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age limits for baby swings

Age Limits For Baby Swings

If you are having issues trying to soothe your newborn baby, a baby swing will be an excellent solution for your family: The warmth, comfort, and soothing sensation of a baby swing helps a sleep-deprived baby drift off to sleep. The baby can sleep safely on a baby swing instead of in other places. It is intended to resemble the soft rocking motion of parents holding their babies in their arms.

You don’t have to give yourself and your husband sleepless nights; let your baby swing  give your baby a beautiful night’s rest. A baby swing is known for its effectiveness in soothing your baby. But as a mom, one major question on your mind is – at what age is it safe for your baby to use a baby swing? 

Giving babies a safe location to sleep is essential since they risk suffocating when placed on couches or beds. Additionally, the action of swinging can aid with colic symptoms by easing discomfort and gas. 

We understand that it is challenging to research and care for your baby simultaneously, so our team of experts has carried out extensive research on the best age to use baby swings. In this article, we will be sharing simple and easy-to-understand answers to your question.  

At What Age Is It Safe To Use a Baby Swing?

When it comes to the suitable age to use a baby swing for your baby, there is no upper age limit. As long as the swing provides some support to prevent the baby’s head from falling back, you can use it as soon as you bring your newborn home from the hospital but note that You must review your swing’s directions to know the ideal age to begin using it. If you need the user guide for your baby swing model, you can look it up online and download a copy.

Introduce your baby to the swing as soon as possible. They will be happier when you put them in it since they will have had time to get used to it. Before putting your premature infant in a swing, though, you should consult your doctor. The age and weight restrictions for baby swings differ because they are available in various types. The elevation, head support, and speed of the swing are crucial elements to consider.  

Many baby swings are suitable for use right away after delivery. To prevent asphyxia, the American Academy of Pediatrics asserts that babies under 4 months old should always be placed in the swing’s most reclined position. 

When Do You Stop Using A Baby Swing?

You should begin weaning your baby off the swing at about four months old. However, some baby swings or bouncers made to support up to 30 pounds may be used for two more months.

You can start placing your baby to sleep on their back without swaddling around four months old, so they become acclimated to the feeling. Make sure to place them on their backs rather than their sides or stomachs if you put them down for naps while asleep.

Typically, a baby swing can be used from birth until it reaches the designated weight or age limit. Swings often have no age restrictions and a weight limit of 25 to 35 pounds. By the time they are 9–10 months old, the majority of infants will outgrow a swing. You should stop using the infant swing if the infant hits the weight limit or tries to crawl out.


A baby swing is perfect for fussy newborns who enjoy the rocking action and find that it is the only thing that calms them. To utilize a baby swing, your baby needs to weigh 25 to 30 lbs. The usage of a baby swing is advised for babies of any age. Every child is unique; therefore, you must become familiar with your baby’s development process. 

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