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5 Ways to Remember Your Miscarried Baby

Many parents look for something meaningful to memorialize their miscarried baby during their grief process. Some women decide to remember their unborn child at the time of the miscarriage (or shortly after that), while others choose to continue honoring their unborn child through yearly rituals. Others decide not to participate in any formal activities at all.

There is no right or wrong answer here; what you feel like doing is important. Some parents keep the miscarriage gifts that friends and family give to them to remember their miscarried baby. Finding a means to honor your loss may be helpful with the healing process, as the grieving process can be pretty painful.

Some women, especially those who experienced an early miscarriage, believe they somehow have no rights. However, you can choose how you want to remember your child. If you don’t want to, there is no obligation for you to mark your loss. After a miscarriage, there is no right or wrong way to feel. We understand how important this is to you, so we researched and spoke to different families that have gone through this painful process. Based on this in-depth research, we will share different ways to remember your miscarried baby.  

How Do I Remember My Miscarried Baby?

Consider keeping a diary or writing letters to your child.

Many families find that writing about their experiences is beneficial. Every year on the day of your child’s birthday, write a note to them, possibly in the diary. To share your experiences with others who might be experiencing a similar loss or who wish to share in your sorrow, you could also choose to start a blog or an online memorial page.

Painful sentiments can be released through writing down feelings and emotions. Pour your sorrow onto paper as a kind gesture and remembrance of the person who profoundly impacted your life.

Plant flowers or a tree

 A tree or flower can be symbolic of life by representing growth. Some flowers or plants might have unique meanings and serve as a stunning, enduring reminder of the life that formerly existed.

You can plant a tree or some flowers at your house or in a nearby garden of remembrance. Look for something that will probably bloom annually on a special occasion (like the baby’s birthday or Mother’s Day ). Use a garden stone or a small statue of special meaning to you to barricade the flowering plant.

 Purchase a particular item, like jewelry

Purchase or create jewelry with your child’s birthstone or engraved with their name or birthday in honor of your newborn. Numerous internet shops provide stunning, handcrafted memorial jewelry, such as rings or pendants with angel or footprint designs. A lot of these jewelers are mothers who have also lost pregnancies. You can use beads or any artwork to spell your child’s name if you enjoy arts and crafts. 

Create a song

Music is another way to remember your miscarried baby. You can create a playlist of different songs perhaps songs that you loved listening to when you were pregnant or one that relates to your miscarried baby.  

Acts of Kindness at Random

Create a few “in memory of” cards and distribute them while you purchase coffee for a total stranger, distribute roses to passersby, or bake cookies for a neighbor. Invite your family and friends to take part as well. Plan a walk, give your time as a volunteer, or make a donation to your favorite charity. This is a lovely way for your child’s memories to affect other people’s lives.

Memory Box

Keeping a memory box is a beautiful way to remember your miscarried baby. A miscarriage memory box is beautiful and one you can keep with you as long as you want. You can put special items in the memory box to remember your miscarried baby.

Miscarriage Gifts

Friends and families will probably give you miscarriage gifts to support you through this journey and healing process. You can select gifts that mean so much to you and keep them to remember your miscarried baby.


Miscarriage is a painful experience, taking steps to remember your miscarried baby can help you to heal. We believe these 5 ways to remember your miscarried baby will help in the process.

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