’s nighttime ritual of saying “good night” to various living and non-living things in its bedroom.

These objects include a pair of socks, a red balloon, a bowl of mush, the bunny’s dollhouse, two kittens, and a mouse.

This book illustrates a gradual fading of light as it is filled with realistic drawings, which creates a soothing effect as you turn the pages. Each illustration alternates between two black-and-white spreads and two colour spreads.

Itching to get a copy of this storybook? Let me make it easy for you! Download the PDF version of this book here.

4.     Hush Little Ones

Sleep stories for kids- Hush, Little ones

The author and illustrator, John Butler, has created the perfect bedtime story for parents to share with their young children thanks to their simple language and full-colour illustrations.

The ideal gift for a little one who loves animals is a story about bunnies, birds, and even whales being rocked to sleep by their parents.

Your child will love the simple vocabulary, the rhythmic rhymes, and the adorable animal pictures on every page.

5.     Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Jerry Pinkney’s elegant rendition of the classic lullaby is now available in a board book, making it the ideal baby gift.

Leaving its nest for the evening, the curious chipmunk gazes up at the glittering sky above.

In addition, he notices the shine of dewdrops on spider webs, the flash of fireflies, and the shimmer of moonlight on water.

“How I wonder what you are!” The tiny creature marvels, launching a dreamlike journey to reach the heights.

This board book, inspired by one of our most popular children’s lullabies, features a gentle world in which nature embraces us despite darkness or uncertainty in a serene way.

6.     Good Night, Gorilla

Peggy Rathman wrote the “Good Night, Gorilla” children’s book in 1994. It was one of the best bedtime stories as of then and is still relevant to date.

The fewest words can make bedtime so much fun.

A zookeeper prepares to say goodnight to each animal as he makes his way around the nighttime zoo, and a gorilla follows behind him, releasing them in turns until they all joined the keeper and his wife in their bedroom.

Afterwards, the animals head back to the zoo, and the humans – and your baby – go to sleep.

Toddlers and Kiddies between 4 to 6 years

At this age, you can introduce the best bedtime stories with more words and slightly more advanced vocabulary, various genres, and characters they can relate to.

7.     I Want To

Best bedtime stories- I want to

Written by Sam Wilson, illustrated by Hampton Mary-Anne and published in August 2020, “I want to” children’s book reveals the thoughts that probably go on in babies’ minds.

“I want to crawl”

“I want to climb”

And I want to eat”

These are obviously the things that babies crave based on their reactions. It is a compilation of 36 pages long enough to keep your little one visualizing these wants until they cross over to dreamland.

8.     Berenstain Bears in the Dark

Your child will learn valuable lessons about overcoming fear of the dark in this story from everyone’s favourite bear family.

Papa Bear successfully teaches Sister Bear how to overcome her fear after she hears a scary bedtime story.

Parents who want to help their kid afraid of the dark relax at bedtime should read this Stan Berenstain children book.

9.     Sleep My Bunny

This illustrated tale shows a bunny walking through his nighttime routine step-by-step, from the creator of Max and Ruby.

In an expressionistic ode to Van Gogh, night falls outside the window. The parents lead their little bunny through a familiar routine inside the cozy house, where soft pastels fill the rooms. They eat supper, put toys away, take a bath, read a story, and sing.

A simple, elegant poetic narrative and gorgeous artwork combine to create a bedtime story that lulls your child to sleep with nature’s rhythms. Rosemary Wells’ book should help to soothe any child to sleep.

10.     If You Give A Mouse a Cookie

Perhaps you remember this from your childhood.

Laura Numeroff wrote this kids’ book to tell the story of how a mouse requests a cookie from a little boy, causing him to make more requests.

Despite being repetitious, sing-songy, and a little silly, it is an excellent book for your toddler learning to read.

11.    The Three Golden Apples

Sleep stories for kids-The three golden apples

\With its Greek mythology-inspired story, this book will inspire an adventurous spirit in your toddler as it tells the story of Hercules’ journey to the Garden of Hesperides in search of three golden apples.

Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote “The Three Golden Apples”, a children’s book, which suits toddlers and little kids.

12.    IRA Sleeps Over

Best Bedtime Stories- Ira Sleep's Over

In anticipation of his first sleepover at the residence of his best friend Reggie, Ira and his sister debate whether to take his favourite teddy bear!

Written by Bernard Waber, this toddler book is a must-read as a bedtime story.

For kids who have never slept over at a friend’s house before, it can seem a little scary, especially if their parents did not accompany them.

As the character Ira visits his first sleepover, your kid can relate to him and gain courage from him.

Children between ages 7 to 12 years

As soon as your child begins elementary school and is able to read, they will be ready to progress onto “big kid” books, such as long stories or chapters.

As a result, they’ll be more captivated and ready to take on a more extensive vocabulary.

13.                       The White Doe

Image credit:

A certain Princess transformed into a white doe by an enchantment. How can she break the spell with true love? You and your child can only find out after reading this Madame d’Aulnoy book.

Also known as The Doe in the Woods, The White Doe is a French literary fairy tale also included in Andrew Lang’s book, The Orange Fairy.

14.                       Astronaut Annie

The sheer joy and support that Annie and her family have for her dream leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is within reach.

A charming story about little Annie telling her parents about her dream of becoming an astronaut on the eve of her school’s career day will motivate your child to shoot for the stars.

Moreover, the book by Suzanne Slade also provides fun facts about the moon and female astronauts, facts that your children will find exciting.

15.                       The Secret Garden

Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote The Secret Garden, a novel first published in 1911.

It is an incredibly long book but great for your child to read if they are looking for a challenge.

Mary Lennox, an orphan who lost her parents, is sent to live with an uncle she’s never met in the English countryside after losing her parents to a plague.

The first time Mary enters her new home, she’s envious and dislikes everything, but once Mary discovers a garden and other mysteries, she’s completely changed.

16.                       Charlotte’s Web

Best Bedtime stories Charlotte's

You may be familiar with this tear-jerker by E.B. White, which offers life lessons and rich vocabulary for children from seven years and above.

In this classic book about Wilbur the pig, Charlotte the dog, and their friendship, you can teach your kids about friendship and the cycle of life.

In a Nutshell

A great way to end your child’s day is to spend time with them before sleeping, telling stories, and giving them your full attention.

In addition, it creates warm, happy memories for you and your kid.

The stories’ details, the voices you used, or the faces you made may no longer be memorable to them in years to come, but the feelings they shared during that time together will.

You can read out any of these best bedtime stories to your child with sleep regression.

If you have any exciting sleep stories for kids that we should look into and include in this article, kindly drop them in our comment section below.

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