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The 10 Best Advice For New Dads

The 10 Best Advice For New Dads

The joy in a man’s eyes when he sees his baby is one of the best things that can ever happen to him. However, there are some challenges you might encounter as a new dad.

As beautiful as it might seem to be a dad, without proper knowledge, the process can be pretty hard, so we sourced the best advice for new dads to guide you as you prepare to be a dad.

These tips were obtained from joint research by our team from other fathers. This advice will help you prepare to be a father and give you the proper guidance you need.

The 10 Best Advice for New Dads

Experience is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be your experience. With this advice from other dads, you are on your way to being a fantastic dad.

1. Be present in your baby’s life

As a father, physical touch with your baby is essential; it helps to build trust and connection with your baby. They already have contact with their mum. It is time for you to build that bond with them; it would help stimulate your baby’s brain development. Make sure you carry and move them around the house.

Lay them on your chest so that they can hear your heartbeat. You will have some beautiful memories When you hold them in your hands. Remember, physical touch is essential.

2. Protect your relationship with your partner

The new baby will put extra strain on your home, affecting your relationship with your partner. Make sure you stay positive and assist your partner. Having a new baby can put extra pressure on your relationship with your partner.

As a parent, you should practice negotiating and sharing expectations. This can be about everything from deciding who stays with the baby at home, who makes the baby food, and who makes dinner.

3. Accept or ask for help when you need some

Asking for help does not mean you are not responsible as a dad, but being a parent takes a lot, so when someone tries to render their assistance, accept it with joy. You should speak with your partner about when to accept or ask for help from family, friends, colleagues, or neighbours.

4. Create a routine

As a dad, a new baby can change everything at home. Another piece of advice for new dads is that they should start establishing a schedule long before the baby arrives.

A solid, baby-led plan can distinguish between a kid who eats and sleeps easily and a kid who makes the night. But parents can’t simply create a schedule for their kids and hope it works.

The trick is waiting for the kid to establish their routine of sleeping, eating, and alertness. They’ll usually have something worked out around the 3-month mark. Then they’ll abruptly change it up a month later. This is okay and normal.

5. There will be times when you need to be alone

You may wonder whether assuming you’ll have alone time is realistic. There will be so much to do when a baby comes, and it will mean you may not get some time alone with your partner or just be with friends. It is best to be intentional about making plans to spend quality time with your partner. This will help you both rejuvenate and make memories with your baby more precious.

6. Do not neglect your health

Make sure you watch what you eat, how you drive, and how you take risks. For a long time, your baby will need you. Being a healthy and happy dad is one of the best gifts you can give your baby. Ensure you focus on your health and be at your best state.

7. You can benefit from night shift

Sleepless nights can be shared in the early weeks. When the baby is not being fed through a bottle, you can still do plenty for him: pick him up, change his diaper, deliver him to your partner for feedings, and return him to the crib or bassinet once the feeding is complete.

8. Always be on alert

Anything your child does to connect with you should be cherished and responded to quickly. Several studies have shown that parents who respond to their infant’s cries and needs help them develop better communication and language skills.

This is normal for everyone; whenever you know you are being responded to, you strive to make the process as efficient as possible. You should always be on alert to watch your baby carefully to know when they need help, a quick reach to prevent them from slipping off or not acting as they usually do.

9. Your doctor’s number should be on a speed dial

In the case of any abnormalities. Since this is your first child, it is customary to be anxious about your baby’s health. Your high anxiety is normal for a first-time dad.

Since babies look fragile and delicate sometimes, handling them might be scary, but having your doctor’s number on speed dial will help you reach out quickly in case of any unexpected events.

10. Try out new things

Every dad finds their own very unique way to calm their baby. It might be by singing, rocking, pulling faces, or even playing a particular sound or song for them, but there are numerous ways to calm your child, but you must find your own. Every baby is different from the other, so what works for baby a might not work for baby b. Find your style


While fatherhood is not a one-way thing, as events may vary for different families, the best advice for new dads we have listed above is general and will work for your family.

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