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You and Your Baby.

A holistic guide to newborn and infant care

Hey Mom! The rate at which a baby grows to a teenager happens like a flash. Before you even realize it, the baby you once knew won’t need your help anymore to perform tasks.

Hey Mom! The rate at which a baby grows to a teenager happens like a flash.

Before you even realize it, the baby you once knew won’t need your help anymore to perform tasks.

What about days when your grown teenager yells at you or shakes the building with blasting music?

I know you will find it hard to imagine this, but this is the perfect time for you to learn about your baby and watch them as they grow.

It is amazing to see these beautiful creatures develop right before your eyes.

Although many people believe that children are the future, it is the mothers that are the future.

Mothers greatly contribute to shaping the minds of their children. They show unconditional love and care for their kids, even when these children display unacceptable behaviours.

We have been through these phases and want to share our experience with you.

Always remember that you are a Wonder Woman and can scale through any motherhood challenges.

We’ll admit that the motherhood journey is stressful at times, from cleaning baby pukes and poops to becoming a watch guard almost every night. But it’s nothing you cannot overcome.

One of our goals at Momtherly is to guide you in the right direction from when you bring your baby home to their 12 months childhood journey. We’ll follow you through the hurdles and sweet moments of motherhood.

Baby Guides for Every Month This page extensively covers living with a baby and childhood.

Are you blessed with twin, triplet or quadruplet? We’ll help you navigate through easy pathways to handle these toddlers and prevent burnout.

Furthermore, you’ll find answers to questions that you might not even imagine, such as the quantity of food to give a two-month-old kid.

We’ll also discuss topics like milestones, mastitis, and meconium, as well as sleep schedules for the infant and parents.

If you have any concerns about baby and mom, has got you covered. You’ll find various guides about them.
Best Products for Babies

Many baby products are available on the market, varying in brands, sizes, colours, quality and prices. And so, the search for the right products for you and your baby can be overwhelming.

Through reviews, we recommend the best products for your toddler at their different growth stage.

We can easily spot the best because we have tried, tested and confirmed. Our product guide will help you to determine the ones that work or don’t.

Making mistakes in your motherhood journey is inevitable and it is completely okay. Guess what!

We also made mistakes at some point as mothers. But you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask questions or seek help.

Momtherly community will always offer a helping hand, ensuring that you are not left behind. Our arms are wide open to every mom out there.

Although we may not be in the same geographical area, we are one. Our bond is motherhood, and our goal is to enjoy life with our little ones.

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