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Author page: Glen Gilliam

40 First Day of School Outfits for Boys and Girls

40 Cutest First Day of School Outfits 2022

First Day of School Outfits for Boys and Girls. The start of a new academic year is always exciting! And so, you should make the first day of school outfits for your toddler(s) count. It is a school year with new teachers and…

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How to increase your milk supply

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply Fast

Expectant mothers are usually curious about how to increase milk supply fast. Nothing can be more worrying if you can't produce enough breast milk while caring for a breastfed baby in the early days. Every cry, hiccup, burp, or whimper from your baby may…

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Best body screen

Best Baby Sunscreens to Use All Year Round

If you're going outside with your baby, protecting your baby from the harsh sun rays using the best baby sunscreen is especially crucial because that tender baby skin is more prone to catastrophic burns. Try to stay inside or in shade between…

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15 best nursing bras of 2022

15 Best Nursing Bras for Moms in 2022

When I talk of the best nursing bras, it is not the Bra that is right for everyone but the one that suits you perfectly. We have different kinds of nursing bras – nursing sports bras, seamless nursing bras, and nursing sleep…

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Disorganized attachment

What is Disorganized Attachment? Causes, Signs, Treatment

Disorganized Attachment stems from parents' reaction to the needs of their children. These needs are not just physical or financial but encapsulate every aspect of a child's life. What is Disorganized Attachment? Children need to feel safe and secure wherever they are, and…

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Signs of a concussion in babies

Signs of Concussion in Babies and Children

Playing is a significant part of the life of children, sometimes, the play may go overboard and result in head injury, this is why you need to know the signs of a concussion in babies and children. It will help you understand…

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17 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Gifts

17 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Gifts in 2022

Trying to find unique rainbow baby gifts can be difficult. Everyone knows that it's so last year to be giving only baby clothes when it comes to gifts. Having the perfect gift isn't always easy because it has to be somewhere between "normal…

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