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About Us

Momtherly's Editor
Momtherly aims to help hopeful, expectant, new and experienced parents enjoy the journey of parenthood.

We achieve this by providing relevant resources and tools. You will need these resources to overcome the challenges experienced during pregnancy, and childbirth, and parenthood or motherhood.

Momtherly will be sharing in-depth page information on the different trimesters of pregnancy, baby, motherhood life, and researched products.

The motherhood contents you should expect to learn from this platform includes but not limited to:

  • Financial plans for you and your baby, including food, clothing, and general welfare.
  • Baby shopping guide
  • Mental and physical health tips during pregnancy to keep your head and body in check.
  • Tips and guides to care for a newly born baby or infant.
  • You also get an opportunity to communicate with other expectants, new moms and experienced mothers while sharing motherhood experiences both on our blog and our social media channels.

We feature real stories, honest reviews, and celebrate the personal conquest of moms across the world.

These add to our step-to-step guides and tips on pre-natal and post-natal care, Feel free to lean on us when the journey of motherhood seems to go the opposite direction of your imaginations.

You are at the right place, if you are an expectant, new, or experienced mom looking for information and guides in an easy, realistic, conversational and friendly tone.

Ensure to always follow our blog via email for updates and weekly newsletters. You could also win one of our monthly product giveaways.

So, if you are ready to accept and embrace the life of a mom, then subscribe to Momtherly blog. And let’s follow you all through your pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Nice to meet you!

Looking for sisterly advice and tips on all things pregnancy and babies? We welcome you to the right plug. is an inclusive online platform for wannabe moms, expecting moms, and new mothers in the world.

Consider this blog as a one-stop shop for everything about motherhood. From pregnancy stage, birth, infancy and other related experiences.

If we may ask, after the doctor satisfies your ear with the expected pregnancy news, what happens next?

Well, we can understand the anxiety that comes with expecting a baby especially, when you are a new parent-to-be.

So need to get the right information from a physician, and an authentic pregnancy resource page, like Momtherly. You can also learn from the experiences of a community of mothers.

Not to worry sis, we’ll support you at every step. From the positive pregnancy test, stunning bump photos, and real contractions, to baby cries at night, and the “hello momma” first words.

You are likely to experience certain changes and challenges during your pregnancy journey.

Also, the moment when you welcome your precious jewel, and even the memorable times of the baby’s first years.

But these days, it is so easy sorting these worries out. You can do this with help from verified online platforms, professional advice, and the experience of other mothers.

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