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Benefits of Exclusive Breast Pumping

8 Top Benefits of Exclusive Breast Pumping

Exclusive breast pumping is when a baby feeds only on breast milk through a bottle instead of feeding directly from the breast. While moms should breastfeed, some are unable to breastfeed their babies, and because of this, they resolve to breast pumping.

Breast Pumping has its side effects, but one of the things that can make it easier for you have a breast pump that meets your needs. You should check out our list of breast pumps and, for a more specific review, the Willow vs Elvie Breast Pump review.

Exclusive breast pumping has benefits which we researched and curated in this article for moms and babies.

8 Top Benefits of Exclusive Breast Pumping

1. Flexibility: Exclusive breast pumping can make it possible to be away from your baby for some time. If you need to have time alone, or perhaps you are a working mom, then exclusive pumping especially with portable breast pumps can help you to ensure your baby is being fed even while you are not around. 

2. Reassurance: For babies that can’t latch, it helps to ensure they still have access to breast milk which is more nutritious and easy to digest than formula. Latching is the process by which a nursing baby attaches to the breast. Depending on your schedule, your lactation expert may recommend pumping every few hours.

3. Avoiding Pain: Exclusive pumping can make it possible for your baby to access breast milk if you have breastfeeding issues. Having breastfeeding issues like sore nipples can make breastfeeding painful but with exclusive pumping; it removes the pain involved with breastfeeding.

4. Back up Milk: Breast Pumping gives you backup milk ; you tend to have extra milk when you pump. With exclusive pumping, you can store milk ahead of time, so even if you are not around, another caregiver can feed your baby the back up milk. Storing of breastmilk is possible with exclusive pumping.

5. Helps to Lose Weight:  Women acquire weight during pregnancy, which can be used to produce breast milk after giving birth. Due to the additional calories your body consumes to produce breast milk. Exclusive pumping can help you lose some weight as it stimulate your body to produce more milk.

6. Avoid Biting from Infants: Exclusive Pumping helps you to avoid any issue with biting from your infants. One of the common issue that arises from breastfeeding is your little one biting you, it can be really painful but with exclusive pumping; you do not have to worry about your baby biting you while feeding. 

7. Track the Volume of Milk Produced: Pumping helps you to track the amount of milk you produce. Electric breast pumps like the Elvie and Willow Breast pumps have smart apps that can help to track the volume of milk you have produced. 

8. Know How Much your Baby Eats: With pumping, you can measure how much your baby is eating. You can answer questions like whether they are getting enough or not getting enough milk.


Exclusive breast pumping has helped many women feed their children. It is advisable to bring your baby close when feeding them by the bottle to build that mother to child. You need to know that no matter the reasons for exclusive breast pumping, it is advisable to speak to your baby’s pediatrician before you begin.

They may refer you to someone that might help you or even give you a lactation consultant if necessary. They can also give you ways to ensure your baby gets all the necessary nutrients.

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