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are swings good for newborns

Are Swings Good For Newborns?

Baby swings provide the perfect solution to a significant problem for parents. Having them allows parents to rest their tired arms. Babies typically get fussy and seem most happy when held and moved. The reality is that parents can’t spend their entire day walking, bouncing, and shushing their children. This is where baby swings come to the save. 

Having a newborn can be a lot, especially during the night times. They want to be held and stay in motion at times. While baby swings are great options, you are still determining if they are suitable for your newborn. 

This is why we spent hours researching and reviewing baby swings, and we have come up with the answer to your question – Are baby swings good for newborns? 

Can I Use Baby Swings For My Newborn? 

Yes, you can. There are baby swings that are considered safe for newborns. They are fine to use for short periods, but only in situations when you are watching your child. The rocking motion can keep your baby calm and happy. It is recommended by our experts to limit the time your baby spends in a swing to one hour or less daily. 

Although your newborn may love the swing, it may be the one thing that gets you through. It is essential to not solely rely on baby swings as your newborn needs to spend time with you cuddling and tummy time. This will help to strengthen their muscles for crawling and standing.

Can my newborn sleep in a swing?

While a baby swing is good for your newborn, it is highly inadvisable to leave your baby to sleep in a baby swing.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babies are at great risk any time they sleep in a bouncy seat, baby swing, or carrier during their first year. 

Allowing your baby to sleep in a swing can be dangerous. Babies, especially those under four months old, have weak neck muscles and can slump over, leading to suffocation. In the first year of a baby’s life, letting them sleep anywhere other than on a flat, firm surface is risky. This includes night sleep and naps. 

The risk from baby swings and other seating devices is that when your baby falls asleep in a semi-upright position, its head falls to its chin, increasing its risk of asphyxiation. As such, the AAP recommends transferring your baby to their safe sleep environment (crib or bassinet) when they are about to fall asleep in the swing.

Safe Periods To Use Baby Swings For Newborns 

  1. When you need to make them calm. 
  2. When you need to quickly attend to something like checking your email or going to the fridge to grab a drink. 
  3. You can use baby swings to help your hands rest for a while.
  4. Baby swings can be used for 1 hour or less daily for newborns. 
  5. Parents can use baby swings when their newborns are active. 


It is okay to use baby swings for newborns, but they need to be supervised while in the baby swing, and they should not be left to sleep in a baby swing as this can pose a great risk to your newborn. 


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